Saturday, May 30, 2009

The sexy men from Jay Plogman Photography

Hello again, people, and welcome back to Simply Manila. Today, I’d like to route your attention to one site I discovered not too long ago: Jay Plogman Photography. This multiply site features a lot of pictures of straight and gay guys in their sexiest (some of which are featured in this post). Though these are not popular actors or models, I actually like the fact that the person behind the lens tries to turn the best of these typical guys by letting them pose in the nastiest possible way and by utilizing his skills in photography. Enjoy.

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shopaholicX said...

simply nakakaloka ung naka blue trunks! naka pasador ba siya ateh rey? haha..

pasador (pangtapal o pampalaki ng t**e).

Anonymous said...

nasty, nasty bokul :)

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

i'm not sure shopaholicx, but i don't think so. he's been featured here already. see jaws andrada in our bonbon series.