Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When We Rebel

No matter how hopeless, boring and tough life may well be, always keep a positive attitude when you wake up in the morning and forget what may seem to be a life ruiner. Each day is always a start of something new and each new day gives us the power to continue with life and get what we always wanted to get. But be realistic, of course, for sleeping with Jake Cuenca is something we should never aspire in this lifetime. Only Cinderella (and company) lives in fantasy, not us.

It might have a diminutive relevance with what’s really going on with my own life now. But I live in a vibrant city where everybody wanted to talk, to get noticed, to brag, to be recognized, to be the center of attention, to be accepted, to be significant and, perhaps, to rule. The list never ends there, because people just can’t stop. We always wanted to do things in our own little ways, and brag about the difference they might achieve. Too much freedom caused us to collide with the righteous ones, and too little achievement caused us to blame them. Guess what, we never made a difference.

Look at Senator Antonio Trillanes, what difference he made? Nothing. He was given all the chance to make one, but he was looking at it from a very, very different way. For the record, I voted for him and that’s one thing I regret I ever did. I still stick with the status quo, for at least I could see a promising economy and a sustainable development over the horizon.

* * * * * *

I apologize for the long delay of this follow-up post. I have to go to places almost simultaneously to attend a birthday bash, to fix some papers, to meet an old friend, to meet Aso … add work on top of those and you’ll understand why I have to go directly to bed once I get home. This post was meant for the people who couldn’t see fit to behave; people who added stress to me whenever I travel back home. This is also dedicated to those who are trying to live in peace and free from opportunistic, arrogant and insecure individuals who love to spend all their energies talking about their own lives.


chase said...

keeping a positive attitude really does wonders..
if you can't help it, music soothes the most troubled soul.. ;)

dazedblu* said...

Stess makes ages you more , make some sensible things out of it.. free yourself and try to chill out.

The sense of those recent political acts wuz just abt to make us feel better after all, I even agree with this post nothing has changed.

Thus when we rebel, people couldn't think any postive way of living their lives peacefully.

And btw. why not dream of JC, it wouldn't be possible at all but dreams are dreams... we dun' know when it happens or not.

The probs with it is when assumption leads you to obsession.