Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Bonbon Series: Diether Ocampo

Our new bonbon isn’t just a talented actor and luscious hunk, but he’s also a philanthropist at heart. Diether Ocampo, born 19 July 1976, is an ABS-CBN talent, member of The Hunks, founder of KIDS Foundation (Kabataang Inyong Dapat Suportahan or Children You Should Help), PETA supporter, co-owner of UNO magazine, and a lot more. KIDS Foundation reaches out to the less privileged children of the countryside and has launched several projects including the sports-oriented Out of the Streets, Into the Courts, the book drive campaign Isang Milyong Aklat, Isang Milyong Pangarap and RED (Reduced, Eliminate and Decrease undernutrition). Wow, I didn’t know he’s this generous.

Diether also posed naked in a photo shoot to promote PETA’s anti-zoo campaign. The print ad aims to raise awareness about the bad effects of captivity on zoo animals. PETA’s demanding for Manila Zoo’s closure. Not bad, right? That big area there could help more people if it will be converted into a business center or something that could generate more income for the city. Hmmm, I believe PETA should be more aggressive and recruit more generous people to pose nude for their campaigns. HaHaHa.

Despite his busy schedule, Diether has apparently gone far already when it comes to helping others and to helping his business and career flourish, but his personal life is a totally different story. His relationship with Kristine Hermosa didn’t go well and their marriage is nearing its final destination. But life doesn’t end there, of course. Soon, a new search will begin … for Diet’s Next Top Woman? *LOL*

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reynz said...

OHHH MYYYY!!!! Di kita pakakawalan Reyville! hehehe! as in add kaagad kita sa roll of royalties ever! Pagka ganito ang nakikita ko! I need all these sweet sugar bonbons! hehheeh! Thanks!!!

chase said...

hmmm.. he's not really my type.. but i like what he's doing with his life.