Sunday, February 25, 2007

Beyond Borders: A Modern Dance Experience

I went to Lyceum of the Philippines University yesterday to witness yet another impressive works of young artists. Lyceum Dance Troupe’s “Beyond Borders: A Modern Dance Experience” compiled 9 different choreographies, each having their own inimitable taste and account that would honestly take a long moment for me to clearly read between the lines.

The show kicked off with Christopher Nocon’s “Depicted” which attempted to tell the puzzle-like point of our lives. “They sometimes go round and round…depicting his debauched existence.” The meaning was clearly construed in the part where a couple were bickering on a bench at the park, who turned out to be both victims of deceitful affection. I was at first skeptic on how this year’s dance rookies could capture the audience’s excitement but I overheard positive reactions from the back row which implied that I have nothing to worry but my own contentment. As I watched the remaining parts before the interval, I trashed the idea that the dances are too big for the new dancers. They even exceeded everybody’s expectations by a mile and came out like a pro.

There was a surprised presentation from the newest generation of Jose P. Laurel’s bloodline at the beginning of the second part of the show. It was a mere intermission number and was somewhat a forgettable dance performance, but watching these high-profile personalities dance were enough to swathe their mediocre performance.

The second part of the show took everyone to a different level. Though these dances used a quite similar music (mostly European and operatic), they are far more astonishing as compared to the first dances. What really stood up was Ronald Domingo’s “Querer Mi Quero Mas” where tall, long-haired and beautiful ladies who reminded me of the Pussycat Dolls performed as overseas workers. Though not plotting a moving story, the step arrangement and the dancers’ portrayals kept me awestruck throughout the dance. They made me feel like watching Chicago’s Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly performing live.

The deep meaning conveyed in Robbie Hayden’s “Often… In Dreams” was actually reminiscent of my own dreams and their complexities—striking yet really hard to tell. To put simply, the whole second part doubled the excitement and admiration that it would literally make you feel like you just had amnesia to remember the details of the first set—a brilliant way of giving all of us a reason to keep coming back for more.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Club Manila East

Today, I have a scheduled one-day trip to Club Manila East in Taytay, Rizal. It’s supposedly a bonding session for the Nissan Wave 1 but Caren, a Canadian friend from work invited me to go with them. I was not informed that it’s a swimming party, and luckily, I spent a quick moment to search the place in the net. If not, I won’t be able to bring a swimming short for the occasion.

I was very tired last night because I went to Taguig to join a friend’s fiesta party. They prepared several foods including one of my favorites (drunken shrimps), and we spent the rest of the night with alcoholic beverages. I could still feel a little headache but as someone who constantly practices keeping his words, I tried my best to at least catch up to today’s event.

At 11:30am, Caren messaged me that they already arrived to the place and asked what time will I be there. I said after 2 hours, and asked if it’s okay. I was still lying on my bed when she replied that it’s okay, so I got up and headed directly to the shower. I was still hesitant to go because I’m not really closed to Wave 1 agents but my commitment to Caren always gave me a second-thought. Also, a friend told me that Club Manila East is, to put simply, a beautiful place.

I’ve been to Rizal several times but I was still not used to its narrow roads and highways. The trip went unusually long due to traffic, which added more loads to my overly stressed mind. I tried to keep my mind away from the ugly sight of different campaign paraphernalia posted everywhere but I eventually learned to appreciate the creativeness of the politicians—some patterned their posters to movies like Walking Tall (Walking ‘Tol, Fighting ‘Tol), Superman Returns, and a lot more.

I noticed that most, if not all establishments and/or houses were compressed near the roadsides which will surely affect future plans of road-widening programs. The irony though is that there are a lot of vacant patches away from the highway which are more convenient and safer to live as compared to the roadsides.

The bus conductor finally shouted Club Manila East. I have to take a 10-peso tricycle ride from the gate to the club itself. While on the tricycle, I distinguished the enormous difference of the peaceful view of this side of Rizal and its chaotic and compressed town centers.

The entrance to the club appears like a train terminal but you’ll feel the thrill and excitement (and forget the first impression) once you see its large pools. Numerous cottages scattered around which are all named to places in Metro Manila and neighboring cities and towns.

I was surprised that only 3 people were waiting for me in the cottage: Caren, his (also) Canadian boyfriend Bill, and Raymond, an agent from Wave 1. They were there having fun for 3 hours when I arrived and they stayed barely an hour more for me to enjoy the amenities. We did the slides and kayak only, the “Eight Waves” was closed for the day. The sun’s heat was just excellent, it’s neither too balmy to spoil the pre-summer ambience nor too hot to burn you to death.

