Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rated PG

Due to popular public demand, here are the nasty pictures of Ronee-Ray De Castro as referred in the post yesterday. Well, actually, the pictures are sort of converted into PG masterpieces, so if you really want to see the nude pictures, you have to visit Pinoy Hotties, and see Photos. Sorry, I can’t reply to the e-mails individually but continue to show some love, as it is the only thing that keeps me going. From the bottom of my unbroken heart, thank you.

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Simply Ray

Ronee-Ray De Castro

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scandalous Ray

Have you seen the recent nasty e-mails about Ronee-Ray De Castro and his sexcapades? Oh, yes, guys, I was browsing through it through my BlackBerry phone yesterday while waiting on queue at The Medical City in TriNoma. Well, actually, it was my hubby who opened the attachments. Suddenly, I got interested. While I find the allegations so distasteful, I was shocked to see black-and-white evidences of him sucking sushi rolls and being pleasured from behind. Pardon my language. He must have done something very wrong to that person who spread his pictures for him to deserve it, although I still believe that no one has the right to destroy other people’s reputation and take away his right to start a clean slate. Well, I hope there will be a grand closure soon. Until then, browse all your Inbox messages as you might have missed the malicious e-mail that included words such as ecstasy, drugs, sex, bottomed, cock, AIDS, pusher, gold-digger, and even, Abu Sayyaf. Oh, yes, the resurrection. Well, if there’s anything you want to say, Ronee-Ray, send me an e-mail to almond0015 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

The hotness that is Masculados Dos

Masculados Dos members Ozu Ong, Orlando Sol and Enrico Mofar

Monday, September 27, 2010

Melanie Marquez and her long-legged legs

Host: Are you willing to change your legs with the one million insured legs of Angie Dickinson?

Melanie Marquez: I won't change my legs. Because I'm contented with my long-legged.


Based on Simply Manila’s Stats this week, here are the featured celebrities who drove a number of visitors to this blog. Hmmm, I think I might do this at the end of every week so that at the end of this year, I could revive the Most Desirable Pinoy Hotties of 2010, as featured in Simply Manila. Keep visiting this blog, as I’m having so much fun updating this lately. See the most searched keywords and the posts trending this week after the jump...

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Hot. Sexy. Undead.

True Blood

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let's all meet Orlando Sol

Orlando Sol

Pinoy quote on bitterness

Filipino quotation from Facebook

Remember Ondoy?

Remember Ondoy? Yes, it’s been exactly a year. We’ve had our share of tragic experiences from that unfortunate event that ravaged our nation, and we’ve moved on just like that, hoping that the trauma will never haunt us again when we sleep at night and hear the sound of heavy rains. It’s Sunday today, and I guess this is the perfect time for us to give thanks to whoever we believed exist up there. Let’s just be thankful that PAG-ASA’s earlier forecasts saying that there will be more heavy storms this year have been nothing but poor calculations. I hope and I pray that there will be no more devastations. I didn’t know the results in the recent budget hearing held at the lower house, but I hope they favoured PAG-ASA’s cry for modernization. Happy Sunday, Philippines.

Sam Milby headlines this year's Cosmo Men

Sam Milby

Freshboys Asia

Have you tried browsing for Pinoy gay indie film torrents online and spent some hours waiting for it to finish downloading? Then, just when you’re so excited to watch it, found disappointments to the quality of that movie you’re watching? It feels like a total waste of time. Well, I can share same frustrations. In my four years of blogging, I mentioned several times that I’m not a big fan of Philippine indie movies, and I will mention it again and again. Yesterday, I downloaded this film called Freshboy’s Asia. I’m not sure if that’s even the actual title, because looking at it, it doesn’t make much sense. Grammatically, it’s poorly constructed. Unless it’s called Freshboys Asia, then forgive my unawareness. But there’s a segment in that film called The Genius Geek—which made me think that this film was almost certainly conceptualized by either a high school student or a brainless maniac. The movie has nothing to offer, not even to those who are simply looking for bodily pleasure. So, a lesson for myself and a precaution to those who are gearing to download gay indie films online, read the reviews first before going for it. That, of course, if there are decent reviews available online.

