Monday, March 8, 2010

Lord Dexter

When gay people think of massage, they would probably think of extra services the masseur could offer. Thanks to mainstream indie films like Masahista and Heavenly Touch, we now have a truer glimpse of what’s really happening inside every massage parlor. But in Manila, customers can simply invite masseurs to come over to their place. I’ve seen so many sites and blogs of masseurs discussing the types of services they offer. Due to the illegal nature of prostitution in the country, this sort of created a black market and is potentially dangerous to the customers and the masseurs alike. For those who are willing to gamble, you can give these tricks the benefit of the doubt. Here’s one for your perusal: Lord Dexter.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oblation Run Banned

De La Salle University Araneta’s version of the Oblation Run was scheduled for Tuesday, but after Father Salvador Curutchet of the Institute of the Incarnate World sent a letter to the school administration advising them to stop it, the annual naked “freedom run” was cancelled. The Catholic university chaplain said he doesn’t “feel that students from a Catholic school should be running around the streets naked” and added that “it does not show our Christian values in the community.” Members of Alpha Phi Omega did not fight the ban and pushed on with their 60th anniversary celebration by instead hosting a luncheon for its members and alumni. For those who got suddenly disappointed, continue clicking to see random photos from the previous Oblation runs.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Baguio's Charisma

I was looking at the picture above and realized how I’ve fallen somehow in love to Baguio. No, not really because I love to see men in G-strings during flower festivals, definitely not, it’s more because each time I think of the city, all I can think of is its tranquility and the fulfilling pleasure that comes with it. It’s funny how I almost climaxed saying that and I wasn’t even thinking about sex. But seriously, some parts of this city may have deteriorated and suffered from urbanization, but its entirety will humbly give each traveler an experience they will never get somewhere else. While other cities in the Philippines try so hard to keep up with Manila, Baguio simply stands on its own with its inimitable charisma and, as you can see, sense of humor. (Let’s all thank John Garcia for sharing those pictures.)

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Even More Cuenca

Since I have realized the benefits of keeping a journal, I have been consistent in updating my old Sribe notebook these past few weeks. It keeps my thoughts well-hidden and ready for future analysis. But when some people noticed it’s with me more often than usual, they started to pry. Some read it with my consent. Those who don’t took advantage of my ingenuousness and assumed the liberty to read it. But since I don’t really have that much of skeletons in my closet, it came out just fine with me.

Only few days back, my boyfriend decided to borrow the notebook because he said he hasn’t read it yet. I had second thoughts because he’s been a constant topic of my writings both positively and negatively, but lent it anyway. He said he’s done reading and that he was “flabbergasted,” but failed to return it yet. My point being: I miss writing, thus this post.

It’s supposedly time for me to feature the next bonbon, but I haven’t been around for a while so I don’t know who’s a hot item right now. Is it the winner of the latest StarStruck season? But who is? I don’t even watch this show. What about Jake Cuenca? I heard through the grapevine that he’s the lucky guy that was featured in Bench’s latest catalog. Alright, Jake Cuenca it is.

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