Thursday, August 30, 2007

Warning: Sushi rolls ahead!

It is going to be the first time, maybe a milestone, if I may exaggerate. Just a while back, I was browsing my hidden files and folders and bumped into these heavenly creatures. No, they’re not supernatural beings or some sort of cherubs. They’re just ordinary Filipino men forced to strike a pose naked. Without robes or anything to cover their skin flute, here's Josh Ivan Morales, Arjay John Mones and Jero in their sexiest outfit: none. They’re part of this male group known as Calendar Boys – introduced by Juan Carlos Castro and Jerome Pelgone in 2005. Sushi rolls ahead. Well, the pictures are now covered with those red signs. Please visit Pinoy Hotties to see the actual pictures. Thanks.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Random Pinoy Hotties

I am in a hurry so let me do this entry as quickly as possible. I will post few, random group pictures of hot men in the country I got from the web. My computer is full of these so I’m posting them here to free up some space. Please let me know if you enjoyed the pictures. Have a great day. Ciao.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hottie of the Month: Jake Cuenca (Part 2)

Our Hottie of the Month is a Filipino print and commercial model and an actor. Jake Cuenca, born December 30, 1987 in San Jose, California, was first spotted in a mall by a casting agent and subsequently appeared in TVCs. He recently appeared on the cover of the magazine Girlfriend and became its first ever male coverboy – aptly referred to as its first ‘boyfriend’. He’s half-Filipino and half-Spanish. Jake Cuenca has done several TV shows in GMA (his mother network) but gained greater popularity when he moved to its rival network, ABS-CBN. At present, you can catch him on the primetime telenovela Natutulog Ba ang Diyos? and on the weekend variety show ASAP.

The first time I saw this hottie’s pictures on the bookazine X-Ray, I eventually had a crush on him. And I have been apparently vocal about it ... at least, to my closest friends. I think it was a good resolution for Jake to exhibit his sexiness on gay magazines and relocate to a different network almost simultaneously. The act fashioned him like a new discovery ready to take further experiments and new challenges. Being the new guy, Jake is too good to resist.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Bonbon Series: Marco Grazzini

This sexy bonbon won the 2004 Mossimo Bikini Summit, alongside Thea Kroegl. He defeated Mike Salomon, Aaron Bower, Martin Jickain, among others. He is of Canadian descent. These are just few details I found in the web. It seems that he’s done less effort to create a buzz in the country. I believe Marco Grazzini is in Canada (perhaps in Toronto) right now and doing modeling jobs. I can’t verify it just yet but the National Media Museum claimed that he appeared in the 2006 short film Suicide, directed by the Bharat filmmaker Darshan Ashwin Trivedi. If you have enough time, you can watch this 24-minute work of art by clicking here. I’ll watch it tomorrow. But for the meantime, check out this hottie’s sexy body and know why he won that prestigious summer event.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Worlds Apart 2: Endless Questions

The moon and the stars above were still beaming as the rendezvous of gays below was in full force and eventually making a lot of sense. My Aso and I, tagged as 'mga paminta' (straight-acting gays or SAGs), were still on the hot seat and it seems that everybody has prepared endless questions. Why SAGs are generally fascinated to fellow SAGs? Why can’t they entertain the thought of having intimate relationships with effems (effeminate gays)? Have you had any sexual encounters with girls or, at least, sexual fantasies? Who’s top? Who’s bottom? Are your parents aware of your deeds? Are you still both attracted to or distracted by good-looking men in, say, a mall?

Like a TV talk show, it was all complete with commentaries from the hosts, follow-up questions from the audience and intervals. The only difference lies in the fact that we are only ordinary people questioned by ordinary individuals out of nosiness . . . and no camera rolling. I sometimes wonder why I was enjoying that conversation. But it’s already in me. I promised to appreciate the small things and to appreciate people (check out the very first post of this blog here).

While we tried to answer their questions, they also shared their thoughts. “Nakakainggit, actually, ‘yang mga ganyang klaseng relasyon,” said Totoy, an effeminate gay. He is in his early 20s and has a young, charming straight boyfriend. Unlike he and his lover, he said, I and Aso could be intimate if we choose to, with no worries but the prying eyes of the public. But there is no doubt that love or mutual feelings exist.

