Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet Me Halfway 1.7

I didn’t mean to cause a buzz in the office yesterday, but it just happened. During lunchtime (and by lunchtime, you should know that it means I’m halfway done with my shift, regardless of the time) yesterday, I went to someone else’s apartment to catch a nap, and, here comes trouble, I overslept. I initially wanted to take the night off because I didn’t have enough rest the whole day, but my direct superior requested that I focus on the first day of our nesting class, so it wasn’t the right timing to request otherwise. Even when I felt that my eye bags can beat Batman’s mask easily, I decided not to stir any issue by coming into work.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet Me Halfway 1.6

You have probably noticed my inactivity in the last few days, and whatever your hunches are, I am back to straighten things out. Last Wednesday (or some time last week), a mishap happened. While I was busy catching some Z's in the office, some burglars broke into our house and took away, among others, my computer's new LCD monitor. Long story short, I can't go online at home using my impaired gadget where I am most comfortable posting the right Simply Manila stuff. While I have limited resources in the office, thanks to firewalls and other inhibitions deemed necessary by IT, I will take this perfect opportunity to flex some neurons to produce, hopefully, stranger thoughts.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is Prince Stefan Gay?

Somewhere over the blogosphere, a rumor started to spread out like a contagious virus. And because he was featured in Simply Manila before, a little traffic came in drove from the people who wanted to take another look at this young actor (who I personally think has a larger than usual ding-a-ling down there since he has an Arab gene running in his blood, too). Yes, I’m talking about Prince Stefan, and rumor has it that he is (drum roll) gay! Some pictures of him with this stage actor allegedly named Red circulated online. If I’m not mistaken, they’re talking about Red Anderson, the guy who had a past with the openly gay and comedian John Lapus. It’s up for you to judge: Is Prince Stefan gay or not? See more pictures of this StarStruck alumnus and Red Anderson after the jump. Ciao for now.

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Kazaky: The male Pussycats Dolls

Sana ganito kagagaling ang ibang dance groups sa mga bars sa Pinas! Calling the attention of O Bar, Bed, P2 and the likes, get inspiration from Kazaky. Para may bagong aabangan.

Sexy Will Sandejas

Will Sandejas

Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet Me Halfway 1.5

Rent will be on training mode starting today! Yes, this marks another new experience for me in the office as I will be trained to learn the know-how of my account's Retention department. For the non-call center employees and avid readers of this blog, Retention (also referred to as Account Management) is where we try to save customers from cancelling their subscriptions and services, and also the department that is tasked to do the cancellation of accounts. More than three years ago when I started with the company as an agent, I worked in our Inbound Sales department where I learned how to sell our service in ways only a sales representative can imagine. It was fun, and it's a high-paying job. Over a year later, I was promoted to an entry-level supervisory position with a higher basic pay but with less commission. I was in Inbound Sales for exactly three years before I was transferred to Customer Care. I've been with Care for nine months now, and currently cross-training for Retention. This sounds exciting. Right, Rent? LOL. See you tomorrow morning. I have a hard-hitting question coming. LOL.

Even Spider-Man Needs Help!

Let me start a brand new week by posting last week’s top posts, keywords and visiting countries. Yes, it’s that time of the week again. This is one of the greatest weeks this year, and yesterday’s a bomb with a total of 6,154 page views. That’s just a day. Yesterday, I was also accused of “stealing” pictures by an anonymous reader. I understand where he’s coming from, but I honestly don’t claim ownership to every picture that’s posted in Simply Manila. If you don’t want your pictures posted somewhere else, don’t post it at all. Even PEP’s selfish measures can still be broken. But let me share another anonymous reader’s take on this: “May watermarks naman, isn’t that enough credits already?” I think that’s the most logical comment I’ve read this week. I have friends who are also in photography (like Vince Lopez), and that’s what he usually do. So, Sir, do that and you might even get more traffic to your site or blog through other people’s blogs. Even Spider-Man needs help. See last week’s stats after the jump. Ciao for now.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Frontal nudity is the key!

Eight more days to go and the men of Kubli, the latest gay indie film that will hit the big screen, are ready to wiggle their sushi rolls. Yes, according to code name Eliseo Gonzaga, these men (Johnron Tañada, Eugene Tejada, Dustin Jose and Jeremy Ian) all have frontal nudities in the said movie, contrary to the literal meaning of its title. The movie will be shown at the UP Film Institute in Diliman, Quezon City on August 15th, at PHP200 a ticket. If there’s anyone here who wanted to bring me to UP this coming Monday, I’m all yours. LOL. I’m just kidding. See the rest of the cast (covered for now) after the jump. Enjoy.

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Meet The Sexy Matador

Kung ganito ang itsura ng mga matador sa palengke, kahit pa sa Balintawak, magkukusa akong bumili ng karne araw-araw! Hahaha!

How To Find Me?

I have been using a BlackBerry smartphone for over a year now, and if there’s one thing you should know with having a BB phone, it is the fact that you are making yourself so much easier to find by acquaintances, friends or relatives, and even by strangers. Take me, for example. If a friend of mine wanted to know where I am, he could simply give me a call or send me an SMS message, right? If he doesn’t have that capability, he could reach me by pinging me on BBM. If he doesn’t have a BB phone, he could log on to the internet and shoot me an electronic mail. He could reach me by my AOL email, Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail. Or, if he’s really in a hurry, he could reach me through my IMs (Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger or Windows Live Messenger). If that doesn’t work, he could send me a message through Facebook or mention me in Twitter. Or perhaps he can track my Foursquare logins. If everything else fails, he can hope for the best and find me using Grindr. Yes, folks, that’s more than ten ways of finding me—made all possible by BlackBerry. Ciao for now.

Mario Maurer endorses local clothing brand Penshoppe

What makes Mario Maurer ticks? Let’s see: In an article published for Yahoo! Philippines, Maurer was cited as one of the country’s latest trending topics. “Last month, news broke that Thai model-actor Mario Maurer will be coming to the Philippines to endorse local clothing brand Penshoppe. Last week, the local social media scene was abuzz with rumors that he will do a movie with ABS-CBN actress Erich Gonzales. But Joyce Ramirez of Publicity Asia, the group that will bring Maurer to the country, said the selection of Maurer’s leading lady has yet to be finalized.” You know the drill, see more pictures of Mario Maurer after the jump. Ciao for now.

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Did you miss the sexy Andrew Wolff?

Andrew Wolff

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet Jared Alvero

Meet the latest addition to the ever-growing list of sexy Filipino men. Last Thursday, I featured a then unnamed hunky Boardwalk ramp model which was received well by Simply Manila readers. When an anonymous reader tipped off that his name is Jared Alvero, I quickly browsed the net to validate the name. Not only did I learn the guy’s name, but I also got several sexier pictures of him that I got instantly excited and thought of sharing it with you in no time. Let’s quote Discreet Magazine for a little Jared background: Jared Alvero is Brick Road Bodies 2011’s grand winner. The event was held at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta, Rizal last February 13th. See more of him after the jump.

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