Monday, July 30, 2007

Hottie of the Month: Piolo Pascual (Part 3)

We will end the month by featuring more on Simply Manila’s Hottie of the Month. Needless to say, Piolo Pascual has been one of the most valued young actors today. That’s something he has to be vigilant of, whether that means denying his own sexual identity. Regardless, this actor, whose hotness seems to be not waning, could steal thousands more of women’s heart in the country. Piolo’s ambitious career path is a perfect embodiment of success in local show business. He has done several top-rating TV series, box-office hits, endorsements and yes, concerts.

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On Be Bench: Meet the male finalists

I was able to catch the pilot episode of Be Bench: The Model Search yesterday and it was quite upsetting that Alvin Asuncion was not included in the top six finalists. I wasn’t quick to write down the name of the finalists but I guess they’re the following (in no particular order): Carlo Guevarra of Pasay, Haroun Morales of Las Piñas, Joey Beato of Laguna, John Uy of Quezon City, Kerbie Zamora of Rizal and Martin Grogaard of Cebu.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Random "dripping wet" pictures of men!

Though we experienced more than a few mild rains recently, I could say that the rainy season has not reached the zenith yet. In the coming days, Manila will be greeted by light typhoons and flood will become a trend. But that’s just a personal forecast and you can always ask PAG-ASA for verification. There is no better way to enjoy dripping wet nights but to stay inside the comfort of your home with your family or beloved one. You can take advantage of this wetness by having intimate moments with them to keep the bond more ardent than ever. Or maybe we could just sit and observe the beauty of the rain as it pours down on… on… semi-naked bodies? *LOL*

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

On TV: Be Bench: The Model Search (2007)

Be Bench: The Model Search, hosted by our Hottie of the Month Piolo Pascual and Kris Aquino, is an 8-week reality television show in search of the new Bench models and ABS-CBN stars. Now let us drool over these photos of some of the male contestants. Let us hope there will be more revealing pictures in the future. *LOL* Tell me, among these contestants, who do you think has the biggest chance to bag the P1 million worth of Bench/ endorsement contract, ABS-CBN Star Magic talent management contract and a cash prize?

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Who’s your look-alike?

First of, I really find it very discomforting when somebody compliments my looks because trust me, I’m not really good-looking. But somehow, the aphorism that no one’s really ugly surpasses all, if not part of, my insecurities. Has anybody told you that you look like, well, someone else? Or told you that your personality reminded them of a character in a movie? Let me explore my vanity yet again as I muse over those moments where I secretly looked up to myself and went red. *LOL*

Before Marky Cielo came into existence, a number of people saw a resemblance of me and Jericho Rosales. The latest was when I joined an organization in my university. The final question asked by one of the student panel during the interview (Has anybody told you that you look like Jericho Rosales?) left the rest of the officers in profound pleasure and laughter. Since then, I was fondly called by one of them as Jericho Rosales (with the last name, yes) – which I always tended to ignore like I haven’t heard anything to avoid embarrassment.

My Japanese brother-in-law and my Aunt also said I look like John Lloyd Cruz. It Might Be You was still on air that time. The Japanese knew about John Lloyd through the TV series because my sister in Nagoya was such a fanatic of telenovelas. And another comparison was with Piolo Pascual by a current professor but together with the link to Jericho Rosales and John Lloyd Cruz, I can’t find any hint as to how they got those ideas. Looking at those pictures above, I’d safely say I look somewhat close to Marky Cielo. *LOL* Who’s your look-alike?

Friday, July 20, 2007

On Urbanattoism

I have always thought that writing isn’t my bag, and that it is a waste of time. I’d rather spend a whole day exploring the city and a whole night of endless partying, than sitting for hours muttering to oneself with few words unshackled on paper. I am a frustrated writer who failed to resist and who would rather compromise with laziness and pleasure. But people change...

I used to have a diary in 2005 – an idea I got after watching the romantic film The Notebook. It’s the only written memoir I own. The funny thing though is that it’s almost empty – a mere decoration. Only ALMOST, so there are a small number of pages filled with thoughts of naiveties, discoveries, experiments, cravings and whatever a 19-year old gay guy is addicted to. One of the entries was actually titled “On URBANATTOISM” and the word itself was mentioned several times. I wasn’t really full of mysteries; I just exhausted much of that year in school. LOVE (and all that jazz) came a bit later. So there!

