Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Bonbon Series: Dion Ignacio

Meet Dion Ignacio, 22, a byproduct of GMA's StarStruck (Season 1) who appeared in several sexy magazine pictorials and starred in several movies and TV dramas of GMA-7.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've been nothing but ecstatic lately. I love how I was reminded that in life, there are long-term goals and short-term goals. Someone from the office is planning to resign from the call center industry to go back to college and pursue his master's degree in nursing. He said his long-term goal is to teach or to be involved in something nurse-sy, but I know in my heart that recent unfavorable events only affected his thoughts and I, to be frank, pity him. He's a close friend, but I don't really want to get involved in his affairs. But I was saddened by the fact that he's going to be gone too soon. There's so much more to learn so I just told him to think it over. I've been through that before—quitting the office to pursue a greater path in life—only to realize that it ain't that simple. This call center thing, I know it's temporary. I said that before. But looking at what I have right now, I conclude that breaking into this roller coaster ride has been nothing but everything. There's always a better way out or a better life away from this zest-o, and if you want to succeed, you take a moment to decide what's best for you. You don't just jump into something because you think it's the safest thing to do, that's ridiculous. Remember: If you play the game of luck, there's a bigger chance of you losing than winning.

Ironically, I have plans of resigning, too, and I have ridiculous and shallow ideas that I intend to do within the next few months or so. Maybe because I'm just hard-headed or somewhat carefree, but I can't gamble my happiness over anything. As long as I'm not hurting anyone, I'm good to go. I went to Enchanted Kingdom with my colleagues from my previous office to stay away from a lifeless week, and someone commented on my life's anything-goes set up. He said he just loves it, but I wondered why he sounded as if he envied my lifestyle. Then I realize he's someone who always see the world with its flaws and ugliness (in other words sobrang maarte), and that also explained why he probably considered yesterday as one of his worst experiences when, for me, it's just one of the greatest moments I've ever had. He's actually having a blast in each ride we tried (even in pictures), but he refused to accept the happiness he feels within and simply considered the whole experience as unexciting. So there's no reason to envy me just because I choose to be happy, because anybody could always choose to be happy, too.

But he told me something I should have known from someone else before. He unknowingly answered some rare questions about the status of my current relationship. Last month, I decided to break up with my buddy to find some missing pieces. I didn't know what was missing and where to find them, but this friend of mine is the first person who helped me solve one piece of the puzzle. It's still blurry in some point, but his stories made me realize that my buddy is capable of cheating on me and lie to me about it. But more than that, he, together with my colleague who wanted to resign from the office, taught me how to let go of someone (or something) important to become a better me. There's enough bitterness in this world, so always remember to see the world with all its greatness and beauty. You could always choose to be happy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Survivor Philippines premiered its first season

Survivor Philippines (shot in Ko Tarutao, Saturn Province, Thailand) premiered last Monday on GMA-7, and loyal Kapuso fans are probably excited to know more about the contestants of this series. While this post doesn't offer that, we have all the pictures of the hunks and dis-hunks for you to keep on file. The only person familiar to me is John Lopez, that hot model who appeared in several print ads and fashion shows within the metro. Survivor Philippines is hosted by Paolo Bediones. Dig in to see the pilot edition's first group of male contestants (all belong to the tribe of Jarakay).

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bachelor Bash 2008

Every September, the Cosmo team always brings us (or the Cosmo ladies) the lust-worthy shots of the year's hottest bachelors and centerfolds. This year, the team made them strike their sultry poses at the locker area of Citygym Cebu, on the grounds of Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, around the pool grounds of Club Manila East, Taytay, at the super luxe Neo Spa at the Fort, and at other private showers and steamy locales. But more than the scorching (and I mean wet and wild) images, supporters always pine for more. That's where the annual Bachelor Bash comes in—to fill in more excitement and more pleasure. (Photos: Vince Lopez Photography)

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's all drool over Climax 2: Indie Boys

It appears to me that everyone can’t get over this bookazine called Climax 2: Indie Boys, but I guess I got it all wrong. It’s clearly an overstatement for when I searched about it online, it appeared to me that only few people looked pleased to know more about the magazine (or whatever). I saw some pictures and I knew I am still confused to the reason behind it, but I guess it’s all worth it. Kudos to the models and to the people behind this, it must have been very relieving to know that after you did everything within your power for this project, you actually ended up with nothing but a stunning success. Please be informed that private parts have been covered on purpose. You can visit Pinoy Hotties to check the actual pictures.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Bonbon Series: Jon Hall

Meet Jon Hall (or people also refer to him as John Hall, whatever), the legendary Bench Body model who graced the billboards and magazines before with his 'always' showy pictorials. He starred in an Aubrey Miles movie called Xerex, so you could also call him an actor. Last thing I heard, Hall moved to Cebu and does modeling obligations only occasionally.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My First Photo Shoot

Last weekend, I went to Intramuros, Manila to meet a friend (Gon) for a photo shoot. Everything was entirely a 2-man effort: Gon as the model and me as the photographer. No one was there to help us come up with better ideas, but seeing the end result, I can say it is all worth it. Gon is like a pro, he made my job more easier as a photographer by initiating all the poses. I displayed few pictures online. Feel free to criticize.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The emptiness within!

So here's another so-so entry. What I have to say? Well, it's been crazy these past few weeks and I'm happy I could still kick in to the tune of my life's rhythm. I've been single for two weeks, I guess, and no one's filling in to that blankness yet. I'm opening up for anything except "just for fun" trips, if you know what I mean. I still look forward to serious commitments and the mushy, mushy feeling that comes with it. The bed department isn't blank, anyway, if that's still an appropriate subject. Now here's something to celebrate (at least, for gays and girls out there), the Cosmo magazine released its latest Centerfolds which include sexy hunks Derek Ramsay, Billy Crawford, Bruce Quebral, Geoff Eigenmann, Jon Avila and Paolo Contis. That picture of mine is not included as of yet, but it will be soon. *LOL* See you when I see you.