We went back to the city before sunset. While in the bus, I was just silent while thinking of someone special who currently hated me for some misunderstandings. I tried to call him but he was probably so dismayed to take the call. (I’ll surely write more about this person in continuation of my “Come What May” post.)

I spent a moment to eat my favorite Seafood Medley at the Chef d’ Angelo restaurant in Robinsons Galleria before going home. I was unusually silent throughout the day; I didn’t know that Cupid almost hit me with this person. I was even moved to tears.

Going back, I would surely recommend that you consider Club Manila East this summer. The facilities are clean and well-protected. They also have a nice swimming pool particularly made for children. Most importantly, it’s near the city and offers a reasonable price.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dear Diary: Come What May (Part 1 of 3)

I was quite unsure of what I was doing; I should have slept early to avoid another late incident the next day. But still I moved the swivel chair slightly towards the computer to find the most comfortable feeling and clicked that familiar icon. I couldn’t remember how many faceless people were there but that Friday night, I chose to spend a brief moment to only two lost souls.

Late that night, I met the first one in person. He was very manly and innocent-looking though he’s a year older than me. We talked for almost an hour but I was just listening to his stories most of the time. I heard a lot of senseless tales but he nevertheless provided me a good chance to observe more of him. Every sentence didn’t add a single plus factor, and he made me realized how fussy I could be sometimes. He was barely trying to conceal his disappointment of not getting what I knew he wanted. Because he knew (or felt) right off the bat that I was never interested to anything beyond simply ‘meeting in person’—something that relieved me. But I learned about repaying the effort and since part of him is tolerable, I initiated to start the “restricted” part of the story.

Yesterday, a friend from work asked why I never had a serious relationship—a frequently asked question. He caught me off track, and I was not able to provide a satisfactory answer. However, I would usually respond to that query with a safe and inconsistent answer (like “I haven’t met the right one yet”) or simply shrug like clueless. Because the truth is…I don’t know either.

Come what may. That’s how I would usually think when meeting someone for the first time. While reading The Wall Street Journal inside Starbucks and waiting for another come-what-may moment, I felt something deep inside me screaming to finally catch the right one…

See Part 2 and Part 3.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kink Cakes: The bad boy of Philippine baking

This Valentine season, sweet-toothed, open-minded Filipinos are flocking to Kink Cakes, the bad boy of Philippines baking, to get their hands on chocolate, mocha and vanilla creations with names like "Prisoner of Love", "Hot Babe" and "Viagra Night". The cakes feature women straddling male genitalia, couples in compromising positions and, for the more sedate, sexy girls in bikinis. Penis-shaped concoctions are also popular. I’m posting this message to be reminded of how pleased I was by Filipino ideas and culture—a sentiment I rarely get.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Next Attraction: Troika (2007)

Passion has decamped the matrimonial bed of a Filipino mining engineer and his exotic young wife, who left Faridabad, India to live with him in Manila. Love remains but boredom now rules where once the Kama Sutra reigned. The "seven-year itch" strikes when he is tapped to supervise a gold mining operation up north in Benguet, leaving her alone to care for their six-year-old son. Two weeks later, her loneliness leads to a drunken dalliance with a stranger she met at a nightclub. Guilt-stricken, she soon follows her husband to Baguio City and brings her son with her.

In the subterranean setting of the mining site, the engineer has found a homoerotic world of sweaty, swarthy half-naked men. He has shared his lodgings with a young virile miner of ethnic Ibaloi ancestry, putting his repressed homosexuality to a serious test. But the unexpected arrival of his wife confounds the situation. Instantly, passion ignites between her and the miner. Curiously, the engineer seems to approve. A two-woman documentary team is investigating the effects of the mining site on the environment and the ethnic community it displaced, notwithstanding the stern refusal of the mining company to grant them access. Through perseverance and resourcefulness, they get more than the story they came for. They unwittingly piece together the perverse sexual triangle involving the engineer, his wife and the miner—and its unfortunate consequence on the couple's child.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I didn’t write about Christmas just because it’s Christmas Day. I didn’t write about New Year just because it’s New Year. I always wanted the other way, taking the route I knew few would. Because going into details about something everyone already knew about is a bit redundant. I always thought of it as a chestnut, but I possess a different feeling today. Tomorrow will never be just an ordinary day for most of you regardless if you’re loveless or not. To those who will spend the day with their significant one, CONGRATULATIONS! You should feel thankful for being cherished or being loved. To the desperate ones, don’t take it too hard. I remembered some old friends in college who did outrageous things just to have an extraordinary Valentines.

