Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remember Ondoy?

Remember Ondoy? Yes, it’s been exactly a year. We’ve had our share of tragic experiences from that unfortunate event that ravaged our nation, and we’ve moved on just like that, hoping that the trauma will never haunt us again when we sleep at night and hear the sound of heavy rains. It’s Sunday today, and I guess this is the perfect time for us to give thanks to whoever we believed exist up there. Let’s just be thankful that PAG-ASA’s earlier forecasts saying that there will be more heavy storms this year have been nothing but poor calculations. I hope and I pray that there will be no more devastations. I didn’t know the results in the recent budget hearing held at the lower house, but I hope they favoured PAG-ASA’s cry for modernization. Happy Sunday, Philippines.


Anonymous said...

Scary thought. I hope never again.

Rent said...

Fingers crossed!