Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I am about to sleep when I realized that 2010 is almost over, and I definitely don't want to end this year for Simply Manila with the previous post. So, here comes this post that comes with a simple and short message to everyone that reads and follows this blog: THANK YOU for being part of Simply Manila.

It was a year full of drama, but regardless, I can truly say I was blessed, desired and loved this year. One of these days, I know I will write about the year that will soon be hardly remembered by most of us.

I can hear loud crackers already, but in case you are interested to know about how my night will probably go, I am actually going to the office later at 1:00 am to work. Oh, yes. Hopefully, that will speak a lot about my work ethics to my new bosses and eventually get another promotion by the second quarter of this year. Seriously.

So, anyway, enjoy your night, my dear friends and readers. Stay away from danger. I sincerely hope you will have a great year ahead of you. Ciao for now.

The five la ocean deep stars according to Juicy

I received this funny article released by the Kapamilya-affiliated Multiply account which is about TV5's showbiz-oriented show Juicy's picks as this years 'laos' stars (lit. outdated, or in this context, showbiz personalities who lost their luster or unpopular artists).

Kapamilya News, or ABS-CBN, who has always been sensitive about TV5's little bullets defended three of the stars included in the list: the duo Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco, and the comedian Chokoleit (whose name is misspelled as Chocoleit).

In their words: Paano nangyari na laos na ang Melason, e may bago silang teleserye sa ABS-CBN na Mana Po? Sa 2010, nagkaroon ng dalawang teleserye ang Melason – Impostor and Kokey @ Ako. Laos ba 'yon? Si Chokoleit laos? 'Di ba parang bias naman 'yon? Nakaalitan ni Cristy Fermin si Chokoleit sa patuloy na pambabatikos ni Nanay Cristy sa kaibigan ni Chokoleit na si Pokwang. Paano malalaos si Chokoleit, e part siya ng number one teleserye na Mara Clara?

Aside from Melason and Chokoleit, Ronnie Liang, Mariel Rodriguez and Janelle Jamer were also included in the list. Well, personally, I think the list isn't well-researched and well-thought of.

I think the Juicy hosts came up with the list just for fun and that it was just a spur-of-the-moment idea. I'm sure if they will release a new list, they would come up with a longer and credible list.

See the list of Juicy's 'laos' stars after the jump, with captions from my memory without Googling anything.

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Sexy Rico Barrera

Rico Barrera

Random Pinoy Hotties 2.2

I am typing this post with nothing inside my head, except that I know that I will just randomly upload pictures from my computer to share to you today. Well, this isn't the first time that I will just start typing and pretend I have something to say; really, most are just random thoughts in here, in case you hadn't noticed. Lately, I rarely update or share anything on my Facebook's wall; like, it would literally take days before my friends get to see a post or two from me. Before, I am so used to sharing almost anything that I could think of, without any worries as to how people might come to judge me as nonsense or papansin or whatever–the kind of words that I think best describe some of my FB friends today. So, I think the reason why I started typing about FB statuses is because I just wanted to share my current New Year status-slash-greeting: Yet another year will pass by, dramas both of lesser and greater magnitude will soon become history. Don't look back and say I hope things were different, or even when you had the time of your life this year, always keep in mind that things could still be a lot better in the months to come. The best is yet to arrive. Happy 2011, y'all. Ciao for now. Enjoy these pictures.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On MMFF: No dramas, only disappointments

Is this true? Last year's big winners–Agimat and Enteng Kabisote–ended almost with nothing in the recently concluded 36th Metro Manila Film Festival's Awards Night? I guess the joint effort didn't work that much, except, of course, in the box office.  I've read two movie reviews recently through the daily newspaper Business Week. Both reviews for the movies Father Jejemon and Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote mentioned generally negative criticisms. Based from the reviews, I realized the movies doesn't have much to offer, no oohs and aahs. I remembered way back high school and college that I always get excited about MMFF, but in the past couple of years, this festival gives me no more excitement. The controversies and its lack of structure just disappoints me. Or maybe I just have high hopes for them, I don't know. So, anyway, see the list of big winners of this year's MMFF after the jump. Enjoy. Ciao for now.

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Be Bench's Carl Guevarra

Carl Guevarra for Be Bench

Mark Salling's Boracay Visit

Here's a very quick feature on Mark Salling's visit in the beautiful island of Boracay. I really need a ninja nap right now. I just want to repost online the pictures posted by Mark Salling himself via Twitter and some snaps from Glee's Noah Puckerman enjoyed a vacation in this tropical island for the Christmas and was spotted partying with Manny Pacquiao and family. I've been in Boracay recently and I must say that anyone who visits that little modern paradise will absolutely enjoy their stay. Good night, folks. Ciao for now.

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Where's Our Voice?

