Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back In Malate: One Night Out

I was browsing one of the few surviving journals I have and found the following entry scribbled almost a year ago (dated August 30th): I went to O-Bar in Malate last Saturday with a new friend named JM. I met him through BBM and he’s from Marilao, Bulacan. O-Bar looks tidy but it is by far the smallest bar I’ve ever been to, smaller than Bed, which is also located in Malate. Their ledge dancers are all hot and sexy, and they made me feel like going to the gym again simply by looking at their toned bods. I got tipsy a little after two bottles of beer and was swallowed by the crowd whose faces looked all blurry to me. JM and I danced the night away with our cocktail drinks spilling all over. I kind of wonder how we were really able to dance as every movement one could make would certainly create a commotion like a domino effect. Or I guess that’s just the core reason why everyone’s dancing or moving.

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elmerlovesoreo said...

Interesting story. Do you have a current boyfriend Rent?

Rent said...

Y pow? (Jejemon! Hehehe!)