But wait. Did he just say, “…love or mutual feelings exist?” I smiled but felt sorry for yet another revelation. It is tantamount to saying that theirs only survive with his lone devotion to his boyfriend – a love that is a one-way process. He knows that his boyfriend doesn’t love him and given the fact that the guy is heterosexual, the possibility that he will fall in love with him is slim... if not, remote. In common views, he can’t love him. Yet again, SAGs and effems greatly differ on this one. Like in a boy-girl relationship, a SAG looks ahead to a give and take relationship. He will love and will get love in return, not only respect and some sort of a cooperation. He won’t suffer in silence and don't wanna be tagged a willing victim.

Embark upon the reality and frills of straight men being paid for sex by effems, on the continuation of this post next week.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Bonbon Series: Harold Pineda

This enticing bonbon was a popular sexy actor during the early years of this decade. Starring in a series of bold flicks from Starlight Films, Harold Pineda turned into one of the scorching bombs who heated the Philippine cinema before and after the millennium. After his success in the Ginoong Pilipinas (or is it Ginoong Filipinas?) pageant, the actor acknowledged his likely appearance in sexy films once he crosses the threshold to show business. Indeed, his first movie was Jeffrey Jeturian’s Pila Balde which, luckily for him, enjoyed commercial and critical success in the country and even abroad. The title may literally mean lining up for water but don’t be fooled, because it actually connotes a gang bang – a girl with guys lining up to have sex with her, Harold being one of them. The movie discusses life in the slums. In spite of (or because of) the movie’s roguish sex scenes, it succeeded in exposing the political and social mayhems of the characters, and flourished Harold Pineda’s name in the movies.

Since then, Harold appeared in several sex-themed films including Favorite Subject: Sex Education (with Angela Velez), School Frats (also starring Gina Alajar, Isko Moreno and Cherry Pie Picache), Sagad, Masarap Habang Mainit, Alipin ng Tukso and Biglang Liko. He has been called ‘Telag King’ after admitting that his ‘mushroom of love’ reacts on its own whenever he’s doing a sexy scene – something he only laughed at. “It’s only normal,” said Harold. Such lame publicities are considered normal those days, if I may add. They always love attention. Business, as usual.

During those years, Harold was a hot potato in almost all gay rags as well. Matter of fact, he’s one of the most daring in the pictorials – showing more skin (and scourged manliness) than we can anticipate. But like most sexy stars, Harold’s career was ephemeral and slowly ended up in oblivion. So please don’t kill me for resurrecting the dead. *LOL* I’ll celebrate a comeback though.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

On Be Bench: Poise. Posture. Composure.

Per Martin Grogaard was eliminated from Be Bench: The Model Search last night. The speculation was right. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel that the elimination was somewhat ‘too soon’ for him. He obviously didn’t meet what the Style Council and the management expected him to deliver. Rafael Rosell appeared on the show as the finalists’ fitness coach and they were also trained to walk the runway with poise, posture and composure – the episode’s redundant focal point. The finalists’ self-confidence was tested for real as they ramp their way to SM North EDSA’s The Block … with actual audience. A set of poise-wrecking occurrences were set up to distract each model during the second and third walks – booing audience, tight shoes and jeans, mismatched heels, ridiculous hairpiece, oversized pants, among others. Overall, last night’s episode was just okay. LOL. Sorry, I’m not feeling well today. À la prochaine.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

On Be Bench: The candidates visit TriNoma

I heard that John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo are the newest addition to the ever-expanding family of Bench. As a matter of fact, a launching festivity was held yesterday in TriNoma (or TriNoMa, Triangle North Mall, Triangle North of Manila, whichever you prefer) where the remaining finalists of Be Bench: The Model Search were also present. Vince Lopez attended the event and chatted to some of the finalists at the backstage. Let’s check out few of his shots. I can see that Carlo Guevarra is everybody's favorite. I even showed support earlier but after knowing that he's short, short, short in height, I think I'm not sure now. I lost my appetite already. Let me cheer for Martin instead. No, not Martin, he's going to be eliminated later. *LOL*

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Friday, August 17, 2007

See some sexy Richard Gutierrez pics

Even a TV ignoramus like me can attest that Richard Gutierrez is one of the most sought-after young actors in the Philippines today. He ruled the primetime block of GMA Network since the Mulawin days and it seems like there's no stopping. Like Reverend Frank in License to Wed, this guy is everywhere. Richard Gutierrez, born January 21, 1984 in Beverly Hills, California, is a Filipino film and television actor. He starred in the movies Kuya, The Promise, Let the Love Begin, Mano Po 2: My Home, Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di, Mulawin: The Movie, Sigaw, among others.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Worlds Apart 1: Gay Stereotypes

