Friday, November 30, 2007

Mossimo Underneath

Mossimo Underneath is Mossimo’s underwear line. They had a fashion show last night at Decagon, Silver City, despite the curfew. (Manila was under curfew from 12mn to 5am as a result of yet another failed mutiny led by Senator Trillanes. I am so disappointed with Trillanes and the Magdalo group.) Complete with fabulous and ingenious wings, the models flaunted their stuff on the ramp and blew away the audience’s minds. Photos: Vince Lopez

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Bonbon Series: Dennis Trillo

Dennis Trillo is a popular television and movie actor and product endorser in the Philippines. He debuted on television via ABS-CBN’s Pangako Sa ‘Yo, but his biggest break came when he played a cross-dressing spy for HUKBALAHAP during the advent of the Japanese Invasion in World War II in the movie Aishite Imasu (Mahal Kita) 1941, starring Judy Ann Santos, Raymart Santiago and Jay Manalo. For Aishite Imasu, Dennis won several acting awards and citations including ‘Best Supporting Actor’ from the Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines and ‘Best Actor’ from the Luna Awards and Star Awards for Movies. By that time, he already transferred to GMA Network and became one of its regular leading men in primetime dramas. His latest works include Majika, Super Twins and Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

Currently, Dennis is a favorite item in entertainment discussions, particularly in issues dealing with his girlfriend (or ex, not sure) Cristine Reyes and ex-girlfriend, beauty queen Carlene Aguilar. The latter gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 22 September 2007 (in Los Angeles, California) and rumor has it that Dennis Trillo might be the father. In an interview with GMA’s Showbiz Central last 30 September 2007, Dennis finally admitted that he’s the father of the baby and that he’ll take full responsibility of the boy.

Dennis will appear in two upcoming movies: Kulam (with Judy Ann Santos) and When I Met You (with Marian Rivera), both from Regal Films. Dennis, according to the young superstar Judy Ann Santos, was always quiet during the set. Hmmm, I think it’s just either he’s naturally silent or his personal issues are taking over with his work. HaHaHa. What do you think?

BTW, tonight’s the formal launching of The Studs at the Zirkoh Comedy Bar in Timog, via their show Here Comes The Studs. Ciao.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sexy Dizon Got His Famas

Sexy actor Allen Dizon won the FAMAS Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Twilight Dancers, starring Tyron Perez. FAMAS Awards, short for Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards, is said to be the oldest award-giving body for film in the Philippines and in Asia. It’s one of the four main award-giving bodies in the country, the other three are: Film Academy of the Philippines’ Luna Awards, Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino’s (Filipino Film Critics) Gawad Urian, and Philippine Movie Press Club’s Star Awards for Movies. While Luna Awards is said to be the country’s Oscars counterpart, the FAMAS Awards is still widely recognized as the Philippines’ Oscars.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Portable Bitch

Portable Bitch surprises a few bloggers when he made out his personalized Christmas presents for them. That was very sweet, indeed. He reminded me of Harry Potter’s Molly Weasley who never failed to give out personalized sweaters to her children and Harry every Christmas. This gay guy from Digos, Davao del Sur was so kind to include a little note for Simply Manila. He said that this blog is simply the best. I love it. Thanks, Bitch. I’ll send you a note soon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Where's The Party?

I was so excited when I went to the office last night only to find out that the company changed our schedule. Dyahe, I know. But a friend was just around to rescue. He invited me out and the next thing we knew, we’re already heading to Palawan 2 in Cubao. I have never been to this place before but my buddy once told me that it’s full of people like us. Though he has been there a couple of times already before we met (and once after), he told me not to ever visit the bar (only because he doesn’t trust me). But I can’t find a good reason why I should not see places that are new to me, unless it’s Iraq or an extremely dangerous place to visit. He doesn’t trust me, anyway.

