Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's the best April night yet

I went to the province of Bulacan last night as a guest to a friend’s friend birthday and it was earlier agreed that I will fuck (excuse my French) the host of the party but unfortunately his Kuya arrived from who knows where and will stay for the night. I ended up sleeping on the couch with him until the next morning, but no fucking since we are hammered to the bone. Last night’s party ended not because we’ve reached the last drop of alcohol neither because we have a curfew, but because everyone got so wasted that some have started a series of unspeakable occurrences. I had so much fun while others who embarrassed themselves claimed they can’t remember a thing the next morning. There was an attempt of a vampire to suck out blood through my neck but he only ended up leaving me with a hickey. LOL. I truly enjoyed the night and I hope all of you Simply Manila readers will enjoy yours tonight, however you enjoy life. So, anyway, it’s Sunday and I will end this post with last week’s top posts, keywords and visiting countries which you will see after the jump. P.S. Follow me on Twitter. It’s [now deactivated]. Ciao for now.

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elmerlovesoreo said...

I hope one day I could get such figures in my blog :)

Rent said...

It's not much.