I usually don’t hang out with gays and would always like to break from gay stereotypes. Though, ironically, I hang out with girls and act like a metrosexual which would usually stir a lot of controversial thoughts from new peers. In general, newly met acquaintances expect us to talk about our sexuality but those who don’t have enough nerve to ask (or who are professional enough to know about respect) will just resort to calling you a paminta (a Filipino slang for closeted homosexuals) behind your back. This own defiance of gay typecasts incapacitated me to discover more of the gay world. Not until recently.

In an attempt to save myself from total gay world clueless-ness, I convinced my Aso to befriend his gay neighbors and hang out with them regularly. In the following few days, I also hang out with them. Their lifestyle totally differed from ours with the exemption of a few members. They dress like ladies, grow their tresses long and seek affection from straight guys. They are women trapped in a man’s body, so to speak. They answered a lot of questions from us and ask a lot of questions in return.

I looked up to the sky and thought of how much wonders are yet to be discovered. That night, I just discovered one. The wonder of knowing that the gay world is actually divided into two worlds: the gays who actually consider themselves women (pa-girl, effeminate or effems) and the gays who actually consider themselves men (pa-men or paminta). But I knew about this already, you say. I know that there is a difference between these worlds, too, but if you delve on or simply listen to each other’s opinions, you will know that the difference is surprisingly bigger than you think.

“Mas balahura ‘yung mga paminta kaysa sa mga bakla,” said Weng without hesitation. It may be uncouth but it was, for me, an honest observation. Weng is a 28-year-old effeminate homosexual working in a hair salon. He shows distaste over group sex and orgies – something he thought to be exclusive to pamintas only. He’s single but sleeps with guys regularly and had boyfriends in the past. He said he needs to have money to sleep with guys or have boyfriends. And that’s just something I wouldn’t do. For him, and for the others who agree with him, it is reality. They seem to be happy with their lives but somehow, I felt sorry for them.

When effems pay straight guys for a service, will they simply suck these guys’ penises? Can they kiss their lips? You will be surprised on how much they can do for money. That and all in the continuation of this post next week…

Monday, August 13, 2007

On Be Bench: Life before Be Bench

For those who regularly check out this blog to get some updates of Be Bench: The Model Search, particularly about last night’s episode, I am very sorry but I, too, missed that chapter. In case you’re wondering why, I’ve been into an extensive exploration on the nature of the gay world which understandably took a whole night of just sitting, scrutinizing, be on the hot seat for an hour or so, engaging in a totally outrageous conversation, witnessing a live gay freak versus bunch of sluts confrontation over a not-even-handsome young gold-digger, among other extreme realities and frills. (No promises this time, I’ll just try to get into details soon.) Meanwhile, I’d like to share with you some pictures of Be Bench aspirants and finalists before they joined the search...

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Have some J-Cee Martin

BUYING a gay magazine has always been a challenging task for me. Okay, make that extremely challenging. It is not in any way about difficulties going to the mall, financial troubles, or the likes. It is that instance where I (1) stand in front of the displayed magazines, (2) wait for the right point in time, (3) pick up the damn thing and (4) pay at the cashier. While the first step is always the easiest and the second is just fine, the succeeding parts would usually require a lot of courage and bravado. I don’t know if it’s just me. The first gay magazine I bought was the first issue of L and that’s only because a friend’s friend was there. (As far as I know, it’s also the first gay magazine proudly displayed inside a store in any SM malls.) That magazine, with McMeil Dennison on the cover, was published on the last quarter of 2004. That’s ages ago, if you come to think of it. But until now, I always have the same qualms each time I will buy a gay magazine. Okay, why don’t I just show you the pictures you will see in these magazines? Here's J-Cee Martin, one of the hotties featured in Male Revue – a brochure (or is it a magazine?) that features hot guys.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

On Be Bench: Bye, Joey Beato & Rachel Tan!

Watching last night’s episode of Be Bench: The Model Search was quite a boring experience. The main focus was to bring out the best projection from the remaining challengers with the help of some of the authorities in fashion modeling in the country. The finalists were expected to be in their best angle once photographed by Jun De Leon, the official photographer. But before the photo op, all models underwent a rigid makeover.

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