It was bracing last night when we headed to the bar but the taxi we got sucked out all the coldness within. Unlike Orosa Street in Malate, the street where Palawan 2 is located was lifeless and surprisingly deserted. This is due to the fact that only a few bars sprawl the surrounding area. No rival gay bar is seen around. That explains why Palawan 2 was so crowded inside, despite its spaciousness.

Seriously, Palawan 2 is thrice (or more) the size of Bed in Malate, but they have cheaper beers, cheaper entrance fees and, most likely, cheaper guests. If you are the fussy type, Palawan 2 is definitely not for you. Their washroom stinks. But if you simply want to pass the night out or celebrate gayness, you are in the right place. Like most other disco bars, Palawan 2 plays the loudest pop and house music – Bob Sinclar, Bonnie Bailey, Sean Kingston, Beyoncè and Hed Kandi remixes. They also have special performances, but we came too late last night for whatever presentation they had.

Wally and I had a small drink and stayed barely an hour on the sprung floor. I tried to enjoy the experience but gave up later on. I went out and ordered ‘pancit canton’ instead. Later on, my friend was rushing out of the club and told me that we have to leave the place as soon as possible, as if a bomb was discovered inside. But then I found out that he was only hiding from someone. So we left the place and just headed home.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Schimmering Andrew

Remember this guy? He’s the male winner of Slimmers World International’s Mister and Miss Great Bodies held last 23 October 2007, at the SM Mall of Asia. I’ve read from a national newspaper few days ago that Andrew has a ‘shady’ background. He was a bad boy in his past life. He even got his vehicle crashed into one person who died due to the accident. He was driving under the influence of alcohol when the mishap happened. But that was then, and Andrew Schimmer already changed for the better. He quit his vices (smoking, alcohol, etc.) and enrolled himself to a fitness center. The decision eventually paid off when he emerged as the male winner of Mr. & Ms. Great Bodies. He competed against the sexy actor John Apacible, James Mark Banzon, Rodel Sarino, among others.

Now, Andrew stars in the sexy film Green Paradise, opposite Cristine Reyes. The newspaper reported that Andrew will have two sex scenes with the sexy actress in the movie. I believe SM Cinemas are still banning R-18 movies so if you wannna watch the movie, just go to the nearest Robinsons mall in your area or other non-SM malls like TriNoma, Glorietta, among others. À la prochaine. Erratum: Andrew Schimmer, according to Vince Lopez, didn't win the competition. He was the runner-up to James Mark Banzon. The finals was held at the PICC Plenary Hall on 1 December 2007. Sorry for the wrong information.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Bonbon Series: Johnron Tañada

First, there was the so hot appearance in the Men of Provoq video. Then, he played a stripper in the film Twilight Dancers. Now, Johnron Tañada continues to arouse more senses with the video Hubad! (literally translates as Strip!). This Provoq hunk seemed to be so devoted in entertaining his gay fans. He was hardly noticed in Twilight Dancers, but it was more like a cameo appearance so that’s understandable. But rest be assured that the spotlight is all his in the latest ‘Hubad!’ video. (Visit MiongXXX to download some scenes from ‘Hubad!’ and also some scenes from the movie Twilight Dancers.)

Johnron Tañada won the Mr. Globe Philippines 2005 title and he was also the runner-up in Man of the Year 2005. As to whether these contests are relevant or not, I cannot guarantee. I’ve never heard those competitions before but even if Johnron is devoid of those recognitions, I would still think he’s one of the hottest men to date. The ‘Kanto Boy’ segment was, in fact, my favorite scene in the Men of Provoq video so I guess this little fascination all started there. He didn’t strike me at first sight, but everything intensified when I saw him in Hubad! It was a very steamy presentation and they got me craving for more.

Only few gorgeous hunks could dance like Johnron does in this video – effortless but genuine. His body movements were so convincing like he actually worked as a stripper before. Plus, he’s dancing with nothing but a piece of skimpy bikini to cover his manhood. It was skimpy enough to make your mind rebel like hell each time the camera focuses on his private parts. He was simply heavenly.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Can You Keep A Secret?

