Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The winners of Ginoong Filipinas 2009

Since I already started blogging about Ginoong Filipinas-Metro Manila, let me have the decency to at least give you an update by quoting another blogger’s post:

“A stocky guy with an interesting skinhead hairstyle is this year’s Ginoong Filipinas-Metro Manila, one of the mini-male pageants that serve as a teaser for the national search in May. Ralph Mateo, as he introduced himself during the event, beat over 20 young men for the title, which was supposed to have drawn 35 contestants before some backed out prior to the finals night. The show was cheesy, campy but less sleazy than in previous years. Interview questions for the finalists sounded like they came from the same set as in previous years, with a few exceptions (“Naniniwala ka ba sa tsismis na bading si Piolo Pascual? Eh, si Kuya Germs?”). The first to fourth runners-up are Bryan Soriano, Jordan Jardico, Mark Estrada and Bryan Manzano, respectively. Julian Binarao, Justin Dizon and Athlas Gonzales are among the semi-finalists.”

I always thought it’s gonna be cheap (for lack of words), but I hope you appreciated my effort to give you an update.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bonbon Series: Jaws Andrada

I am featuring yet another bonbon simply because I think they are hot in those pictures. Meet 26-year-old Jaws Andrada in his own words: “I am a model in the Philippines and have done ramp, TV commercial and print ads. I also accept hosting jobs. I am also an actor and have appeared in full length and short films and in TV shows in the Philippines. Moreover, I am currently studying film hoping to become an actor-director someday.” Not sure, but there’s something in me that says he might be gay. I hope I’m wrong.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stay Happy

I’m feeling a little lazy this afternoon after a long, long weekend—night shift, badminton, breakfast in Crocodile Grille (TriNoma), watched a dance concert in Intramuros, new Bench Fix haircut (as always, the experience wasn’t that great), dinner in Gerry’s Grill (TriNoma), and all that happened within 24 hours with some friends. I woke up this afternoon since last night, with Aso beside me. By the way, happy 23rd monthsary, Aso (he’s still asleep); I knew it didn’t go according to your plans but being with you here is more than enough. I’m planning to go to the church later on; I can’t remember the last time I ever attended a mass. I feel thankful for being loved, for being given another good reason to stay with the company I’m working for and for always being able to stay supremely happy. *LOL*

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pre-Summer Male Pageant

Here’s another event for the gay community (don’t argue), the Ginoong Filipinas-Metro Manila 2009 which will be held tonight, 8pm at the Music Avenue in Quezon Boulevard, Manila (across New Central Market). If you’re coming, please update us as to who won in the said pageant. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is Sherwin Ordoñez really gay?

Sherwin Ordoñez was involved in a gay rumor? I was informed some few days ago that Sherwin has been involved in some rumors way back that he is a homo. My source even told me that Sherwin is obviously gay, but I really couldn’t guarantee because I can’t remember ever seeing Sherwin Ordoñez in any TV show or movie. I just knew his name, maybe way back in high school. So what happened to that rumor? Did it just die with no clear verdict? Or did they just let it pass until the people got tired of it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Superhero's Memoirs

Mikey Bustos, that Filipino guy from Canadian Idol’s first season, finally released his most-awaited debut album Memoirs of a Superhero. To purchase it online, click here. See more pictures of Mikey here or after the jump…

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The Bonbon Series: Joseph Ison brings it on!

My little fondness over the indie film Lovebirds is not over yet, but this time I will feature the star who played the most reserved gay guy in any Filipino gay fiction I knew, Joseph Ison (sometimes Joseph Izon). I was told that prior to that 2008 movie, Ison has appeared in several teen shows on GMA-7, such as the youth-oriented show Click. Like any other pictures featured here, I don’t claim ownership to these evocative shots of Ison.

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Kiko, Kirby: Tricks?

There’s this rumor circulating in Pinoy Hotties that a certain young actor (who is a byproduct of a talent search) has joined the flesh trade. But unlike a few who cater to gay patrons, most customers of the said young actor are said to be female. The prize on his lower head is 10,000 bucks. The said young actor allegedly recruited a fellow alumnus of the said TV show to join the trade for the same prize, 30% of which goes to the former. Ironically enough, both actors share initials: K.J., as in kill joy. Unless you can think of anybody else, the most apparent nominees are Kirby De Jesus and Kiko Junio of StarStruck. I was only tipped. You know you love me. (Ewww, I feel like Gossip Girl.)

