Sunday, October 28, 2007

On The Amazing Race Asia: Racers Revealed

I think that “ordinary” Filipinos should not attempt to join AXN’s popular reality show The Amazing Race Asia and just try to enjoy watching the show at the comfort of their homes. Because no matter how unique or creative your videos will be, and as long as popular models or stars will send theirs, the stars will always be chosen to represent the Philippines.

The first season of TARA brought us two teams from the Philippines: (1) the pink duo composed of sexy actress Aubrey Miles and model Jacqueline Yu, and (2) the Lopez couple Ernie and Jeena. Ernie is the son of Eugenio Lopez, Jr. and the brother of Eugenio Lopez III, chairman of the local network ABS-CBN. Aside from the Philippines, Malaysia also has two teams in the race. It could have been a good chance for the Philippines to win the race or, at least, to reach the finale, but unfortunately, both teams from the country were the first and second to be eliminated. What a shame!

I suspect that the AXN executives in the Philippines selected only the popular and the influential to compete in TARA. Though the new season brings another celebrity, I am glad they include the interesting couple of the retired US Navy officer Henry Reed and his Filipina wife Terri Reed. The celebrity I’m referring above is no less than Marc Nelson, paired up with his best buddy Rovilson Fernandez. Both worked as TV and event hosts in Manila, with modeling as sidelines. Hmmm, I guess Marc should replace Allan Wu already. The latter’s hosting style is quite annoying. Plus, he’s a Fear Factor loser. Too bad he’s back on screen again.

Looking at our powerhouse teams, I suddenly had high hopes for this season. They better not be eliminated early, else I’ll stop watching the show again. Watch Racers Revealed on November 1, only at AXN.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The gorgeous Chester Nolledo

Going out early today seemed to be a terrible idea. Before we reach the highway, we have suffered the notorious noise barrage of small-time politicians who were unaware about the great displeasure they caused to the civilians. The technique didn’t occur to be helpful at all. Due to numerous posters, banners and other paraphernalia, their vehicles gave the impression that these politicians, once seated, will be as chaotic as their campaign strategy. It was so ironic that I can’t remember a single name. Obviously, the whole drama was a waste of time, money and effort. A catchy flyer is all we need.

On the brighter side, I saw Chester Nolledo later this afternoon. He was on the same line with me, waiting for an SUV ride home. He seemed to be so fretful and kept looking into different directions. He was wearing an army fedora, an Oakley-like mirrorshade with ruby iridium lenses, printed shirt, tight jeans and sneakers. He was so damn gorgeous. I didn’t notice it was him actually, I just realized it after later when I walked past him.

Chester Nolledo, born 18 November 1987, was one of the hotties featured in the Men of Provoq video, and a member of the defunct Viva Hot Men. He was the one who appeared on the last segment of the video called College Boy. It’s downloadable via Dave Montero’s blog. He also took part in the movie Twilight Dancers as one of the strippers.

My Mom told me that Chester and I were of the same height but he’s actually taller by an inch at 5’8” … and he weighs 140lbs. Chester appeared in the movies Reyna (Keanna Reeves’ movie) and the comedy hit Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat, mostly playing minor roles. He also took part in Asia Agcaoili’s sexy video Bedtime Stories.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Pinoy Mano Mano is local television's answer to The Contender

Did I already mention that I was a big fanatic of The Contender? Though I wasn’t able to closely track its second season, The Contender remained one of my all-time favorite reality shows alongside The Amazing Race and American Idol. Next to basketball, boxing is probably the sport where a lot of Filipinos are insanely addicted to. Thanks largely to Manny Pacquiao's inspiration, new boxing arenas now sprouted around Manila’s corners. Drive along West Avenue, Frisco or Mindanao Avenue, you will know what I’m talking about. These are just few roads I’ve recently seen and they all got their own boxing rings. What more if I stroll around the metro?

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Death Scene

How long have I been here? How many more empty spaces to fill? What if the bleeding starts again and I will end up immobile? If things happened with reasons, I sure want a valid one. Why some suffered in pain? Why some opted for an end? What’s out there that’s lacking here? I think I should not ask same questions again. Nobody knows the answers, anyway. Not even Einstein. But should I leave them unrequited? Isn’t that embracing injustice? Stop!

How long have I been trapped here? I looked around the yellow walls, they are frustratingly monotonous, strangely hazy and, believe it or not, a mammoth source of stress. I was a prisoner of my own ecstasy. I listened to the loud music. Even Kelly Clarkson’s Sober can’t save me. In this enormous expanse of perplexed state of affairs, I can only hope that, like in The Matrix, somebody will notify me to follow the white rabbit so I could get a dose of reality. Surely, this whole shit is an affirmation of resistance.

