Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stay Happy

I’m feeling a little lazy this afternoon after a long, long weekend—night shift, badminton, breakfast in Crocodile Grille (TriNoma), watched a dance concert in Intramuros, new Bench Fix haircut (as always, the experience wasn’t that great), dinner in Gerry’s Grill (TriNoma), and all that happened within 24 hours with some friends. I woke up this afternoon since last night, with Aso beside me. By the way, happy 23rd monthsary, Aso (he’s still asleep); I knew it didn’t go according to your plans but being with you here is more than enough. I’m planning to go to the church later on; I can’t remember the last time I ever attended a mass. I feel thankful for being loved, for being given another good reason to stay with the company I’m working for and for always being able to stay supremely happy. *LOL*