Sunday, February 15, 2009

Disgusting Cigarette Packs

I tried to stop smoking, but I always have that urge to smoke each time I’m in the office and feel like I have nothing to do. I know that smoking is very hazardous to our health. I’m not really stupid, you know. Even the cigarette packs here have that big warning thing that every smoker in this country already memorized. My friend visited Singapore last week and brought home a pack of cigarette when she got back. I’ve heard before that some countries put disgusting pictures on cigarette packs to, well, disgust smokers. So here’s a face to that rumor. Disgusting, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Pinas is so behind when it comes no smoking regulations. my father and my two older brothers died quite young because of their cigarette habit. They suffered a lot because of throat cancer and lung complications. It was very painful for the whole family, especially my mom. I did smoke when I was younger but one day I realized that if I didn't change I'll end up exactly like my father and brothers, so I just quit cold turkey. Now, everytime I smell tobacco, i feel nuseated. I hope you'll find a way to quit too.

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Sorry to hear that, and THANK YOU for the warning. I'm really not addicted to it. I could not smoke for 3 days if I'd like to. :)