Friday, September 24, 2010

On Glee: Meet Sunshine Corazon

Everyone I knew expressed enthusiasm over Charice’s appearance and performances in the popular American TV musical Glee. As for those who are not quite familiar with America’s TV series format yet, they were actually expecting that Charice will appear in every episode of this season. Her character, Sunshine Corazon, because it’s sunny everyday in the Philippines except for the monsoons, joined New Directions’ rival glee club, Vocal Adrenaline, which means that there’s a possibility that she will be reappearing soon as a guest star, similar to another Glee character and Vocal Adrenaline’s male lead, Jesse St. James, who appeared last season in a few episodes, including the finale. Charice’s performances received mostly good reviews. She performed Lady Gaga’s Telephone with Glee’s Rachel Berry and Beyonce’s Listen.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rare Sex-Lock Case

Why do you think Filipinos find blind items so appealing? And why blind items are made when the media could simply name the people involved? In Hollywood, celebrities are being closely watched by wild photojournalists widely know as the paparazzi, so there’s no need for them to make up blind items as they have solid evidences handy. While it is true that Filipino celebrities are not entirely spared from this kind of privacy invasion, we are not at all as diligent as Americans in following our celebrities anywhere they go. Not to mention that photojournalists most likely find it unworthy of their time and effort, since it can’t really be made as a full-time career here owing to little cash flow. So, since we hardly ever have solid evidences handy, our media resort to blind items when they find destructive yet interesting facts about our celebrities. Like, recently, there was a huge bomb dropped against a certain matinee idol, named M.I. in blind items, and a certain young actress, O.A. in blind items. It says a possible vaginal contraction caused by stress further caused damage to these two young lovers’ reputation when they found each other in an embarrassing sex-lock situation that they have to be taken to an ER. Gossip Girls, gather around and decipher the codes. Could M.I., which obviously stands for matinee idol, be John Lloyd Cruz and O.A., look reversely, his girlfriend Shaina Magdayao? Star Magic says it’s a hoax, and Wikipedia confirmed that these cases are very rare and almost non-existent, but believe in what you believe is the truth. It seems like you’re not going to get the real truth, anyway.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Wow, I didn’t notice that Blogger has this new, cool feature for their bloggers called Stats. Like I said, it’s been a while since I started blogging again and didn’t really paid attention to these cool changes in the blogosphere. I have all the time to explore this. What I really like right now is the fact that you could see the top visited blog entries in your blog. This will sort of give you an idea as to what made people visited your site and what topics are really trending, which will definitely benefit those who are blogging for a living. As for me, I enjoy knowing what things appealed the most to the readers of Simply Manila, just because all these things written in this blog appealed to me, too. It gives me that comfort of knowing that I share their likes, sentiments and thoughts. It makes me feel that I belong. So, here, let’s see what posts are trending in this blog this week...

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So Far, The Hottest American Idols!

It’s American Idol season—and thanks to crazy schedules in call centers, it’s time for me to desperately hope I could catch every episode of the new season again. I’ve been a big fan of this reality show for quite some time already, but I’m not the type who would discuss it to avid new fans and acquaintances in cafes or in public transportations. I think I’ve outgrown that part. But like everyone else who watches the show, there’s always a contestant out there who gets my vote every season (although mine doesn’t count, of course). Talent-wise, I’m not biased. Like, I’ve been hoping Carrie Underwood, really, to win the fourth season. I was so glad she did. But every year, I also have this secret desire to see a gorgeous male contestant put on the show. So who do I think got my attention in the past seasons? Let’s see…