There you were sitting alone, trying to enjoy the view outside that bus on your way home and observing around, watching the civilians as they were all busy with their own lives. Even when a stranger briefly interrupted your focus as he seated beside you, you were still as keen as you were when you watch that people outside again, registering whatever movement that they do. But not too long later, your bared arms felt gentle strokes. You were caressed by the stranger beside you and you were unsure as to how to react. Though your mind resisted, your skeleton key was quick to response – you got a hard-on! He was a stranger but who cares, right? You had fun. You climaxed. You wished there was more. But weren’t you too blinded to see that sex isn’t the sole purpose of your existence?

I was there sitting alone inside that bus and trying to feel the silence I rarely get on my way home. Someone came and briefly interrupted the quick meditation I was slowly absorbing. We talked and talked and talked. We might have become really close friends now or he could have stayed a cool acquaintance. I told him I have a boyfriend but he still offered indecent suggestions in the end … and that really turned me off. He tried to go further but I refused to go along with his thoughts. He invited me to drop by in his place. I asked why but he only inquired if I felt chilly. I don’t need a cup of coffee or any diversion that’s hot and stimulating, I said. He showed a disgusted face and turned away. Though it concluded that way, I was tempted deep inside. But devotion is such a divine word.

I knew how hard it is to resist temptation, but isn’t it great if you still see yourself as someone who somehow got soul, class and style (Ain’t No Other Man?) … and not as a classless bitch? There are a lot of gays who love to brag about their ‘sexcapades’ and who they had sex with. Though the storytelling always sounded entertaining to me, the idea of ‘kissing and telling’ always felt like unethical and uncalled for. I ain’t stereotyping though, for I also knew a lot of gays who were just morally upright and sensible.

But everything that is considered part of culture cannot be changed just like that. But I hope that once in their lives, gays would show some sort of discretion. Being out and proud is such a gracious thing, but no matter what we do, there are still those who couldn’t understand us … and won’t understand us.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Sweet Escape

Going back to the corporate world turned out to be less exciting and more noxious than going back to school. Both worlds require a lot of rules that you can either bend or adore. Each has their own agenda. Each sketched a small place for me … like I am no one but a slave. I have been into these opposite worlds before. In fact, I have settled into both places twice. But I am still lost like I was. I know there is a way out, but for now, I have to convince myself that the only way to get any further is to be a slave five days a week, nine hours a day. It is all stated on the résumé I passed to my current employer:
The ultimate goal will always be becoming a businessman, but before diverting my attention to any long term goals, I see myself spending all my energies working on something I really feel like doing – works and responsibilities that would directly affect people’s actions and perceptions. I want to influence, inspire and make changes for the better, and at the same time, learn new things. But don’t misunderstand me; I don’t want to be a politician. I intend to work in a company where research, technology, and innovation are most welcome.
But after a week of training, am I seeing myself spending all my energies working on something I really feel like doing now? I think so. But there’s one thing that’s really weird though. I was shouting at the top of my lungs early this morning: “WEEKEND, HERE I COME! HERE I COME!” Indeed, I felt like I was finally freed from that small world, and because I was locked there the whole week, the weekend appealed so sweet to me even when there’s nothing there.

Maybe if I have more resources, I already took that bus I saw early this morning and spend the rest of the weekend in Baguio. Too bad I am a poor kid, eh? But home is also a great place to be. My room was my sweet escape, a proxy paradise. I spent most of my time in front of my computer here in my paradise and listened to my favorite songs until I felt washed out and weary. I started downloading an Adam Sandler movie before I finally went to bed this morning and finished the download when I woke up this afternoon. My beloved ASO is arriving in half an hour so I should go and clean up. You know what’s gonna happen next, right? We’ll watch the movie, of course. LOL.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

On TV: The stars of Palos revealed

So far, Jake Cuenca’s network-hopping has been a ride to infinite bliss. After starring in the successful Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos? of ABS-CBN’s SineSerye Presents, Jake Cuenca is back with the remake of the 60s film Alyas Palos, playing the role of Fabio. Though not symbolizing the major part, Cuenca gets more attention and stirs much noise than the veteran actor Cesar Montano who also stars in the said series. This only confirmed the majority’s penchant to fresh and young faces in television. The Palos character was popularized by the Redondo brothers via the comics serial Alyas Palos in 1961 and the main character was portrayed by Bernard Bonnin eight times in its original film adaptations. Palos is a professional thief who was trained to various forms of lock picking and has some acrobat skills that he uses to escape captors.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let me blab!

