Sunday, August 31, 2008

The reunion you'll never see!

It was one of our finest moments, and I was just so grateful I became part of it. Not too long ago, my college friends organized a mini get-together (or batch reunion) so we could finally catch up and reminisce the days when we were in college. It was held in two (2) separate bars in the SM Mall of Asia, one for the dinner and the other for the booze session. You just met four (4) bloggers from that picture above. This post has been edited and the pic has been removed.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Why do all good things come to an end?

I have been told by a variety of people that I am an insensitive person, and I have been stupid enough to adapt this thought. It used to make me feel that I am invincible and fearless of whatever shit life brings, but I was wrong big time. Last weekend, I decided to crack the bad news to my better half. He's about to find out that I am officially no longer happy with him.

But just before I did that, I engaged myself in some rare moment of deep thought. I was looking for a sign, but nothing really occurred. It was early in the morning, like six or seven, and I was just lying on my bed reflecting about the roads I've recently traveled. He's the greatest person I've ever known, only full of personal issues. I am, on the other hand, carefree. I consider myself problem-less, and the feeling of being dragged by someone to his own complications doesn't sound really entertaining. In that case, I guess you can call me selfish. Or perhaps, afraid. But to my defense, I've been through enough complications already, as most of my childhood days were spent with people who only care for me because they've been summoned to. Don't I deserve to lead a carefree lifestyle now that I could finally get to choose the people I want to spend my time with?

I was listening to some really good songs (i.e. Silent Sanctuary's Sandali Lang, Yeng Constantino's Cool Off, Nelly Furtado's All Good Things (Come To An End), Chantal Kreviazuk's Time, among others) while thinking about how we got to survive those months we spent together. It probably has something to do with the strong emotions and the high hopes I had for him. But people change, and so does feelings. It's just that everything reached its boiling points, and I ran out of patience too suddenly.

Some songs I listened to helped me recall what I needed to recollect, and some even delivered a bevy of strong messages that aroused some kind of special senses in me. I tried to reconsider a lot of things that might be affected by this major indecision. But then again, when you're not happy, you're not happy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Bonbon Series: Marc Gueco

Marc Gueco is originally from a small town outside Detroit, MI. He picked up and moved to Las Vegas after finishing college to pursue a modeling career with RED Model Management. Since then he has lived and worked in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Marc has appeared in several television commercials and print advertisements for clients such as Carl’s Jr. Restaurants, Hooters, MGM Studio 54, and most all of the major high end casino hotels and resorts in Las Vegas (e.g., Bellagio, Wynn, Mandalay Bay, MGM, etc.). He is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Shortly after college, Marc was a modeling and acting instructor for the John Robert Powers International and International Model Talent Association (IMTA). He did this for a period of five years. In his free time, Marc enjoys spending time with his family and close friends. He loves horror movies, fine dining, dancing, and going to the beach. Marc Gueco continues to work in the modeling industry, and is currently pursuing acting opportunities.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rafael Nadal and his celebratory pose!

I’m not really a big fan of sports superstars, but I heard about Rafael Nadal (of Spain) or Roger Federer (of Switzerland) many times already. Today, as I checked my e-mail, a headline about one of these great players (or the picture along with it) caught my attention. I guess this one is worth a peek.
Rafael Nadal celebrates after defeating Novak Djokovic.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Break-ups, and more Aso stories!

If one has to solve a problem, it is always wise to know the problem first before one tries to make a solution. Knowing the problem is already half the solution, as my professor puts it. In many instances, I find it very un-challenging to identify the real problem in every tricky situation. But what about those that are naturally complicated? How would you deal with those marvels and complexities?

Ever since I opened up for relationships way back in college, I was dragged from one brief affair to another. I was looking for answers and was experimenting at the same time. Though I know exactly why I was experimenting, I guess I am still clueless as to what answers I was looking for until now. I thought I was looking for love, so I promised to find it. In a much unexpected way and timing, along came Aso.

Each time I muse over that afternoon ride, I can’t help but wonder as to what force made it possible to happen. For some who heard the story, I know they would simply sort it as either an act that is clearly desperate or some kind of a momentous twist of fate. But from that crazy moment, I expected something from a relationship like I never did before. I did hope it will not end up as yet another jiffy affair. He’s still romantically involved to someone else at that moment, but theirs was way too complicated that they ended up ending their own brief affair that day. In that very same day, we commemorate the foundation of our own romantic journey.

During the first months of our secret liaison, we never argued about anything, and I find it both weird and fantastic. I always, or often, argue with friends, relatives and with people that are close to me, so I find it weird that he’s always in agreement with my own decisions, and vice versa. On the other hand, I also thought it’s fantastic because maybe—and only maybe—we’re just that compatible. There was no sign of reluctance or weariness, until both of us started to sense an unknown assassin that was slowly killing the bond that keeps us together.

I have been unfaithful to him, and I was not really proud about it. I was always full of guilt and, as a matter of fact, that guilty feeling always led to my failure in bed when I tried to sleep with other guys (or girls?). Of those spur-of-the-moment explorations, only one actually succeeded. I confessed everything to him, only to find out he had his own explorations, too. Note: Successful explorations, for that matter. I couldn’t stay mad, but we broke up for few days.

I wasn’t that devastated while we stayed apart, and he’s not showing any sign of devastation, either. However, we both realized that, for some reasons, our relationship is still worth keeping. I’ve never been unfaithful ever since, but he has been consistently suspicious about me until now. On the other hand, I trust him completely. I’m not sure how you would see it, but I trust him completely that even if he would tell me his straight male model friend planted a friendly kiss on his cheeks thrice, I won’t feel any jealousy in my bone.

Recently, we always argue over small things he accused me of doing. I may have given it a thought, but I never lied to him ever since the break-up happened. Never cheated, never schemed, and never slept with other guys again. I feel bad thinking that he couldn’t trust me when we shared same history before. I may not be so expressive in words, but I believe I am in actions.

It has been a year and 4 months already, and I still can’t believe that I can finally make it this far (and, yes, counting). The longest relationship I had before only lasted for about 5 months. One lesson I learned so far: It will always remain a big challenge for us to keep a relationship going. One has to be patient when the other is infuriated, or be understanding when the other is hysterical. No matter what happen, one should keep his composure all the time. For when he starts to stop trying, everything, I guess, will be put to an end.

Our relationship is definitely not perfect, and we’re not striving to create a perfect one. There will always be unknown assassins and bunch of tricky instances, and that’s why we’ll always continue to argue over small things.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

List of notable personal blogs

It is constantly growing, and I just don't know how to organize them. Some of these blogs are of those who are dear to me, some I found both interesting and informative, and some are just equally fascinating. Most of these blogs are owned by Filipinos around the Philippines and around the world. Like the other list, this one will continuously grow as long as I find another blog along the way.

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