Saturday, September 20, 2014

Your favorite sexy men from The Naked Truth

Mario, the typhoon, slammed the Philippines yesterday and today suspending classes left and right, and cancelling yesterday’s scheduled The Naked Truth show by local clothing brand Bench, but Mother Nature’s attempt at bringing down the show can only go as far. Nothing can stop them now! Tonight, local celebrities show off their “stuff” though they left most of us asking: “Ano pong pinaglalaban?” But what doesn’t kill us… Let’s just enjoy these photos, okay? See more after the jump.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Random Pinoy Hotties 2.9

Hello, y’all. Today is the end of the month of August (2014), and I’m glad I’m not letting this month go without a new post from Simply Manila. I missed blogging so much that these few weeks that I’m gone almost felt like I ditched so many drinking sessions with you guys. Truly, a hole in my heart is starting to build up. Did I miss anything? Apparently, a lot!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey: Jamie Dornan's full frontal nudes are back!

From The Gaily Grind: After months of waiting, the trailer for highly anticipated movie adaptation of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ was released yesterday, giving us our first look at Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey.

The erotic trailer only helped to fuel our appetites for one of the most anticipated Sex/Romance/BDSM dramas to hit the silver screen in recent memory.

To the treat of our wandering minds and famished BDSM appetites, we bring to you, in the buff, Jamie Dornan – who plays the lead male role as the S&M obsessed, philanthropist and billionaire, Christian Grey.
The revealing photo-shoot by Alas & Pigot taken a few years back, leaves little to the imagination and makes us crave for more of the 31-year-old Hollywood heartthrob. The performance by the Irish actor in Fifty Shades will also feature full-frontal nudity, as Christian Grey’s character spends a considerable amount of time naked.

The studio, according to Fifty Shades producer Dana Brunetti, is set to release the film by Valentine’s Day 2015 in two different versions – one version presumably for those who want to see more sex and skin and less talking.
Producer Brunetti explained, “We could release the R-rated version, which everyone will enjoy, and then for those fans who want to get a little gritty we could release an NC-17 version a few weeks later.”
We can only keep our fingers crossed that more of Jamie Dornan’s character will be displayed in all its raw glory, arousing our inner freak and showing us his many delectable ASSets.

Watch the trailer again below: