Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Some Southern Men

I was simply browsing through some pictures of mine online when I bumped into this male pageant competition called Mr Lapu-Lapu 2011, the search for the modern day hero. Read more: The first-ever search for Mr. Lapu-Lapu will not only be a contest of beauty, brains and body, but of brawns too! Just like the historical figure Lapu-Lapu, who defeated Ferdinand Magellan and his troupe of Spanish invaders in a battle by the Mactan beach in 1521— he who must be crowned come coronation night this April 16 must possess that remarkable character, physical strength and fierce love of community exemplified by the first hero of our country. While Lapu-Lapu’s shrine stands mighty on a plaza named after him in Mactan Island as enduring reminder of his bravery, the Lapu-Lapu City’s youth need a modern-day hero they can relate to, a male image they can strive to emulate. Pageant organizers hope they will find that role model in Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011. See pictures of some Mr. Lapu-Lapu 2011 contestants after the jump.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phil Younghusband covers Garage magazine

Phil Younghusband

Look Around, People!

Most of the time, we hear Willing Willie host Willie Revillame say a nonsense comment or two, but sometimes we don’t care because he’s a comedian, and there are a lot of comedians that are simply not funny. I feel sorry to hear though that he is hounded, yet again, with another controversy, this time, involving a young boy performing like an exotic dancer while crying via his noontime show. Willie Revillame and the show’s studio audience, who, like most Filipinos, have high tolerance towards slapstick comedy and stupidity, were all laughing out loud at the sight of the boy dancing. It’s just this YouTube clip that I’ve seen and not the whole show, and if Willie Revillame didn’t honestly know that the boy’s going to cry in the middle of his performance, then I don’t understand why suddenly it’s his problem. Did they expect him to stop the performance right there and then, sympathize with the child and turn this entertainment and variety show into a drama special? Why is the boy crying, anyway? Who forced him to join the show? Is it Willie? If there was a screening prior to the show going live, then now we know that the people who screened these contestants are just as clueless as what people think of Revillame. If DSWD is indeed taking the limelight to prove their existence by filing a lawsuit even if the child’s camp’s not taking that route, then I think that it will be just right if they also include in their complaint the people who ask the child to show off his talent in national television, who I think are the parents or guardians. Look around, people. BTW, Willing Willie, your cameraman sucks!

On Mossimo Bikini Summit 2011

Mossimo Bikini Summit is back, and this time it’s taking on a new name. Dubbed as Mr & Ms EcoTourism 2011, Mossimo (or is it something else now?) is bringing sexy back with the most prestigious and elite bikini summit in the country. Though I can’t name any sexy girl model who started her career via Mossimo Bikini Summit, I can name a few sexy actors and models who emerged through this competition. There’s Carlo Maceda, Douglas Robinson and Jordan Herrera from one of the earliest versions, then there’s Brent Javier, Jiro Shirakawa, Marco Grazzini, John Lopez, Angelo Cacciatore, Andrew Smith, to name a few. See more sexy Mossimo Bikini Summit alumni after the jump.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Farewell, John Apacible!

MANILA, Philippines – The remains of actor John Apacible were cremated Saturday afternoon in Angono, Rizal. His remains were brought to the cremation chamber at the Holy Gardens Cemetery 1:40 p.m. Before the cremation, Apacible’s body was first brought to the Our Lady of Light Parish in Cainta at noontime for the last blessings and to give chance for his family and close friends to have a last look at him. Apacible’s long time on screen partner Ana Leah Javier took time and hugged the actor. Last March 22, the actor was shot dead allegedly by his own uncle identified as Armando Rustia after a drinking session. His last television appearance was on ABS-CBN’s “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin” where he played a commandant of lead star Coco Martin. (I just heard about the news today. - Rent)

Excerpt from, 03/26/2011

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Meet Eric Eleazar

Eric Eleazar

Buenas Dias, Manila!

Buenas dias, Manila. Yes, I’m blogging this early. This is my Thank You post for the great turnouts last week, and I have everyone from around the world to thank. It’s the joy of blogging—knowing that anyone from around the world could check out your personal site and say, “Oh, so is that how it’s like to be in their city?” It’s also the same reason why my supposedly personal site became slightly the opposite of personal. I stopped writing about my personal experiences and escapades knowing that some friends and acquaintances check out Simply Manila from time to time. I still get the same amount of happiness each time I update this blog—my best diversion. Before this snitching kills my morning, let me go ahead and share last week’s popular posts, searches and visiting countries. Enjoy your pan de sal and coffee. Ciao for now.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surprisingly friendly

It’s kind of an uncanny noon for me today. My lack of sleep, the short power outage a while back and the climate change totally could, I discovered, ruin my poise and sanity. The moment I got hooked up, I noticed right away that there were only around seventy people online (others are still affected by the power outage in preparation for Earth Hour later tonight). For a changed, I clicked some familiar names and started asking them stuff I don’t normally ask. “Bakit, nga pala, bigla mo ‘kong napag-tuunan ng pansin mo ngayon?,” asked one indie actor from an upcoming film. It was fun, really. I told yet another indie actor that I got so amused to find out that the people from the indie film industry are surprisingly friendly. I listened to the rants of one actor who’s now in his early forty’s, and I realized from him that there is a big, cold war between MTRCB and the gay indie film industry. He was frustrated from head to toe. He said he’s normally like that, so I told him that he’s probably facing a midlife crisis. I can’t believe I told him that, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. The younger actor, on the other hand, didn’t show enthusiasm when we talked about his upcoming indie film. “Honestly, is it (Taksikab) worth watching?” He simply replied with the letters IDK followed by a smirking smiley. I said, “Thanks for being honest,” then we both laughed. I would like to share the whole conversation but they don’t really know I blog, so I’m sure that doesn’t sound lawful. However, let me share a few pictures of some sexy actors from the movie Taksikab after the jump.

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