Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kiko, Kirby: Tricks?

There’s this rumor circulating in Pinoy Hotties that a certain young actor (who is a byproduct of a talent search) has joined the flesh trade. But unlike a few who cater to gay patrons, most customers of the said young actor are said to be female. The prize on his lower head is 10,000 bucks. The said young actor allegedly recruited a fellow alumnus of the said TV show to join the trade for the same prize, 30% of which goes to the former. Ironically enough, both actors share initials: K.J., as in kill joy. Unless you can think of anybody else, the most apparent nominees are Kirby De Jesus and Kiko Junio of StarStruck. I was only tipped. You know you love me. (Ewww, I feel like Gossip Girl.)

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Anonymous said...

are they of legal age? they look so young, hehehe.

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Good question. I always assumed that they're of legal age.

My Havoc said...

is this true?