My first day at the office went on smoothly like a carefully planned event. Neither did I come early to win the ‘early bird’ title nor did I come late to cause some snag from the superiors, but was just perfectly on time. The trainer seems cool to me and I was cheered up when I found out that we will no longer take ESL classes, for that never appealed exciting to me. Instead, we will discuss the product for the whole 3 weeks and hit the floor afterwards. The company has an outstanding and unparalleled Code of Conduct, one that truly cares about each person working for the company regardless of rank or position.

Before, my sooooo controversial sexuality caused sooooo many hullabaloos. I instantly became a paranoid person and always thought that I was such an outcast … until I came out a month later. It was then when I met some real friends (straight guys and gals) and lived happily ever after. But I am entering a new world today and there will always be a possibility that history will repeat itself. So I made it a top agenda that as early as the first day, my sexuality will be doled out on a silver platter for all of them to see. The plan clicked and it happened more smoothly than expected. I could act like a typical guy without any worries if a soft side will occasionally show … because they already know.

I got acquainted to some of them already and a new set of future close friends already emerged: (1) Michael, a handsome father of two who’s also my seatmate and (2) Mel, a plus-size cool girl who loves cooking. I know it’s quite early to declare but I hope all three of us will become good friends as the campaign progresses.

The account we’ll be handling is inbound sales and it’s semi-technical. I can’t broadcast the exact name due to the confidentiality clause declared in the contract we signed. But if you’re really interested to know, I’ll just give you a clue: The product we sell is VoIP-related and ours is the number one brand in the United States. This is my first time to do sales, so call me excited. I hope I’ll stick to this work in a year or two.

Despite my tiring schedule, Simply Manila will still be updated regularly so you’ll still see more interesting stuffs here in the coming days and months. Meantime, please vote for Simply Manila for it’s nominated in Khalel’s The G* Spot Weblog Award. Here’s how to: Visit Khalel’s page, (1) scroll down and look for the poll section at the right side of the page, (2) select Simply Manila and other blogs you want to vote and (3) click Vote. Thanks a lot.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Bonbon Series: Janvier Daily

Four entries have gone by and it’s time for The Bonbon Series again. Picking up one bonbon at a time isn’t really an easy task to do, for there are thousands of hot Filipino men out there to choose from. That is why the bonbons have to be really satisfying and flavorsome, so the customers will always feel like going back and purchase another box. But what really makes one hottie ticks? There are a number of standards that we have to consider but The Bonbon Series only requires one: HOTNESS! Popularity, looks, likeability, attitude, and all that jazz, are only added extras.

But the newest bonbon might just fit in all categories. Let’s see: Popularity? Regular internet denizens probably knew Janvier Daily more than anyone not related to him, particularly those who are fond of visiting gay-related blogs and forums. He has a movie called RoXXXanne (opposite ex-Viva Hot Babe Sheree and Jay Aquitania), starred in the stage play Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah (as Dodong) and was included in this year’s Cosmo Bachelors. In Cosmo, he revealed that love is pain. He is Ethel Booba’s current boyfriend.

Looks? Janvier have big ears but he also have beautiful eyes, plus he’s tall (6’1”), young (21 years old) and handsome. Likeability? Based on articles, pictures and movie clips I’ve seen so far, Janvier seems cool to me. He’s humble, hot and definitely not homophobic. I like that. Attitude? I haven’t seen him in any interview yet or worked with him, so I think I am not in the right position to judge this guy. But so far, I haven’t heard any negative comments about him.

