Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The sexy men from the north!

I am afraid my on-and-off hiatus is now becoming a pattern. I hope this will end soon as I am surprisingly loving this old diversion of mine. For today, I am featuring some pictures from the photographer Jason Paul Laxamana, from his Facebook album Countryside Summer Men. I think that speaks for itself. I believe this is the second time I am featuring the works of this sparkling lensman. See more countryside men after the jump. Ciao for now.

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elmerlovesoreo said...

I'm a fan of Jason Paul Laxamana. He's gifted when it comes to photography. He brings out the sex appeal of his subjects, who are mostly from Pampanga.

francis said...

totally agree! amazing photoG..especially his shots of Richard Pangilinan. Super HAWT!

eld said...

Nice. hindi mapapahiya ang Pilipinas sa mga lalaking ganyan.