Let me end this post by leaving you with that picture above. That’s Perry Escaño (nice screen name) can be seen on GMA’s Lupin and recently appeared in the indie film Compound. We attended the same university but he’s a few years ahead. He’s an active member of the theatrical organization in school and even led a popular student political party. The last time I saw him was in Malate (just outside BED and Pride Exchange) while he was busy with few gay friends. We’re not really close but I would say he’s STRAIGHT, mind you! As to why he’s in that place, I really don’t know. He’s probably just being queer-friendly. And oh, URBANATTOISM is an anagram. By rearranging the letters, you’ll get a clue on what I was up to in 2005. Until now actually.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rich Vergara: From commercial model to stage actor

Richard “Renzy” Somes, popularly known as Rich Vergara, appeared in several commercials for Safeguard, Jollibee, Greenwich, Carefree, Bergamo and Emperador Brandy. Alongside Jay Manalo, Christian Vazquez, Luis Alandy, Polo Ravales, among others, Rich also appeared in the stage play Penis Talks Reloaded – the second installment of the controversial It’s All About Men: Penis Talks. “Raw, uncomplicated and straightforward, the revealing photographs can also convince any cynic that protruding, hard muscles don’t necessarily make a man sexy.”

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Emerging Blogs

Not too long ago, I was nominated by Sonnie’s Porch as one of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007 – a project spearheaded by another blogger named Janette Toral. The nomination was quite a flattering one as Severo E. Santos or Sir Sonnie is one of the most admired professional bloggers in town. I am deeply honored. It took me a while to choose the best blogs to recommend since Miss Toral indicated that only those that were created from August 2006 onwards shall be listed. Nevertheless, I came up with a brilliant list. In no particular order, here are my own Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. These BLOGS are not only enjoyable to read but they’re also informative. Keep conquering the blogosphere. Have a great day.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

On Bench: Meet the sexy Jon Mullaly

It goes without saying that Bench has ruled not only the retail industry but also in getting the best and the brightest in show business. As The Philippine Star puts it, Bench's advertising campaigns and highly publicized roster of endorsers is not just another business deal but a status symbol for the celebrity. One who finds his face in Bench billboards will realize how the retailer can change his life and career. Through the years, Bench has signed up the sexiest stars and models for their underwear line Bench Body, including Kris Aquino, Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls, Andrew Wolff, Francine Prieto, Marc Nelson, Rica Peralejo, Rafael Rosell and Wendell Ramos. Jon Mullaly, the 2006 Century Superbods winner, is the latest addition.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

On Be Bench: The Model Search

Be Famous! Be Bench: The Model Search is a reality competition in search of the new Bench image models and ABS-CBN stars. I believe ABS-CBN airs the show every Sunday (a TV ignoramus like me can never be sure). There are several billboards scattered in the Metro with faces of current Bench models (our Hottie of the Month included). These billboards, aiming to promote the show, contain one simple concept: showing two pictures of the model in (1) black and white and (2) colored. The first picture depicts one’s anonymity while the latter defines fame, thus the tagline Be Anonymous or Be Famous.

Being the newest addition to Bench’s roster of endorsers, it’s definitely opened a lot of new doors for me. They gave me the opportunity to grow and try out other things. Being an endorser is an honor because Bench is the number one retailer in the country. Endorsing Bench open doors to endless possibilities! – Piolo Pascual

Friday, July 13, 2007

On Mister Philippines 2007

The first ever Mr. Philippines 2007 was held at the Palacio de Maynila in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. Ian Leonel Porlayagan, 22, won the event against 13 other hopefuls who were judged based on world-class physical attributes, intelligence, winsome personalities and strong values. The farmer from San Jose, Nueva Ecija will represent the country in the upcoming Mister International 2007 competition in Mexico. Other winners include Nino Sazon of Canada and Michael Raymond Lim of Manila who will represent the Philippines in 2007 International Man in Indonesia and Intermodel Expoworld 2007 in Guatemala respectively.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Let's all meet Mikey Bustos

Mikey Bustos, 25, was a finalist in the first season of Canadian Idol – a reality television show in Canada based on the popular British show Pop Idol. He’s of Filipino descent and has traveled the Philippines as part of his efforts to take his music into the international market. During his stay in the country, he front acted The Pussycat Dolls’ concert at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City and lately, Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics Tour concert in Taguig City, among other events he attended and performances made. Mikey is currently exploring recording contract offers from several labels overseas and fans can expect a full-length album in 2007. He confessed his addiction to the gym in his blog which explains how he got this mouth-watering physique.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Christina Aguilera visits Manila

It’s good to be back in circulation. There have been a lot of developments in my life lately – some of which are worth mentioning and others better forgetting. After 2 weeks from my resignation as a call center agent, I still find myself struggling to get enough sleep and trying to beat stress. If only I could extend a whole day into 30 hours or so, I won’t hesitate to do it right at the moment. But things aren’t that easy and as long as this planet has me, I need to end the day the way it should be. I already have an unpublished version of J. K. Rowling’s latest Harry Potter book but due to lack of time, I’m still stuck in Chapter 4. I haven’t watched the latest movie yet which opens today in the Philippines. For the meantime, enjoy these pictures from Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics Tour in Manila.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Let's all meet Douglas Robinson

Douglas Robinson has a very interesting life story to share a la soap opera. The actor met his father, an American, for the first time in 2002. His father was with the US Navy and stationed in the Philippines when he met Douglas' mom, a Cebuana. He left for the US before Douglas was born.