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fast Review: 'Lovebirds' surprises us all

It might be a little too late for a review, but I feel like sharing my thoughts about this particular indie film I have viewed today. I am referring to this movie called Lovebirds, which is a story of a mother’s disapproval over her discreet son’s decision to embrace homosexuality and come out. Amelia (Boots Anson-Roa) is a loving mother and wife whose denial to her son’s sexual preference has been seriously challenged when her son Mario (Joseph Ison) allows a Spaniard visitor named Alexis (Andres Alexis Fernandez) to stay in their house.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Disgusting Cigarette Packs

I tried to stop smoking, but I always have that urge to smoke each time I’m in the office and feel like I have nothing to do. I know that smoking is very hazardous to our health. I’m not really stupid, you know. Even the cigarette packs here have that big warning thing that every smoker in this country already memorized. My friend visited Singapore last week and brought home a pack of cigarette when she got back. I’ve heard before that some countries put disgusting pictures on cigarette packs to, well, disgust smokers. So here’s a face to that rumor. Disgusting, indeed.

Enchanted Kingdom Revisited

I was in Enchanted Kingdom yesterday (with friends from the office) to enjoy Valentine’s Day in a totally unusual way (though it’s not really that unusual). My Aso and I planned to have some time alone today, anyway, to do whatever has to be done by lovers during Valentine’s (you have any idea?). *LOL* It was my third visit to this amusement park in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and I’m glad their Space Shuttle was open yesterday. It has always been the highlight of my visit here. But my friends (who got exhausted already from their shift the night before yesterday) lost their energy hours before the closing time so we went outside and waited for the fireworks display at 10pm. From yesterday’s visit, I tried Flying Fiesta (twice), Rialto, Space Shuttle and Anchor’s Away (both twice), Dodgem, Roller Skater (my friend insist) and Rio Grande (thrice).

The Bonbon Series: Coco Martin

Here’s Coco Martin, the King of Indie Movies, as Simply Manila’s newest bonbon. If I remembered clearly, Masahista (lit. The Masseur) is the only indie film I’ve viewed on the silver screen, all the others I simply downloaded online. Masahista marks the start of Coco Martin’s success in indie films and popularity to the Filipino gay community. Until today, I still think that if there’s one mainstream indie actor everybody should look up to, it’s Coco Martin. Okay, enough already. See more Coco pictures after the jump…

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Showing Some Love Today

I knew it wasn’t a good year for us both but I just wanna say you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Like Diane said, we’re like Gabrielle and Carlos Solis of Desperate Housewives, we’ve been unfaithful and all, but at the end of the day, we will still find ourselves in each other hands. Not that we have high tolerance in cheating, but because we always realize that what we truly need is just each other. I hope you’ll have more faith in me, though I knew it wouldn’t be you anymore without the suspicions and childish mood swings. I’m not promising anything but I will always love you as I have been in love with you for almost two years now. I love you, Aso.

See more Booking pictures

Here are some pictures from the gay indie film Booking’s crappy pictorial (but still worth it). The movie, which is a gay adaptation of Nora Aunor’s Bona (I haven’t heard of this movie, in case you’re wondering), features Emilio Garcia, Mercedes Cabral, Charles Delgado and Marco Morales (indie film’s sexiest discovery). Booking will be shown on February 24, 8pm, at the U.P. Cine Adarna, and will have a regular run starting March 4, 2009. Enjoy this day. I know you will.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Matthew Belino In Boxers

His name may not ring a bell, but everyone will be talking about Matthew Belino once they see his pictures. I envy his body. I hope I’ll be like that in the next few months. Does anyone here know a little more about this guy? Please share your thoughts…

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Watch: Gossip Girl-inspired Lipgloss

Here’s more reason to consider watching Philippines’ third best local TV channel: Lipgloss. Yes, TV-5’s Gossip Girl-like series is back in its third season. The premiere episode will be shown this Valentines, most likely primetime. Do you know why I think you should check it out? I’ve heard they’re featuring some of today’s hottest young stars in their sexiest. For a start, here are more pictures from the new season’s stars…

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