There is a nude picture of Janvier Daily posted in several sites, allegedly taken by gay friends of Ethel Booba with her permission. It was a great pleasure to see this hottie’s dong, but I don’t understand why they (gay friends of Ethel) have to post it online. Janvier must have been really disappointed and I will perfectly understand if he loses his trust to these guys. It’s inexcusable, rude and absurd, even on Ethel Booba’s part. With that, I think Janvier will still hold on to his belief that love is, indeed, pain.

NOTE: After a post-entry research, I found out that the nude picture was taken by Janvier Daily's housemate a year ago, and not by Ethel's friends. Click here to read the details. I didn't start the rumor but my sincere apology goes out to Ethel Booba and friends.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This blog is nominated at The G* Spot Weblog Award

First, the news about the blogger: I decided not to study this second semester (for my second course, of course!) because I learned that I can only enroll four (4) subjects and that the schedules are way beyond my “alive and kicking” body clock (7am onwards). Instead, I decided to work again. So I’m back in the call center industry, where a thousand and one scenarios may just come to pass in a day and where stress or anxiety is no longer new. I applied yesterday and fortunately passed the company’s requirements and expectations, and will start with a graveyard shift on Monday. My ASO (my one and only hubby) also applied in a call center somewhere in Shaw Boulevard and will start his training on Monday, too.

Few days ago, I was browsing a friend’s personal blog when I found out that his work was nominated in Khalel’s The G* Spot Weblog Award. After reading his ad, I commented and promised to vote for his blog but when I went to Khalel’s site, I found out that Simply Manila also made it as one of the 9 nominees. Nonetheless, I kept my promise to my friend. But the good news is: I can also vote for my own at one fell swoop. But aside from my single vote, it seemed that 5 others cast their votes (for Simply Manila) already. So my earnest gratitude goes out to those who spent a bit of their time and voted for my blog.

But this blog is still logging behind the rest. So for those of you who just found out that there’s such an existing award-giving body and think that Simply Manila deserves that piece of recognition, then I hope you’ll take a bit of your time to visit this site (after reading this post, visit Hush. Listen.), scroll down and in the right side of that site, look for the polling area, fill the dot beside the words Simply Manila and click the “Vote” bar below. Isn’t that simple? And no, there’s no need for a Voter’s ID.

By voting for my blog, you’ll get a chance to borrow my boyfriend for a night (see picture above) in a ride to endless agony. LOL. But, of course, I’m a beautiful liar! He’s not my boyfriend and there is no prize. But I will be forever grateful if you’ll vote for my blog. Thanks in advance! À la prochaine.

Friday, November 9, 2007

List of notable Filipino gay blogs

The Bookmarks in my computer have thousands of links, blogs, and other articles saved, and it definitely needed a rescue. Since most of the bookmarks are all blogs, I came up with this idea to share with you what I usually visit online when I'm stuck in front of the internet for hours. This list will be updated regularly (or as soon as I can find another gay blog around). But if you knew of a blog that fits in the category, just feel free to add a comment below and I'll definitely add it up to the list. If your blog is listed below, but you felt it belong to the wrong category, please notify me so I can remove it immediately. Some of these blogs are only listed due to referrals, I did not single-handedly pick all of these. So here's the growing list of Filipino gay blogs (and then some) from all over the world...

