Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Amazing Race Asia is my current fave show

If someone’s gonna ask me what I never wanna miss on television right now, I would probably say The Amazing Race Asia 2. I wonder how the show got me excessively addicted so let me try to investigate why. The first time I got hooked to The Amazing Race was few years ago when they visited the Philippines. The show gives me a matchless kind of excitement, as if I am also one of the racers. I always wanted to win, and be on the mat first in each leg of the race. This is why I always bet for the most competitive teams every season.

Having a favorite team is a different story. Rob and Amber (both appeared on TAR 7 and TAR: All-Stars as a team) is my all-time favorite team in the race’s history. Their sometimes dirty tricks always fascinate me, but there is no doubt that this team is incredibly competitive.

It was only last year when the Asian version of the race was introduced, and the Philippines had two teams: (1) Aubrey Miles and best friend Jacqueline Yu and (2) the couple Ernie and Jeena Lopez. The Aubrey-Jac tandem was the only interesting team last year. Too bad they got eliminated early in the competition, eventually pushing me to quit watching the show. But aside from the fact that no more interesting team was left in the show when the girls were eliminated, a couple of things also triggered me to ignore the show completely: poor editing, poor hosting, poor cinematography, poor sound mixing, etc. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, right?

In this new season, however, there are a number of interesting teams that TARA fans should watch out for. My current favorites are: (1) Rovilson and Marc from the Philippines and (2) Brett and Kinaryosih from Indonesia. The other teams are equally interesting and entertaining to watch. It is also worth mentioning that they’ve visited the Philippines during the first and second legs of the race. Though the carabao (water buffalo) task was already done in the original series, it was still a good idea to have this season’s racers get on with these beasts and plough the muddy rice field. They were also tasked to eat the hearty baluts, assemble a bicycle, pair up 250 shoes and visit an orphanage. The first pit stop was in FortSantiago in Intramuros, Manila and the second was in Paco Park in Paco, Manila.

So far, the Rovilson-Marc team is in good standing. They were the second team to arrive at the pit stop during the first leg of the race and first during the second leg. Will they win? We can only hope. After all, it is not just physical fitness or mental knack that truly matters, most of the time, the race is also about luck.


Bino/Geno said...

Yeap. Sana makasali ako sa amazing race. Mas mgaling ang mga asyano. Hehe

savante said...

And all I can think of is yelling.. Loose the shirt, marc! Loose the shirt!

nina said...

biased man ako pero i watch amazing race asia 2 now because of marc nelson. darn hes too hot to miss! and yes, i also love rob and amber. ;)

Anino said...

Alam mo, na-hook din ako sa TAR nung mapanood ko yung season na nagpunta sila sa Pinas. Bet ko yung Twins at yung models.Kaya lang nanalo yung mag-asawa.

dazedblu* said...

I love watching TAR, i remember that ep. when the show had a pit stop in Manila... it was really unexpected when i saw the last three teams running under MRT Buendia Station,.. looking for a cab hehe :)