Saturday, September 24, 2011

Homosexuality Is A Sin!

Recently, I suddenly had an interest in reading the bible by browsing randomly through it. I planned to read the bible before and I would usually start from the first book of the Old Testament which is, most of you already knew, the Genesis; then I get overwhelmed by the genealogy of Adam’s descendants and eventually stop reading it again. This time, which is working more for me, I only browse some verses and chapters that interest me the most—starting on the bible’s standpoint on homosexuality. I tweeted most of the significant verses that caught the attention of a few Twitter followers of mine. I didn’t mean to preach, and I was only tweeting those verses for my own reference.

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Sexy And He Knows It

Do you know his name?

Find big birds in Solution!

Darren and I went to Solution after an hour or two in Big Papa. For a gay bar, the name Solution doesn’t seem to fit, but aside from the name, everything else perfectly fits. It is also located in Pasay, somewhere near the Manila border, in a small commercial building. Solution differs from Big Papa in a lot of ways. For a start, Solution’s dance floor or stage is not elevated, and though it’s in the middle of the bar, guests who aren’t close to the middle will find it difficult to watch the performers (the comedians and the strippers), especially because it is also surrounded by the building’s pillars. Its ceiling is too stumpy you could almost touch it, and I think claustrophobic guests will feel uneasy with that.

Remember that on the same night, Big Papa had a very small crowd that you could actually count how many guests were in there, but Solution was not. In fact, it was too crowded that you have to allow other guests to join you if they run out of available table or couch. While it is expected that the club will be packed with PLUs, there are also a handful of women who seemed to really enjoy the night. I also had a brief moment of nostalgia when their comedians performed or spoofed old Filipino songs, songs that are actually older than me. They also used jukebox hits that apparently appealed to me that night. But let me also mention that their toilet is a little disgusting, and almost as awful as P2’s.

But what made my night are the boys. Yes, their macho dancers—the sexy, titillating (I hate that word!), supersonic, electrocuting, delicious dancers. If Big Papa is perfect for first-timers, Solution is the answer to those who are big gay bar fans. Based on my observation, the dancers here are, to put simply, veterans. Most dancers from Big Papa are young of age and young in the business, so if that’s your fetish, then it’s the place for you. Most strippers in Solution have no qualms in showing off their big, angry birds. I almost have to watch my cool all the time.

If it’s not for Darren, I will probably never find out that Solution existed. So, thank you, my friend, and I hope to see you again soon. BTW, the picture above is from Big Papa.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Meet Michael Elhag

Michael Elhag

Big Papa is big!

I may not be able to recount how I truly felt the first time I set foot in a gay bar because it happened several weeks ago, but I will give it a good try. A friend from Singapore, whom I shall call Darren, recently visited Manila for pleasure. He knew that I have never been to a gay bar in the past so before he even had a final plan to revisit Manila, he already promised me that he will take me there one day. That one day came true sooner than I expected. In the afternoon of August 28th, Darren and I went out to watch Final Destination 5 in TriNoma, which I thought would be our first and only meet up during his stay here. I was too skeptic, and probably judged too early, but Darren wasn’t I thought the Singaporean he would be. So after the movie, we talked about visiting one of Manila’s gay bars. Because of this and this, I suggested that we visit Big Papa which is located somewhere in Pasay, near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

My general thought of a typical gay bar is very much similar to that of Palawan 2, a gay-oriented comedy and disco bar in Cubao I visited more than five times in the past, filled with cock-hungry gay men, filthy ambience and filthier toilets. Yet again, I judged too early. Once inside Big Papa, I instantly thought, “This is big, indeed!” The place, that is. The fact that the bar doesn’t have many guests that night probably maximized its already large area. The couches are surprisingly tidy, including all other tables which were mostly unoccupied during that time, as well as the restrooms. The manager, or that’s how I call them, anyway, told us that they also have VIP rooms where guests can utilize their karaoke and probably other perks unknown to many. Darren said it was too early for us to visit, which somehow explained the almost empty place. It wasn’t Darren’s first time there, and with his vast knowledge on Philippine gay bars, I couldn’t think of a better person to be with other than him.

If I recalled correctly, only one so called macho dancer showed off his cock while dancing. Most Big Papa male strippers are young, not too muscular but generally good looking. Since it was my first time, I got nothing to compare it with, and for a first timer, Big Papa is the perfect place to visit. A group of three, composed of one gay guy and his two female friends arrived few minutes before we left, and I think that they tabled someone because a “show up” happened. I think that’s how they call it, where all available strippers line up in front of you so you could finalize your selection. The manager who assisted us thought that Darren and I are lovers, so it helped that he didn’t bug us to table someone. Darren said it’s always better that you bring along someone with you so you will not be bombarded by these managers, but anyway, they’re not as irritating as I thought they would be.

Later that night, we also visited Solution, a gay bar also located somewhere in Pasay. It was a totally different experience and, man, it was hot. I will let you know about it next time. Ciao for now.

The sexiness that is Neil Etheridge

Neil Etheridge for Folded & Hung