One friend bribed someone from the other class to give her a dozen of roses in the middle of their class. She got everyone’s attention…and more attention when the truth was uncovered later on. She just made a fool of herself and created a horrendous Valentines. But that was nothing; I swear you could heed a lot of crazier stories that could leave you in immense amusement all throughout the day. It would be exciting if you do a little experiment, just make sure that you will have fun at the end of the day without losing your face forever. The hardest way of celebrating Valentines is to pretend that it doesn’t exist—this would mean maximizing your insecurities…and it’s never a good thing! You can never say that the sudden traffic in West Avenue or the view of lovers coming in drove to hotels or motels is nothing but a plain coincident. Its part of the celebration, you know it! Rejoice! Greet your friends and acquaintances. Complete their day instead as you will complete yours.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Now Watching: Addicted to Love (1997)

Some of you may have been victimized by false heart hunches, or loved the wrong person. No matter how hard things get, we need to understand that at one point or another, we need to LET GO. Even without actually feeling it, I know how LOVE slaughters one person. It would hurt even more if the person we thought to be everything only USED us for reasons we really don’t want to know. Some would choose to let whatever defense mechanisms they have in mind to heal the wounds, or let time do it. But some would take the other option for it seems to be sweeter, REVENGE! This is usually followed by the question, “…and then what?” For it never ends there, trust me.

I missed the couch… and the boob-tube, especially after learning that Addicted to Love will be shown on HBO. I can feel that love is in the air, Cupid must be very busy. I wonder why the bastard missed me. I was just laughing all alone by watching the film, and sometimes astounded to the cruelty of the revenge segments. I didn’t like some of the scenes but overall, it’s a fascinating film. The movie thought me something I already knew: You can’t choose who to love. It could hit you right when you never expected it.

Here is the movie's synopsis I got from the web: Welcome to a romantic comedy with more than a touch of weirdness. Sam (Matthew Broderick), a naive romantic, is an astronomer from a small town. Maggie (Meg Ryan), a worldly-wise cynic, is a photographer from New York. Strangers and polar opposites, what they have in common is an obsession with the respective lovers who've just jilted them, and are now blissfully sharing an apartment. They embark upon a diabolically funny scheme of revenge. Yet their plans unexpectedly begin going awry as the relationships between the four characters evolve in a way none of them could ever have imagined. When someone is addicted to love, anything is possible.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

The 15 Most Desirable Pinoy Hotties of 2006

Pinoy Hotties recently conducted a survey to find out the most desirable HOTTIES of 2006. It was divided into series of surveys first to get the 25 finalists. From 25, 15 were eventually selected through another poll and were officially tagged as The 15 MOST DESIRABLE HOTTIES of 2006. Due to inadequate turnouts during the final round, the organizers decided to base the final selection on consistency, overall performance and members’ choices. There was no clear definition as to why the word “desirable” was selected but I guess it was only patterned to Ask Men’s The 99 Most Desirable Women. Nevertheless, PH ended up with a good lineup.

Rafael Rosell bested 99 other sexy Filipino personalities; his X-Ray exposure probably catapulted him into the spotlight similar to Jake Cuenca (No. 2) who also graced the same magazine with a provocative pretension. Some personalities were already anticipated to make it to the top 15 due to their numerous TV appearances (Dennis Trillo at No. 4, Alfred Vargas at No. 5 and Christian Vazquez at No. 13) and print ads (Polo Ravales at No. 15 and Brent Javier at No. 10). To see the complete list, click here.

Source: Pinoy Hotties

Seductive Scent

BOREDOM brought me to the web, clicking and browsing interesting and not-so-interesting sites. Due to great advertisement, what really caught my interest is this cool spray cologne that could “help you attract sexual attention instantly from the opposite sex” through pheromones. Pheromones are natural chemical scents the body produces in order to communicate with others nearby. What’s involved in the process is an organ in the nasal cavity known as the vomeronasal organ or VNO. I bothered to research about it out of curiosity; however, different and contradicting views only led me to confusion. An article mentioned that VNO are being used by most mammals (but not humans) to detect pheromones. But Pherlure Pheromone Cologne persisted that scientists have discovered that the VNO is the receptor for pheromones. They added that “VNO gives us a sort of “sixth sense”, we can't see, smell, hear, or feel pheromones. As a matter of fact, we cannot consciously perceive pheromones at all, though experiments prove that they can work.” I wonder if this one is available in the country. If you think you lack the sex appeal or plainly wanted to get laid, go for it. (If you wanted to know more about Pherlure, just Google it.)