Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Revisiting Cosmo

Every October of each year, Cosmopolitan Philippines brings us 69 hot bachelors and 10 jaw-dropping sexy centerfolds. And every year, I find myself buying this magazine simply to adore the pictures for a day or two. Since I’m not really fond of long queues, I’ve never been to one of those Cosmo events all ladies go gaga over. But I always check Vince Lopez Photography and other sites the next day to see a glimpse of what Cosmopolitan has put up this time to make the Cosmo Bachelor Bash a night to remember.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

My Ondoy Experience

Locally known as Typhoon Ondoy, the catastrophe caused by Ketsana was simply devastating. Never did I imagine that a torrent so huge could ravage our area, regardless of the fact that a creek runs just behind our residence. Imagine that water above, it grew four more feet higher during the night and almost reached the second floor. I was standing for almost an hour as I watched the water rises against the ceiling. Outside, the water wildly wiped out important properties some people worked for hardly to achieve. It was such an awakening experience—one that made me realized how badly the environment has been treated. I hope nothing like this gets repeated.