Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Papa: Meet the exotic dancer

Isn't this too hot to handle?

Random Pinoy Hotties 2.6

Do I have enough group pictures to cover another version of Random Pinoy Hotties? Well, I haven't really followed the more-than-one-person-in-one-photo rule for this series, but I think I've got new additions lately and I would like to share them all to you here. Some hot, some not. Be the judge as I feature some old, some new hotties in town. Let's start with the picture above: Ryan Eigenmann, the bad boy of Philippine television today. See more pictures after the jump.

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Meet Herold Suarez

This was the kind of entertainment I was looking for when I first heard that American Idol or Pop Idol will have a local version in the country. But after two different versions in two different networks, Philippine Idol and Pinoy Idol succumbed to great failure and died shortly in oblivion. I'm so glad that Pilipinas Got Talent turned out differently. PGT is one of the most successful talent show franchises in the country, and could easily be tagged as the most successful talent show franchise by ABS-CBN. The second season of the show, I believe, premiered last Feb 26th. Everything about this guy in the video is hilarious, but aside from the guy, I really appreciate and like Luis Manzano in this video. Really, that's a first.

I am number one! I am number four!

My thank you post for last week is a day late, but I'm trying hard to update this blog daily so that updating this blog will remain a habit of mine. I'm not sure why I always get so sleepy lately, I was supposed to do this last night but I just fell asleep while watching Jim Carrey's Yes Man. In a totally different note, I went out to watch a movie last night with my friend. We watched I Am Number Four which is a cool movie that reminded me both of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. So, anyway, see the stats Simply Manila had last week, including the most popular posts and the popular search keywords after the jump.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sexy Rafael Rosell

Rafael Rosell

My Phone Evolution

I recently lost my phone by accidentally leaving it inside a cab, and that's not the first time it happened to me. As a matter of fact, it happened all the time. I'm not the type of person who recycles phones every now and then. Over the years, I've used only a few phones. I'm not sure if there's fun in here, but let me recall all the phones I had, and feature them all with pictures and all. See the phones I had after the jump.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Nasty hangover. Nasty scandals.

Hello, everyone, and welcome back. I think I rested for two days and have not blogged, but it feels like forever already. I went to Intramuros yesterday and had fun drinking with my college friends, and though I really felt that it was one diversion I needed once in a while, I also felt so deteriorated the morning after (a while back). I think I smoked more than 20 red Marlboro cigarettes just yesternight, and the aftermath of drinking one too many Red Horse beers brought along the nastiest hangover I had this year. Not too mention, I left my BB Curve last night inside the cab on my way home, and the number's now unreachable. Damn, right. So, anyway, here's a scandalous-ful blog that will definitely tickle the bones of you hornier readers. The two posts I've seen and liked so far are (1) the scandal of Masculados Dos member Lexter Lazaro and (2) the scandal of Russel Edge (aka Russel Ramos). To visit the blog, click here. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Samba De Regatta

This festival participant is quite a looker. Thanks, Efren.

Let's all meet AJ Perez

It is 5 p.m. and the Garage shoot is already in full swing when AJ Perez arrives, coming straight from ABS-CBN. Not only does he have a face that is fast becoming recognizable but Perez also has presence to match his smile--is that a glimpse of the so-called it factor that we see in him? At 12 years old, Perez was already doing modelling for commercials and print campaigns for big brands such as Globe and Colgate. I tried it out for fun but I didn't really expect that I'd get into show business, he says. He has booked a Milo campaign a couple of years back when ABS-CBN discovered him. They saw me in the commercial and cast me. They asked me to do workshops, and things kind of sprung from there. Unlike other people who have melodramatic rags-to-riches stories to tell, Perez doesn't have the heavy baggage  of a sob story that would merit a feature in Maalaala Mo Kaya. He already had the comforts available to people born to fortunate families even before he gave show business a shot, and then he was tapped by a major network after being seen in a major commercial. This may lead people to get the impression that everything Perez is enjoying now has been handed to him on a silver platter. The leap from modelling to acting is not that smooth, though.

Excerpt from Garage, February/March 2011

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Before you go to sleep...

My watch just beeped, telling me it's 8:00 pm already. I know I needed to beg my body clock again to stop snoozing, but I guess everything about me spells bullheadedness. If someone's in my room right now aside from me, he'll see nothing but a few LED lights from my computer's screen and mouse, the AC's power indicator and my face, illuminating against my phone's background lighting as I keep my fingers busy typing this post. I just got off the phone with my current buddy. I mentioned before that his name is Paolo, and that our term of endearment is bonbon, but I really never shared how I really feel about him. He's an avid reader of Simply Manila the instant he knew I'm the person behind this blog. Fact is, he gives out suggestions every now and then. Recently, he's internet access got interrupted so I'm pretty sure he won't be able to read this post soon. He knew about my little problem about sleeping, and he told me to write or play boring games every time I needed to sleep but can't go to sleep. So, here I am, writing, following his advice for the first time. The longest relationship I had lasted for two years; the second longest is this one with Bon. We've been buddies for over seven (or six, I think) months now, and I think the reason why it lasted this long is because I know that he has always been true to me. It's hard to resist people who really loves you and cares for you. Someone who understands your weaknesses and strengths more than you do. Bon, it worked, I fell asleep over 5 hours ago. I just woke up.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Now Watching: Pipo (Ang Batang Pro)

Finally, I saw the movie Pipo: Ang Batang Pro today, after weeks of downloading it online. The movie stars Tyron Perez, who played the title role, with Marco Morales, who played one of his friends. I'm not sure if the movie is about cyber sex and prostitution or about Pipo's personal financial struggle with his family. If anything, it could be both. His character reminded me that of Coco Martin's role in TV's Tayong Dalawa, minus the sex trade part. I know that our indie filmmakers are a little sensitive about negative reviews, but given the materials they're offering so far, I'm sure they're used to wannabe writers' and critics' harsh words. For people like us, however, they should know by now that there are only two ways that we could enjoy their works: First, a movie packed with a moving story, actors who could truly act, proper cinematography and good story lines or, second, since it seems so hard to achieve the first one, simply play with our dirty minds by adding up imaginative yet naughty scenes. Pipo failed in the former, and showed even greater failure in the latter. If this movie is a photograph, it's taken with a VGA camera, you know what I mean? But, at the very least, the movie is not as ugly as Discreetly, and other gay indie films I've seen recently. See The Bakla Review's take on the movie. Well, wasted time's over, let's just enjoy some good images from the cast of Pipo.

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Next Attraction: Pipo (Ang Batang Pro) (2009)

I will watch this movie in a bit. Lunch first. xx

Highest Philippine mountains: Top 10

I know for a fact that Mount Apo in Davao City is also the highest mountain in the country, but anything down the list I'm totally clueless. I'm sure Filipino mountain-climbing enthusiasts have lots of stories to share. I was the VP of our college's Environmental Society, and one project we spearheaded that year was the fun-filled visit to Mount Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas. That was the first time (and only time as of this moment) that I climbed a mountain. It's something I would love to try doing again. I just haven't met the right people who would love to try such a trip. So, anyway, see the country's highest mountains after the jump. (Picture above is of Mount Pulag.)

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