Thursday, December 4, 2008

David Beckham and other random posts!

I think it wasn’t too long ago when I uninstalled MiRC from my computer, and as I tried to mingle with those people around there again (actually, still online as of this writing), I can’t help but wonder about how hideous (for lack of words) it could be to talk to gay people. It’s not that I despise my own kind, I never did, but I felt like I’m in a room full of self-important and extremely matataray (snob) creatures. If they don’t get what they want, mostly to get laid, they’re going to start acting so weird and annoying. It’s so rare that you would stumble upon a humble person who could put himself into your shoes and really understand the essence of meeting new people. I hope they’ll have the decency to show their pictures, too, if they really want people to talk to them. It’s hard to talk to faceless people, you know. Okay, end of nonsense blabbing.

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Sandi said...

Hy David! My name is Huanita. I theank you are great. I am sory, dont speak very good English. I come from Slovenija. I hope you did understeand me. Wish you luck and give you muchos kiss.

Rent said...

LOL to that. That's good enough, Sandhi.