Wednesday, December 5, 2007

10 people I'd like to thank before I sleep tonight

When I looked into the mirror this morning, I noticed big physical changes – my mustache and goatee have grown, my hair turned messy again, my body dropped, my eyes deepened, my skin roughened, and my overall aura was just plain terrible. It scared the hell out of me but this terribleness is transitory and less relevant than other things. In the past few days, I’ve seen a lot of small things that I should be thankful of, and these happened because of these few people who truly touched my humble life...

First, the readers of Simply Manila, for their continuous support and page views they have contributed. For November alone, SiteMeter has registered 10,140 visits and 44,359 page views for this blog. Statistically, that has been the best month for Simply Manila.

Second, THANKS to Empress Maruja, for citing a paragraph from my entry entitled The Sweet Escape, and for nominating Simply Manila to the November edition of Pinoy Blog Superstar. Third, my deepest gratitude also goes out to Khalel, for also nominating this account to The G* Spot Weblog Award. (Congratulations to Rye for winning that poll. I have no objections.) Fourth, to Portable Bitch, for the early Christmas present you’ve given me earlier. That’s a lovely note, and I still owe you something.

Fifth, to my Team Leader, for the warm welcome I received yesterday. I was informed that all agents are expected to maintain a 25% conversion rate. I started my first day on the floor yesterday with 27.8% (with 5 sales out of 18 calls) but today, I got 13% (with 3 sales out of 22 calls). It was my first time to do sales so I understand that the first few days are going to be an inconsistent, tough ride. But if we sell more, we get more. It is always something for something. That is why all agents are always hoping that all customers calling in will not only inquire about the services we offer but will hopefully sign up to avail the services.

Sixth, to my new and old friends, for making my days less burdensome despite the stress I always felt inside. (Wow, I am so starting to scare myself right now. Stress was never a good thing. Plus, it’s one of the reasons why I gave up my previous job.) But hanging out with friends from time to time is quite an addictive diversion, and one that I should not miss.

Seventh, to God, for always giving me a valid reason why I should always take the right way and make wise decisions. Eighth, to God’s counterpart, for always reminding me that the world is such an evil place and full of evil inhabitants. No, I did not say Trillanes.

Ninth, to my Mom, for the meals, for the washed or ironed clothes I wear, for being my alarm clock when the real one failed to rouse me, for the cable television, for the DSL, for the shampoo, for the words of wisdom (and impatience), for the company, and for everything. She has been the best person I have ever met.

Lastly, to my one and only ASO, I will always love you. *LOL*


JOSH said...

Now this is one entry that is simply full of appreciation and overflowing thankfullness! :) I had mine with my angel post. :) teka mukha talang mga angheles yung previous post mo on mossion!

cant_u_read said...

it does feel good to count blessings every now and then, doesn't it? :-)

be blessed, reyville! you are a wonderful spirit!

p.s. and thanks for the greeting! :-)

chase said...

nice! alfred vargas ass.. hehehehe
thank you lord!