Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sam Milby or Joem Bascon: Only one takes the spot

I have been waiting for this moment to finally put their shots together and match like a big boxing event. These photos have been featured in two of the most sexiest recent billboards along EDSA, one for Bench's latest campaign for their annual big night, the Experience Blackout ads, and the other for the latest print ads of Folded & Hung. I can't remember which picture came out first but you can't deny the similarity of the following shots. Click the link below to see the pictures.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Bonbon Series: Paolo Rivero

Paolo Rivero has been featured in one of the most controversial films in the history of Philippine cinema, Live Show (2001). I’m not sure if he made any other movies after that. But recently, he appeared in films tailored for gay audiences. Even with this unanticipated return to showbiz, Rivero told PEP that he’s working in a leading call center with a managerial position. He considers acting as a part-time job and, so far, finished two movies. He played a major role in the indie film Daybreak and starred as a supporting cast in Regal Films’ Manay Po 2: Overload. Simply Manila welcomes you back to the spotlight.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Party Away

It is not so hard to pretend and say everything is fine for it is so easy to find flaws in every little thing you see. But the least we could do is to always look at the bright side and be thankful for everything that is right. I started this week by going to the church last Sunday and tried to listen to this priest who seemed so unenthusiastic about his thoughts and teachings. But look at the bright side, God reunited me with some of my old friends when I saw them inside the church and He even sent one hot angel walking down the aisle named Chester Nolledo as a bonus. Oh, yes, I saw him inside with a girl that could be identified as his girlfriend. (Sorry, God, I'm a nosy bitch.) It was also a busy week at the office, and it turned out that I missed lots of gossips when I was in Macau. Gossips that I don't necessarily need to hear. Tonight, it will be the culmination of this crazy week. What else could be the greatest way to end it but to party.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rad Te Mam

Gogi, I hope you're checking out this post. It's been 3 days already since we arrived here from Macau but I still can't get over with the parties we had. I truly miss all of you and it's just so weird that I feel so alone every once in a while. I guess I'm talking on behalf of the group. You are so right. "In Macau we met, and there we separate." That visit won't be special without all of you (and, of course, the vodkas and Sprite - our bestfriends!). I feel such a loser for not spending more time alone with Ashlee Simpson. I miss her. I'll go to the mall in the next few hours to have our pictures printed. Don't worry, I won't be posting your nasty pictures online. LOL. Rad te mam, guys.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Macau! Macau!

Hi, this one's gonna be brief. I'd like to (again) apologize for not being so brisk to update this blog but, you see, this isn't the only thing I do in life. First thing tomorrow, I'll be flying to Macau with some friends for that dance thing I shared in my post not too long ago. We'll stay there for 10 days and as soon as I get back here, things will be normal again. Home. Office. Blog. If you know what I mean. Macau is gonna be the third place I've got to visit outside Manila this year. Hmmmm, it seems that this tiger's eye charm (for travel and career) I wear all the time is effective. LOL. I hope I'll be able to share some experiences while I'm there. Keep posted. (Photo: Destination360)