A.B.B.A. (Ginoong Bayot) (Hong Kong)
Adventures of a Lionheart (Manila)
Aliping Binabahay (Manila)
Am I Brilliant or What?!? (Philippines)
Aries the Warrior Princess (Cebu City)
Asian Heartthrob (Manila)
Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? (Manila)
Bedtime Stories (Malaysia)
Bombero King (Manila)
Bryan Miseducated (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)
Bryanboy: Le Superstar Fabuleux (Manila)
By Jove! (Manila)
Can't You Read? (Hong Kong)
Chronicles of a Descended Goddess from the Himalayas (Manila)
Chronicles of Ishna Vera (Manila)
Cisoto Fotos (Mexico)
Closet Conundrums (Manila)
Confessions of a Dirty, Good Boy (Manila)
Corporate Closet (Manila)
Daevil (Manila)
Dazed Blu* (Manila)
Desert_69 (Saudi Arabia)
Discreet Magazine (Philippines)
Discreet Manila (Manila)
Electric Itlog (Manila)
Fattybearyus (Manila)
Fendi (Sweden)
Filipino Hunks (Manila)
Fresh Mess (Oslo, Norway)
Gay Boy Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand)
Gay Xcandals (Manila)
Gays and Matronas Favorite (Manila)
Geisha Diaries (Manila)
Gibbs Cadiz (Manila)
Gwapong Pinoy (Manila)
Ham and Keso (Cebu, Philippines)
Happy and Gay (Manila)
Having To Drink Too Much Coffee (Manila)
HIV Positive Pinoy (Manila)
Hot Hunkies (Cebu, Philippines)
How To Blog An Exploding Man? (Manila)
Hubad Na Katawan (Manila)
Hush. Listen. (Manila)
I Am Beky (Manila)
Idiosyncrasies (Baguio City, Philippines)
Jaycee’s Desires (Manila)
Josh’s Me and My Doves (Manila)
Just About Everything (Manila)
Kaiskeebeats (Manila)
Kape't Yosi (Hong Kong)
Karma and Apollo (Philippines)
Kenny Flake (Manila)
Kuwan (Manila)
Kwentong Kalibugan (Manila)
Las Tres Estrellas (Iloilo, Philippines / San Francisco, California)
Lesfriendly (Philippines)
Les Hombres (France / NY)
Lexuality (Manila)
Liwaliw (Manila)
Lows, Highs, and Alibis (Manila)
Luckwatchero (Zamboanga City)
Macho Papa 69 (Philippines)
Male Depot (Manila)
Mandaya Moore-Orlis (Davao)
Manila Gay Guy (Manila)
Manila Undressed (Manila)
Maximum Male Beauty (Philippines / US)
Men in the Philippines (Manila)
Mga Kwento ng Lolo Niyo (Manila)
Miong21 (Manila)
MiongXXX (Manila)
Misterhubs (Manila)
Mrs. J (Manila)
MSTP Bound (US)
My Emotional Recycle Bin (Manila)
My Name Is Rent (Manila)
Naked Asian Men (Manila)
Neon Couture (Indonesia)
Ninoy07 (Manila)
Oh La La Paris (Paris, France)
Only Asian Boys (Bangkok, Thailand)
Pamangkin (Chicago / Manila)
Pantasyang Beki (Manila)
Pencil Dancer (Manila)
Pinoy Gay Sex Stories (Manila)
Pinoy Hot Hunks (Manila)
Pinoy or Foreign Models (Manila)
Pinoy Urge (Manila)
Queer Verve (Texas)
Rainbow Halohalo (Manila)
Richard the Adventurer (Manila)
Rob.In.Riyadh (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Sam Nasser's Transmission 8 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Shirtless Hunk (Manila)
Sin City (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Showbiz Intriga? Get It From Boy! (Manila)
Sinehaus (Manila)
So Damn Gorgeous! (Manila)
Southern Flavor (Manila)
Tactology (San Diego, California)
The Arabian Paladin (Manila)
The Bakla Review (Manila)
The Bashhh (Philippines)
The Charmed One's Chronicles (Manila)
The Crazy World of Ayan (Manila)
The Emancipation of Thadie (Manila)
The Evening Sky Is Pink (Manila)
The iFications of Clark (Manila)
The Jheck Journals Online (Manila)
The Mark of Bonbonito (Manila)
The McVie Show (Manila)
The Misadventures of the Adventurous Bottom (Melbourne, Australia)
The Neurotic (Manila)
The Nomad Wonders (Manila)
The Queer Lifestyle (Philippines)
The Skin Rag (Manila)
The Spy in the Sandwich (Dumaguete City, Philippines)
The Starry Boy (Manila)
The Talented Mr. Montano (Australia)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Manila)
The Zen Bitch Speaks (Cambodia)
They Call Me Maruja (Manila)
Tiggah's Life in Random (San Diego, California)
Travel Philippines
Ultimate Pinoy Hunks (Manila)
Unlikely Visage (Manila)
Visual Viscera (Manila)
Wanda Ilusyunada (Manila)
Wentle’s Sojourns and Thoughts (Manila)
When Boy Meets Boy (Philippines)
Your Gayness! (Manila)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Beyoncè Experience