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Really Stunned

What could be more exciting today than the news that Joross Gamboa and Luis Alandy has transformed into sex symbols for the new bookazine by X-Ray named Folio? Yes, and you’ll get not just two bold men but eight gorgeous creatures as these two seemingly sexy studs will be joined by six other eye candies namely Tutti of 6cyclemind, Kean Cipriano of Callalily, Rodjun Cruz, Edgar Allan Guzman, Rainier Castillo and Marco Alcaraz. Wow, I can’t believe I just mentioned four flowery adjectives in just one sentence. I must have been really stunned. Keep safe, Manila denizens. Don’t forget to click the link below to get mesmerized, too.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Congratulations, UP!

Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad for winning the just concluded UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2010, held at the Araneta Coliseum. In an event attended by over 20,000 spectators, UP won against 7 other UAAP-member universities. Last year’s champ, FEU, came in second, and completing the Top 3 was UST, which placed third in this year’s competition. UST did not place last year for the first time in their history of joining the said competition.

DJ Montano arrested in the US for stealing car

Okay, guys, I was too preoccupied with the ongoing UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2010 that I misconstrued the big news that DJ Montano has been arrested in southern California. Through a reminder coming from a very friendly and helpful anonymous reader, and as confirmed in Brian Gorrell’s blog, DJ Montano has been arrested after he was reported by an ex-boyfriend for stealing the latter’s car. It is well-noted that Brian Gorrell, another ex-boyfriend of DJ Montano, sent out a blast last 2008 about DJ Montano’s alleged stealing of his money amounting to $70,000, which until now has not been confirmed by Montano’s camp yet. DJ Montano will be deported back to the Philippines soon. Brian, my apologies for the last entry I posted earlier, as always, I’m with you. And yet another breaking news: UST placed third in the ongoing UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Congratulations.

Is it true that Brian Gorrell was arrested in the US?

How true that Brian Gorrell, the Aussie blogger who made waves last 2008 in the Philippines and in the entire blogosphere with his exposé on DJ Montano’s alleged crime of stealing his riches, has been arrested in California on theft charges? What else could be more ironic? Let’s take a break first and enjoy the ongoing UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Will FEU retain their title? Switch to Studio 23 now.

Some of my favorite indie films!

I’m not sure how it happened exactly but recently, I saw a surge of foreign admirers. One e-mailed me several times and said he’s from Russia. I thought at first that the e-mails he sent are all spams, but he stopped sending e-mails when I told him that he should look for love within his country as long distance relationships never worked for me. He said he got my e-mail from G4M, which I believe no longer exist, but, well, he responded to my request so clearly, he’s a real person. LOL. Second, a German who can speak a little Tagalog approached me through my FB account. There’s no other development with him yet so that’s all I can say about him for now. Then, here’s another admirer from Thailand who invited me through FB and we don’t have any common friends so he must have gotten my e-mail from somewhere else. He posted some comments on some of my pictures. Well, anyway, he told me that Filipino gay films are very popular amongst gay guys in Thailand, so for the rest of the Thai people, let me share these all-time favorite Filipino gay indie films of mine you shouldn’t miss.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Prince Stefan

Since I’ve been gone for a long time, please allow me to share a few personal notes from the not-so-new events that shaped this country in more ways than one. First, my deepest compassion goes out to the recent Quirino Grandstand hostage-taking victims’ relatives and to all HK denizens. I hope that you will find it in your heart to forgive our shortcomings. Let there be peace amongst us, as we are presently fighting a major radicalism issue down south and we can’t afford yet another blast of hate crimes. Second, I’m taking back all the negative comments I posted through my FB and Twitter account against Venus Raj, who, by the way, made millions of Filipinos proud, and I congratulate her for winning a crown. Yours was probably the hardest question in that competition, and the most personal, too, and I, myself, find it hard to answer right away, especially in front of millions. For the fans of this blog, here’s something for you: Prince Estefan, as featured in the recent X-Ray bookazine. Enjoy.

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