Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blushing Cheeks

When one returns from a hiatus, they either promise to stick a little more often or say their last goodbyes. But for the occasional bloggers, like me, for instance, we just return to write a thing or two, revisit the diversion that once filled the voids in our lives, with no promises of sticking a little longer. The truth is I was never gone. I was just here in the background, paying visits to some good old blogs that usually stimulate my senses in more ways than one. The current design of my blog doesn’t tell you the dates of my posts, which is a little favorable to me, because no one could have ever guessed that I was gone for 3 months already. Well, honestly, I thought it’s longer than that. You see, a lot of things happened in one quarter: there’s the Halloween, the long December, New Year, my 24th birthday and everything in between. Yes, it was all that fast. Oh, I almost forgot, I met my new hubby, too, and that’s how the year started for me: in love. As for this blog, 248,618 visits were recorded last 2009, with 863,335 page views. That’s a huge drop compared to 2008’s statistics. But it was understandable since I was on hiatus several times last year. Nevertheless, the numbers are gratifying enough for my cheeks to blush, so thank you all. I love you.