Saturday, July 14, 2007

On Be Bench: The Model Search

Be Famous! Be Bench: The Model Search is a reality competition in search of the new Bench image models and ABS-CBN stars. I believe ABS-CBN airs the show every Sunday (a TV ignoramus like me can never be sure). There are several billboards scattered in the Metro with faces of current Bench models (our Hottie of the Month included). These billboards, aiming to promote the show, contain one simple concept: showing two pictures of the model in (1) black and white and (2) colored. The first picture depicts one’s anonymity while the latter defines fame, thus the tagline Be Anonymous or Be Famous.

Being the newest addition to Bench’s roster of endorsers, it’s definitely opened a lot of new doors for me. They gave me the opportunity to grow and try out other things. Being an endorser is an honor because Bench is the number one retailer in the country. Endorsing Bench open doors to endless possibilities! – Piolo Pascual


Anonymous said...

juz wanna ask..

how true is it..
dat ms. ellen meriam go adarna is one of d b/bench model finalists?!?!?

hope anyone wud reply,,,

Reyville said...

Hey, there. U can actually see all the list of the contestants when u visit their website. U can click on the picture above if u wanna be directed there. Enjoy.