I must admit that I have been such a lazy man at work lately, and there is no need for a boss to tell me that, because I can definitely tell it myself. Like today, I smoked five times within my shift so that's a total of five mini breaks, and aside from taking in one 'sup call' (Or did I take one? I'm not sure now.) and a few work-related e-mails sent, I spent the entire shift reading the e-books I downloaded and reading personal e-mails both through my phone. And that's how I bumped into long e-mail trails from a certain Yahoo! Group called Puri Titiwang about herpes and all other sexually-related diseases, particularly the ones that affected gay clients of male prostitutes. One member is unstoppable on his campaign against hiring male prostitutes as his friend, he claimed, got oral herpes from a hustler in Cubao. Do you think his statements will have bearing to the gay community? Do you think our sort will actually stop risking just because he claimed it's not worth it? Do you think his online manifesto will send a message across all homosexuals in the country? Maybe not, but I admire his efforts, and especially, his faith. In a country where gay equal rights are hardly even discussed publicly, where majority of the people shows signs of homophobia almost, if not everyday, what hope do we have left? Posting messages in "Yahoo! Groups" or any other social networking sites may open some eyes, but undoubtedly, the presence of a proper venue through NGOs or what-nots for such discussions is what the gay community truly needs. What happened to Ang Ladlad? Yes, they failed to win a seat in Congress during the 2010 national elections, but the 113,187 voters (That includes my vote!) who believed in them should still be given a strong voice. Let me end this post with a quote from John F. Kennedy: "And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." I hope you got it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Skin Rag is hotter than the sun!

Simply Manila is not the first Filipino gay blog, and this is definitely not the only Filipino gay blog you'll find. Several others also exist. Though some bloggers seemed to deny the existence of their kinds, and there even came a time when one blogger waged war against another blogger for copyright infringement. Some old favorites of mine lived a bit but ended up in oblivion. A few introduced hypes similar to award-giving bodies, but didn't survive long. Some are probably just resting, and will return anytime to give more updates. And, of course, there are newborns, either rehashing gimmicks or actually introducing us to new materials and authentic contents. (For the almost complete list of gay blogs, click here.) Meet The Skin Rag, born only last month, but visit the blog and you'll find pictures never been featured before. I mean, if blogs are televisions, TSR is HD. I hope to see more pictures, videos and what-nots from this new site. See some of the hottest pictures posted by TSR after the jump. Enjoy.

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Darren Criss speaks

In an article featured in today's issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Darren Criss talked about his first visit in the Philippines, his insights on the Filipino community, his A Very Potter Musical experience and his role in one of America's most popular TV series, Glee. He loves the role of Blaine, and doesn't fear typecasting one bit, despite playing a gay role. (Darren is straight.) "I am no more a gay teenager in a blazer who's 16 years old than Max Adler, who plays Karofsky, is a homophobic bully, or Heather Morris is a dumb blonde. We're all playing parts and serving the story," he pointed out. "I've been handed the tremendous opportunity to play an incredibly strong character. I can't stress enough how important Blaine is to me. I mean, I play him, but taking that away from the equation, I think he plays such an important role in what's going on in our world, what's going on with young people. The things he has to say can transcend the gay topic, and into all sorts of exclusion and alienation and inclusiveness and acceptance."
Excerpt from PDI, 12/28/2010
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Meet Denmark Guesande

I found out just today that Paul Guesande has two more brothers who also worked with him in a go-go bar way back when. I was told by my Bonbon, my current partner, that the brothers appeared on a book that I couldn't find anywhere online. However, thanks to this blog called Manila Undressed, I found some pictures of Denmark Guesande fully naked. See the pictures after the jump. Or visit Manila Undressed for the uncensored versions. Enjoy the rest of the year. Ciao for now.

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Here's my random post-Christmas notes

Here are the popular posts from last week, and yet again, I would like to thank everyone for always coming back and checking out new posts of this blog. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I had a good one with my relatives, especially with my siblings whom I never bonded with before. I think this is the first Christmas where I didn't spend some time with friends and colleagues, I was just with my relatives from December 23rd until today. The only time I saw other people was when I bumped into one of my colleagues, and also with a BBM friend, in Landmark yesterday. We went there to buy red dresses for my two sisters for our family portrait. So, anyway, I really hope everyone had a good time. See the popular posts last week after the jump. Ciao for now.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sexiest Newcomer 2010

Meet Ivan Anthony Dorschner, Simply Manila's Sexiest Newcomer 2010. Know more about this ex-PBB housemate: Ivan Anthony Dorschner (b. September 21, 1990) is a 19-year-old half-Irish from Rizal. Before Ivan entered the Pinoy Big Brother house as a new teen housemate, he was a contestant on Wowowee and an audience member on Showtime. See more Ivan Dorschner pictures after the jump.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Meet Luis Hontiveros

I was browsing through videos when I finally got stuck with one: Luis Hontiveros' little interview portion with Mariel Rodriguez and Pokwang during Wowowee's Willie of Fortune. The contestants of the day were male pageant winners and that's how this Binatang Pinoy 2009 winner came out as a contestant in the defunct noontime show. In the interview, it was revealed that Luis Hontiveros is an adopted son but his relationship with his stepdad is touching. Few minutes later, he was seen dancing in awkward movements. He really can dance though, and he could be as good as the 'over the top' dancer Rayver Cruz if he will undergo professional training. I Googled his name and got these pictures from his Binatang Pinoy stint. Honestly, I like him more when he was dressed. Even Mariel exclaimed "Wow" after he was called. So, anyway, I thought you might like this person so see more pictures of him after the jump.

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