I was updating my blog around 5pm yesterday when the phone rung. It was a friend informing me that they’re heading to Beyoncè’s concert in the Manila suburb of Taguig, and asking if I was interested to go. I ain’t really a big fan of Beyoncè but I love all of her songs, she’s beautiful and bootylicious, she has an amazing talent, and her next visit to Manila might take few more years or never again. So I thought, why miss that rare opportunity to catch her rocking with her songs live? Besides, the last bonding session I had with my friend was already ages ago, so I guess it was a good time to renew the friendship. Off we go, the trip to The Fort went on like a leg in The Amazing Race. Get tickets from SM City North EDSA, take a detour at the MRT, meet some friends along the way, and take a cab to the Bonifacio Global City. But due to heavy traffic, the last part didn’t go through as planned. Instead, we threw ourselves onto a posh motorcycle ride (complete with helmets on) and sneaked through the notorious pile of cars on the road. Though we came a minute late for the opening part, the decision to take that villainous ride was such a big help.

We were running and running all over the place when we heard Crazy in Love playing on air and finally joined the big crowd who were all screaming at the sight of Beyoncè. It is my first time to watch a concert with this huge amount of audience, and too bad we got the cheapest ticket and see the superstar only in silhouette scale. The big screen at the back was a total mess. It was placed against the bright lights of the city and greatly spoiled the consolation of being in the last row. But Beyoncè’s performances were both stunning and dynamic. The ballet performance, the Chicago-like jailhouse confessions skit, the steaming hot dancers, the musicians and the Suga Mama, among others, paid off as well. Overall, The Beyoncè Experience was a fantastic show, and launching 70,000 spectators in one night was quite an achievement. Beyoncè should consider coming back to Manila in her next world tour.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sigaw is about to be remade in Hollywood

The forgettable, unrealistic, imitative and incredibly annoying film The Promise and the big-budget blockbuster Mano Po 2: My Home were the only Richard Gutierrez movies I’ve got to watch so far. Some friends already hinted that Sigaw (lit. Scream) is a good watch, but other things always get in the way so I can't find a good chance to watch the movie yet. But since the movie’s remake is currently in post-production already, I will probably just wait for the release of it and watch the original a day before it will premiere on the big screen. That way, I could have a better chance to compare the two.

Reprising the role of Richard Gutierrez in the Hollywood remake (now titled The Echo) is Jesse Bradford (Swimfan, Bring It On, Flags of Our Fathers, among others). Of Bradford’s movies, I was only able to catch Bring It On and though it was just a small role for him, I guess, I liked him there. I don’t know, but I have this little fascination for cute guys in horror or thriller movies. Martin Henderson, for instance, instantly became one of my most admired actors since his appearance in the Hollywood remake of the phenomenal Japanese horror film Ringu. I’m hoping that with The Echo, I will see a different Jesse Bradford and like him even more.

The Echo is Yam Laranas’ directorial debut and Iza Calzado’s acting debut in Hollywood. The latter will reprise her own role: a battered wife who haunts an old apartment building. Congratulations to both of them. I hope they’ll make it big there, here and everywhere. *LOL* Gotta go! I’ll try to catch The Beyoncé Experience later at The Fort.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Bonbon Series: Wendell Ramos

Four entries have gone by and it’s time for The Bonbon Series again. I am doing this for the 11th time now but I guess I haven’t explained the meaning behind the name, right? Etymologically, the word bonbon stems from the French word bon which means good. In Europe, a bonbon is a candy, the simplest form of which is essentially sugar-coated almonds. But today, the use of almonds as a center has declined. But think of my favorite Almond or Macadamia (both from Meiji) and you’ll know how delicious bonbons are.