I looked down the sheets and they’re just beyond uninteresting. This whole thing scares the hell out of me. But weren’t they the small things I dreamed before? I speculate that life mysteriously goes like that. It is a circle. Or a tall mountain, I don’t really know. Finally getting that something you aspired before doesn’t mean the end of your existence. You will always feel like plotting a bigger target. Or feel that you have to reach the summit only to discover that it ain’t the peak yet. But why hurry when patience, as they say, is a virtue? Because life is short, isn’t it?

How long have I been blabbing here? Is my download finish yet? I wish I have the fastest connection. But did I not just talk about patience? Well, I just can’t linger forever to watch Pierre Fitch. Life is short.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The 69 Most Desirable Pinoy Hotties of 2007

The little experiment carried out by Pinoy Hotties recently showed that Zanjoe Marudo is officially the Most Desirable Pinoy Hottie of 2007, dethroning last year’s Rafael Rosell. Overall, there are 2,012 votes casted from the polls and from mails sent by PH members. Is your favorite hottie in? Here’s the complete list...

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's all meet John Uy

Meet John James Uy, who played Prince William in ABS-CBN’s Love Spell presentation Cindy-rella, starring ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemates Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. He lives in the fairy tale world as the handsome nephew of the royalty, whom Cindy-rella fell in love to. John Uy was the third place finalist of Be Bench: The Model Search. I wonder what’s in store for the Be Bench winner Carlo Guevarra. He’s been invisible for more than a month already. P.S. Happy 7th monthsary, Aso. I love you very much.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Bonbon Series: Aljur Abrenica

This 17-year-old bonbon from Angeles, Pampanga is Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan’s bulge-rich Cervano Torres, playing the Red Zaido. Aljur Abrenica, born 24 March 1990, started a showbiz career as a contestant in GMA’s hit star search StarStruck: The Next Level, bringing home the Ultimate Hunk title. Zaido also features Dennis Trillo and Marky Cielo. Aside from Zaido, Aljur’s TV shows include Boys Nxt Door and SOP Rules. You can catch him on the big screen this Christmas season in the latest installment of the Enteng Kabisote series. He’s also a Regal Films contract star. So I guess we will see more of this kiddo in the future. Aljur’s older brother, Kristoff Abrenica, was a contestant of Pinoy Dream Academy – a reality show in GMA’s rival station, ABS-CBN.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

8 killed in Ayala mall blast: Should we be scared?

Some powerful blast in the heart of the country’s financial district killed eight people yesterday. Though police initially reported that the explosion was caused by a leaking cooking gas cylinder inside a restaurant in Glorietta 2, an upscale mall in Makati, they later said they are tracing evidence to verify if it was a possible bomb attack.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

This PBB season's hottest housemates

If you’ll ask me why I would watch the latest season of Pinoy Big Brother, I could probably give you two good reasons: (1) the probability of seeing Jon Avila, Will Devaughn and Victor Basa stripped and (2) Ethel Booba. Everything that falls under else falls under nosiness. Ethel’s shaggy dog stories confirmed the nuance that no matter how tough life is, a Filipino could still stand to express amusement, and she’s a shimmering comedienne. What about Jon, Will and Victor? Only because they’re hot boys. LOL. Have a great day ahead.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finals Gone, Boys Coming

No one couldn’t be any happier these days but the stunning students of Manila as they say farewell to “hell week” and endless all-nighters again. Though I wasn’t so sure if I passed the Literatura subject, I couldn’t be more than thankful that I can finally be a bummer again for two weeks or so. Hmmm, should I spend this occasion looking for a part-time job? Perhaps when I finally get this messy mane trimmed. The screen stills above are from this movie Aso and I watched together in my room few months ago: Wild Things, starring Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, Denise Richards and Neve Campbell. And, oh, check out my notes and meet my hot tutors: James Zablan, Derick Rivera and Lance Garcia after the jump. But, of course, I was only kidding. Have a great week, everyone. P.S. Happy birthday to my beloved Aso. You truly are the nicest person I have ever met. I love you. See you later, Alligator.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Deliciously Deadly

The fried breaded squid or calamares that we all know today is sold in almost every corner of Manila. As the street food industry’s newest addition, it has gained greater popularity due to its very economical price and extraordinary taste. It’s worth a penny, as some would like to put it. But a friend disputes the entire ruckus and thinks that something fishy gloom the flourishing business.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meet Paolo Serrano

This hairy bonbon is a former member of the defunct Viva Hot Men and has recently completed a man-to-man video for the full-length feature M2M Masahe. In this Philippine gay special DVD, Paolo paired up with Jordan Herrera’s cousin. There was no sex in the video, only naked bodies, butt exposures and a very short smooch. It was just, indeed, “a guide to intimate touch, pleasurable strokes and sensual massage.” Paolo Serrano was also part of the fifteenth season of GMA’s Daisy Siete called Isla Chikita and appeared on the movie Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Though my Aso doesn’t like him that much and though a fake bulge is seen here (or is it real?), I still love this hottie’s fat lips, bright eyes, bushy legs and manly proportions. Hey, Paolo, why not make a full-length porn video?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How Nasty Can You Get?