In 1984, his father came back to look for them in Cebu but he instead married his tour guide with whom he has two children. But they are separated now, his dad is coming over to see his mother, finally and he is hoping for a happy ending for the two of them. "From the looks of it, everything would turn out right for them."

Douglas related that when his dad and his wife separated, he wrote to him and to his mom. "He called up and then he petitioned me so I was able to go and see him in Illinois. In fact, I stayed there for a while but I came back because I really want to pursue a showbiz career in my country."

Douglas' first movie was Bridal Shower where he played a struggling artist in love to Francine Prieto's character. He was a commercial model before he embarked on a showbiz career. He has done commercials for Globe, Bench, Sarah Lee, Toyota, among others.

Douglas also appeared in Mossimo Bikini Summit 2002 (where he won the 2nd-runner up spot), Star Cinema’s SO… HAPPY TOGETHER and the stage play ALL ABOUT MEN. He’s part of the group Take 5 – a singing group launched by GMA’s SOP Rules.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

2005: The movies I have seen in theaters

See how I managed to go around Metro Manila just to watch these movies. These are the movies I have seen in theaters in 2005. I think this is the last year I stopped this crazy list.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Hottie of the Month: Piolo Pascual (Part 2)

Piolo Pascual, like Clay Aiken, has always been a favorite item on gay issues. The rumor that he’s homosexual escalated to a different level when an alleged video of him sexing with another man surfaced in the internet. Several issues linking him to Yul Servo, Sam Milby and Erik Santos somewhat made a buzz but together with the video, these were all denied by the popular actor. Moreover, none of those mentioned are openly out and about. “I’d probably admit I’m a mama’s boy. If people say I’m effeminate, then that’s okay because that’s the way my mom brought me up. But she also brought me up to be independent, focused and spiritual. I know myself and I know I’m not gay,” says Piolo Pascual

I guess that should close the issue. Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of Piolo Pascual taken from all over the net. (I have a copy of his brochure from Bench and he has great pictures in there, but I don’t have a scanner yet. If I will have the chance, I will request my Aso to scan those hot pictures for me and post it here.)

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How To: Behave Inside the Elevator (Part 2 of 3)

Before going on to the rest of the guidelines, check out Part 1 first.

Converse As Quietly As You Can. Whenever you are joined by your friends inside the elevator, it is inevitable that a conversation will float up. Since you are not the only ones inside, it would be nicer if you don’t talk that loud and limit your discussions on things that bear nothing about personal affairs and gossips. That could help you protect your privacy as well – a stalker might just be around, who knows.

Play Safe. Especially when you’re up for a quickie, always check if there are cameras installed in the elevator. Don’t be stupid, they are not installed there for nothing. Spare yourself from humiliation by simply keeping the “urge” to yourself.

Those are just simple rules but often neglected. There are actually just a handful of Filipinos who act according to acceptable standards and yet again, culture has something to do with it. I sometimes find myself wondering how our educational institutions, and the system itself, respond to this idiosyncrasy. I can see that together with the government and the media, our schools have greater control in shaping up a person’s ethical behavior.

As you can see, the simple things that we do affect our overall image as a person, as part of the society and as a nation. To those who are working as part of the corporate world, you may have observed that blue-collar workers pay a special respect to white-collar employees. At the age of 20, I feel privileged each time our security guard and maintenance people call me Sir (sometimes followed by my first name). At first, I thought that’s only because they don’t know my name but I realized that it’s actually because they look up to me as a fitting example of an educated man.

That’s more than just boosting one’s ego; I feel that everybody should set an example to others as well. Just keep in mind that wherever and whenever we face a crowd, even inside the elevator, we should never give them a reason to frown.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hottie of the Month: Piolo Pascual (Part 1)

This multi-talented hunk is Simply Manila’s Hottie of the Month for July. He’s probably one of the most visible actors today as he can be seen regularly on ABS-CBN’s variety show ASAP and on the drama series Walang Kapalit. He recently starred in the romantic drama Paano Kita Iibigin, with Regine Velasquez as her love interest.

As a film actor, Piolo Pascual first won an acting award as Best Supporting Actor for his role in the critically-acclaimed drama Dekada ‘70 during the 2002 Metro Manila Film Festival. The movie tackles how a middle-class family struggled with and faced new changes as they were caught in the middle of a tumultuous decade. Pascual’s role, the eldest son who (with the support of his father) attempts to rail against the government, requires him to shed off all his clothes and lie on a block of ice while a fan is switched on. He also won either a Best Actor or a Best Supporting Actor award for the same role from most, if not all, of the award-giving ceremonies in the Philippines.

As a TV actor, Piolo is a favorite leading man for ABS-CBN’s drama series. His past shows include Sa Piling Mo (2006), Mangarap Ka (2004), Sa Puso Ko, Iingatan Ka (2001-2003) and Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako (1998-1999).

Moreover, Piolo has several endorsements on his shoulder. These include Max’s Restaurant, Timex watches, Selecta ice cream, Bench overhauled jeans, San Miguel coffee and Banco de Oro.