Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Humps. Pumps.

My computer’s up and running now but I’m still having a hard time updating this blog. I can smell excuses coming. But somehow, you deserve an explanation. I feel so unaware right now. What’s hot and what’s not? What’s the interesting gay news recently? The Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center scandal? Hey, that’s history already. Scarcity of rice? Give me a break. Hot men? Oh, yes, keep it coming. Promises are made to be broken, but stick around and together, let’s unfurl the mystery behind gay men’s unending fascination for male beauty and their endless pursuit for ding-a-lings and love pumps.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

This blog has been removed!

In one way or another, I feel that Simply Manila is becoming more than I thought it would be. I feel that it is gradually creating its own identity in this planet and, sometimes, it compel me to compromise with my own thoughts and limit the entries so it will not be seen as too personal and so it will appear as really just exclusive to gay audience only. Though anything under the sun may excite the gay testosterone, I feel that, somehow, some topics don’t belong to this blog. So I decided to create a new one. It’s gonna be more personal, because every thought that I have is not always suitable for Simply Manila display. The blog has been removed!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Freezing Up Here

Hello, everyone. As you’ve all noticed, Simply Manila’s been quiet for some time now. I could essentially site a few reasons why. First of, my CPU was out since Friday and I’ve been very busy prior to that day. I tried to open the tower and to clean its intestines but to no avail. I will probably call SOS as soon as I can. Next, I started attending a dance class again for a brief tour to Macau. All I need is to dance so I can’t say no. It’s free, it’s Macau, and it’s near Hong Kong Disneyland. But, yes, I have to hold on to my horses for now because it’s still indefinite. Finally, Aso and I will be here in Baguio City until, well, Sunday, I believe. I will probably just post some pictures soon. My apologies for not updating more often but rest be assured that I ain’t dead yet. I mean, Simply Manila’s not dead yet. I appreciate all the comments and I remember those who regularly leave one. Thanks. You’ll hear from me on a regular basis as soon as I’m home.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Bonbon Series: JC de Vera

Simply Manila’s newest bonbon is the 22-year-old JC De Vera, a Filipino young actor under the supervision of GMA Network. He has been named as GMA’s Drama Prince and has starred in several TV series including Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso and Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig, both featuring Yasmien Kurdi. He currently stars in GMA’s Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita. I haven’t really heard much about this young guy but I feel he’s up on his own league and will become one popular actor if he stays focus on his career as an actor. It would also help if he’ll do sexier pictures a la Jake Cuenca. LOL.

Several malicious gossips refer to De Vera as homosexual but he stands firm about his sexuality and denies all claims linking him to an alleged sex video with Mike Tan, having a romantic affair with a hot guy, among others. Should anybody could decipher the truth behind this claims, raise your hand.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Delicious Devin

I chanced upon Miong’s blog and learned about this hot guy from Sean Cody who’s of Filipino descent. It was really not hard to believe that a Filipino will rise as a porn star but I explored the net to authenticate the reports (and see the visual evidences?). So I found these really hot (but not explicit) pictures of him and got a piece of interview as its captions. His grandparents, according to Devin, were from the Philippines but the rest of his family is pretty much German. Let’s hope Miong or Dave will post some of the videos soon. Meantime, click on to see more pictures of Devin.

Devin (whosoever knew the last name, please tell me) have 3 videos in Sean Cody’s website that are downloadable if you’re a member. He bottomed for one Sean Cody hottie in one of the videos but he also took charge in another video. He really looks hot to me, not to mention titillating. He could even burn me with desire each time I run my eyes down to his gorgeous body. Delicious, indeed.

Those who are interested to see a gay Filipino porn star may also check Brandon Lee’s videos. He’s done a lot of porn movies in the United States, most notably Wicked where he takes the bottom role for the first time on video. That gay guy is a hottie, too.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Most Popular March Posts

Here are the most popular posts for the month of March 2008. These are based on the statistics provided by Spotplex (individual views) and Site Meter (site referrals over a specific period of time). See how people were routed to this blog last month and what posts fascinated them the most.

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