Friday, September 24, 2010

On Glee: Meet Sunshine Corazon

Everyone I knew expressed enthusiasm over Charice’s appearance and performances in the popular American TV musical Glee. As for those who are not quite familiar with America’s TV series format yet, they were actually expecting that Charice will appear in every episode of this season. Her character, Sunshine Corazon, because it’s sunny everyday in the Philippines except for the monsoons, joined New Directions’ rival glee club, Vocal Adrenaline, which means that there’s a possibility that she will be reappearing soon as a guest star, similar to another Glee character and Vocal Adrenaline’s male lead, Jesse St. James, who appeared last season in a few episodes, including the finale. Charice’s performances received mostly good reviews. She performed Lady Gaga’s Telephone with Glee’s Rachel Berry and Beyonce’s Listen.


Anonymous said...

She is a very talented and very luck young woman. I didn't watch Glee but I will now because of Charice.

Rent said...

I agree.