Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is it true that more sex means more hair?

For the last few months, I lived in the idea that an active sex life affects body hair growth. I heard that from a friend. It somehow made sense to me after I realized, for a time, that I always need to shave almost every other day. My friends could even probably testify that I usually complain about getting a new hair cut once or twice a month, too. But today, however, after I heard that stress can also accelerate hair growth, I took time to revisit these hairy stories and verify their legitimacy. Radiant sex life speeds up hair development? Myth! Stress or lack of sleep pushes hair to grow more rapidly? Myth! In Jobert Sucaldito’s case, however, the latter is probably truer than the former.

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ethanol said...

When I was younger, around first year highschool, I always thought that the more you make orgasm or the more you ejaculate, the faster/fuller your body hair grows. I'd always hate my days in high school since I got the hairiest legs, worst, I was the only first yr highschooler with a beard and a goatee! :-o

Then when I saw american men and found out they have been sexually active since they were teens [therefore, had expereiced a lot of orgasm or ejaculation in their lifespan], i thought my theory was somewhat right.

Until now, I still wonder if it's true.

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

it's a myth, but there might be a new discovery soon. keep posted.