In general, you can refer to bonbon as sweet chocolates or candies, because that’s how The Bonbon Series was born. It is like a grocery store that offers you the most scrumptious and the most heavenly bonbons of yesterday and today. So far, my favorite bonbons are the Blazing Bonbon, Delightful Bonbon and Enticing Bonbon.

Our 11th bonbon is the simple, raw and chirpy Wendell Ramos. This Bubble Gang mainstay admitted he has a lot of deep frustrations about his family but hoped he’ll be a good father, a successful actor and finish schooling someday. Wendell considered his role in the melodramatic film Hubog as his greatest achievement. He also appeared in yet another overdramatic film Filipinas, and other sexy and horror movies such as Sukob, Sex Drive, Gamitan, etc.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Meet Marc Cortez

For the sake of those who haven’t heard the news yet, member of the defunct TV Idol (of Magandang Tanghali Bayan) stepped out of the closet last October 27 and admitted that he enjoyed chatting with fellow homosexuals in sex-infected G4M (guys4men). The 20-year-old young actor was a host of these shows called M.R.S. and Yes Yes Show – both of which I didn’t know existed, and has participated in the reality love-team search Qpids. Marc Cortez, born 12 October 1987 in Laguna, said that his only concern now that he’s out and proud is his mother who was unaware of his sexual preference. He said he promised he’ll give his mom (currently working as a nurse in Canada) a child but thought he’s not ready to get pregnant yet. He also promised the people that he'll remain hilarious and entertaining like he was in the old days. But seriously, how? Does he have new shows?

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Piolo Pascual gay gossips

Is that Piolo’s boyfriend? No, Piolo said he’s straight so that’s not his boyfriend. That other guy in the picture is Rico Lazaro of Cavite, Piolo Pascual’s look-a-like. He’s one of the contestants in the first Mr. Philippines 2007 held early this year. I know this is somewhat outdated but there was a theory that says Lolit Solis might have mistaken Rico for Piolo in the Sofitel scandal. But I say that’s the lamest of all theories trying to cover the truth behind Piolo’s sexual preference.

I don’t want to pretend that I knew a lot about the Sofitel gossip but I totally agree with Ricky Lo, I can’t see any problem with two guys having dinner or lunch together, particularly when these two actors worked together in several projects already. It could have been better if Lolit brought a camera with her and capture any malicious occurrence, if there was any. Lolit Solis obviously overstated the occasion, and she either wanted attention or aimed to destroy Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby’s good relationship. But if the accusations are all true, will you still admire Piolo or Sam?

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Simply Manila Evolution

First of all, I want to apologize for the long delay of this post. I know it took me few days before this update and I won’t tell you any excuses. Lately, I’ve been in the process of making new changes for Simply Manila and that probably occupied most of my time (aside from the Halloween). These changes will be applied soon in this page.

The first six months of this blog, which was then called Experiment 2007, featured personal experiences of mine. I changed the URL and the name from Experiment 2007 to Simply Manila few months later. I was supposed to stay away in featuring about personal affairs and focus more on events, sights and profile of this city’s denizens but for unknown reasons, the limelight went to this country’s hot men and everything that links to them. The whole appearance of the blog was changed including the color, layout and the contents. Though I ostensibly outgayed myself, I have no regrets whatsoever, in featuring all those hotties.

Due to those big differences, I actually referred to the first six months (December 2006 – May 2007) as the first season of this blog and the next six months (June 2007 – November 2007) as the second. This month, the spotlight will still be on the Filipino hotties. But from December onwards, the readers will see big changes again, particularly in the contents. I hope the readers from all over the world will love it.

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