Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Bonbon Series: Coco Martin

Here’s Coco Martin, the King of Indie Movies, as Simply Manila’s newest bonbon. If I remembered clearly, Masahista (lit. The Masseur) is the only indie film I’ve viewed on the silver screen, all the others I simply downloaded online. Masahista marks the start of Coco Martin’s success in indie films and popularity to the Filipino gay community. Until today, I still think that if there’s one mainstream indie actor everybody should look up to, it’s Coco Martin. Okay, enough already. See more Coco pictures after the jump…

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Fendi said...

I feel like gay talaga si Coco..pero yummy parin siya ano :Ö

JOHN said...

coco martin..nakakaloka ka talaga..ang gay mo naman ate..hehe..sana maging akin ka..

view nyo naman ito..