Sunday, July 22, 2007

Who’s your look-alike?

First of, I really find it very discomforting when somebody compliments my looks because trust me, I’m not really good-looking. But somehow, the aphorism that no one’s really ugly surpasses all, if not part of, my insecurities. Has anybody told you that you look like, well, someone else? Or told you that your personality reminded them of a character in a movie? Let me explore my vanity yet again as I muse over those moments where I secretly looked up to myself and went red. *LOL*

Before Marky Cielo came into existence, a number of people saw a resemblance of me and Jericho Rosales. The latest was when I joined an organization in my university. The final question asked by one of the student panel during the interview (Has anybody told you that you look like Jericho Rosales?) left the rest of the officers in profound pleasure and laughter. Since then, I was fondly called by one of them as Jericho Rosales (with the last name, yes) – which I always tended to ignore like I haven’t heard anything to avoid embarrassment.

My Japanese brother-in-law and my Aunt also said I look like John Lloyd Cruz. It Might Be You was still on air that time. The Japanese knew about John Lloyd through the TV series because my sister in Nagoya was such a fanatic of telenovelas. And another comparison was with Piolo Pascual by a current professor but together with the link to Jericho Rosales and John Lloyd Cruz, I can’t find any hint as to how they got those ideas. Looking at those pictures above, I’d safely say I look somewhat close to Marky Cielo. *LOL* Who’s your look-alike?


travelphilippines said...

i was told that i looked like rihanna and tyra banks hehe.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

thanks for the visit reyville!!! and i really really really appreciate the comments. hehehe..

2 YEARS IS SUCH A LOOONG, LOOONG, EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL WAIT (but it was sooo worth it.. hahaha). =)

before, i was told i looked like dominic ochoa, so sitcom-y right? but now its mostly wentworth miller (i guess because of the hair)... =)

love love love your site! id be putting yours on my "blog i love!"

Reyville said...

@travelphilippines: Damn HOT.

@ruff nurse-du-jour: Hey, THANKS a bunch. I'll be putting u on my link list as well.

Karlo.PinoyBlogero said...

I remember my girlfriend telling me how her friends described me as the one who looks like the drummer of Six Cycle Mind.

Hmm... Don't if it is a compliment or not. Haven't seen the face of the guy yet. Haha.

Happy blogging!

dazedblu* said...

oo nga no, you have a little resemblance wit marky cielo ;) hehe,

Bino/Geno said...

Hey thanks for the visit. Ang dami namang boys dito. Ahaha. Looks like a party. Hehe. Ex links if you want.

Reyville said...

@karlo.pinoyblogero: Same here, Karlo, I didn't know Marky Cielo until I made this post. HeHe.

@dazedblu*: Should I take that as a compliment? ~THANKS in advance then.~

@bino/geno: Marami ba? Di ko pansin. heHe. ~I'll consider your proposal. Game?~

.: jackie :. said...

u look way better than them.believe me. i know u personally. ;)

.: jackie :. said...

pautang..joke.bwhahaha..;) pramis!mas ok pa hitsura mo sa kanila. cla ba nabubuhat nila sa stage c karel marquez(ghee)?hehe.e dambigat non.parang akeiwa.hehe

savante said...

Be pleased that you look like someone hot lah :)

Reyville said...

@jackie: Thanks a bunch. HeHe.
~Di ako naniniwala. HaHa.~

@savante: I'll try to be thankful. But I don't wanna be compared actually. I just wanna be ME.

chase said...

they say i looked like dennis trillo.
jima kaayo oi.

yung suitor ng baby sister first met me. yun din ang comment. akala nga suitor din ako sa sister ko . hahahah.. funny.