I got this scheme from Kai Santorino of Lows, Highs, and Alibis. Here’s the simple rule: List down the five nastiest things you have ever done. Though somewhat hesitant because some close friends visit Simply Manila on a regular basis, I will nobly unveil some of my dirty little secrets and expose part of my not-so-mysterious life again.

Library Boy. When I was in college, I used to spend time in our library more often than a usual university guy would. But sometimes, looking through thousands of books is pretty unexciting and monotonous so I would slip through the crowd, get lost into the Rare Book Section shelves and play with my heat-seeking moisture missile. Ever wonder where all the liquids have gone? Better start reading some books in there, you might get some clues.

Horniest Gay Guy On The Road. Extended way home during dead hours can make you feel so numb. Aside from listening to your iPod or playing with your portable players, what else can you do to rouse your mind? I’ve tried one truly stimulating flurry: Pop a woody and play.

Temptation Island. If invited by straight guys to drink the night out, I would usually just agree, join the fun and care less about being queer. One time, my straight cousin invited his macho dancer (male stripper) friend and the first time I saw him, I instantly died. How could he be so tempting? Inside my bedroom later that night, while my cousin was snoring, I moved my hand to feel the stripper’s package. Guess what I got: A massive hard-on. Apparently, he was still up and waiting for me to take him on cloud nine. The following day, I received an SMS from my cousin: “I know what you did last night.” Busted.

Because I Got High Again. After pulling a drinking session with my cousins and common friends, we were all so wasted that we just slammed ourselves on one couch. I was on the extreme side of the bed and almost fell off so I changed positions while Inman (not his real name), a scout ranger (sundalo) second cousin of mine, was also changing positions until we draw closer facing each other … and kissed. It was so hot that we decided to travel back home to explore beyond kissing. We were half through the action when Mom knocked outside and asked for some sort of help. “I’m coming,” and so I shouted. It turned out that Inman was the type of guy who’s fond of kissing and telling, for when the next time I went to my aunt’s house, they gave me evocative smiles and glances. I didn’t bother to ask my cousin about how much details he revealed. Besides, the sex didn’t progress and no one really climaxed. He tried to coax me each time he gets tipsy again, but he could have done better without the alcohol.

Orgy Spoiler. I was provoked to join a number of group sex arrangements but so far, none of which carried on smoothly. The first time I embraced the idea of group sex happened by accident, when this guy I just met in Marikina invited his fuck buddy (who in turn brought along a hot sex partner he just met in 7-Eleven) to come over his place while I was there. It was the hottest orgy I ever experienced, but the less successful as I struggled to maintain an erection. I attended three more orgies, but after a brief hard-on, I ended up unaroused and ultimately gone flaccid. I promised not to join orgies again. It ain’t my sort of bag.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Meet Beyoncè Knowles

The Filipino fans of this well-known RnB singer could finally experience the superfluities of watching her live on stage. The Beyoncè Experience is another live concert brought to you by Globe and MTV Philippines, the same partnership that brought us Christina Aguilera few months ago. This highly anticipated concert will take place on 7 November 2007 at 7pm, in the Manila suburb of Taguig. So if you wanna hear Irreplaceable, Listen, Déjà Vu, and other hits live from Beyoncè, just click here to secure your tickets. Beyoncè cancelled her Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia visit as she refused to comply with the country’s dress code. The dress code meant she would have to change many of her outfits as women have to be covered up from their shoulders to their knees. Instead, Knowles will be performing in Jakarta, Indonesia on that day to replace the concert.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Bonbon Series: Rafael Rosell

This Filipino guy from Norway is a bonbon you'll never resist – gorgeous, full of flavor and exotic. Rafael Rosell, whose face has been printed in all Close-Up products, has showed us what we always wanted to see whether that means posing sexy for magazines like X-Ray or acting on TV shows like Tabing Ilog (Philippines' Dawson's Creek), Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, Panday, Rounin and the show that will change your afternoon starting tomorrow, Prinsesa ng Banyera. Rafael was born on 10 November 1982 in Norway to a Cebuano dad and Bicolana mom. In 2006, he was launched as a member of all-male group Coverboys with Sam Milby, Zanjoe Marudo, John Lloyd Cruz, Victor Basa and Jake Cuenca.

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Studs: The sexy 2008 calendar from X-Ray

True to its promise to portray the local male in the country today through the finest photography, X-Ray once again surprised us with their latest piece: The Studs. This ain’t only a bookazine but also a calendar so you’ll have a better reason to display it for the whole year of 2008. The Studs features Mike Tan, Dion Ignacio, Coco Martin, Felix Roco, Kevin Santos, JC Cuadrado, Edgar Guzman and Lance Onate. X-Ray will also have an autograph signing to coincide with the live show of The Studs at Ratsky Morato on November 16. You may click here to visit the X-Ray Yahoo! Group for more details.

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