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Rocco Nacino: So Damn Sexy!

Rocco Nacino

Preview Puts Charice On The Cover

Filipina singer Charice on the cover of Preview magazine!

On MMFF: Dingdong Dantes wins Best Actor award

Simply Manila, by the way, would like to congratulate Dingdong Dantes for his first Best Actor award he received recently in the Metro Manila Film Festival’s awards night. He won for his role in the movie Segunda Mano. I have seen only Segunda Mano and My Househusband this year so I am not in the position to agree that ER Ejercito deserved the award more for his role in this year’s Best Picture awardee, Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story. I was sure, on the other hand, that Eugene Domingo was at her best when she played the role of a desperate kabit in the movie My Househusband. She won the Best Supporting Actress award on the same night. Congratulations, Eugene and Dingdong.

Sexcapades In Bizarre Places

I have been trying to list down all the names of the people I had sex with and, so far, not counting the people my mind can’t remember, at the age of 25, I got 91. I made this list when my friends and I talked about it one time, and since my partner partly wanted to know. He, on the other hand, had sex only with two people in his entire life, me included. Mine isn’t record-breaking. But it is, even for me, a huge number, isn’t it? I also tried to write down all their names. I know the first and last name of 34 of them. As for the rest, I could come up only with their first names. Or the place where we did it. Or what happened that day or night. It is surprising also to find out that I’ve been having sex in bizarre, public places: in a park, at the National Library, in our school’s bell tower (or what it used to be), behind a car in the shadows, at the EDSA Shrine, in saunas, in public toilets, in fire exits, among others. I consider that now as my fetish. LOL. Before you judge me, fine people, try to count yours first. LOL. Enjoy 2012. Ciao for now.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sexy Body. Sexy Lips.

From the contest Man of the Year. Do you know his name?

It Is Raw. It Is So Real.

I was browsing some restricted blogs in the office today by clicking on the blogs linked to blogs that are linked to Simply Manila. Only Google-powered sites are accessible in the office so I can only visit Blogger sites. I was shocked to discover sites like Blessed Cain and X-T Pinoy Men. You can Google it. I like Blessed Cain particularly because the owners featured pictures of ordinary Filipino men in nude, no matter how disgusting the pictures are. But that’s the essence of the blog. It is raw. It is so real. They feature men they can pick up around, and everyone else they see from their car windows. It sounds like these gay guys, promiscuous as they are, are really having so much fun living life and living queer. Though we have our own dirty fantasies and whatnot, let me remind everyone to always practice safe sex. HIV and AIDS just killed a former employee of our company very recently, and this is something we don’t want to happen often. Let’s practice safe sex all the time. Use a condom.

Farewell, Tyron Perez!

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATE) – Actor Tyron Perez was found dead inside a vehicle in Valenzuela City Thursday night, police said. According to Senior Superintendent Wilben Mayor, Perez’s body was found dead at the backseat of a black Toyota Altis parked along the service road of the North Luzon Expressway in the vicinity of Barangay Ugong, Valenzuela. Police said Perez died of a gunshot wound on the right side of his head from a caliber .22 firearm. The gun was found beside the victim's body. Police said they are looking at the possibility that the wound may have been self-inflicted. Investigations are still ongoing. Perez, 26, first stepped into the limelight when he joined a television network’s reality talent show in 2003. He was recently a part of the defunct ABS-CBN television drama series, “Mula sa Puso.” Perez also appeared in the December 3 episode of “Maalaala Mo Kaya,” where he played the love interest of Ejay Falcon’s character.

Report from Charlie Mendoza, radio dzMM
From the ABS-CBN news app
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ooh la la! The sexy Josh Ivan Morales!

Josh Ivan Morales

Meron Akong Malaking Puso

Madalas akong masabihang manhid ng maraming tao. Insensitive. Walang pakialam. Lahat ng exes ko sinasabihan ako ng ganito. Lahat na yata ng synonyms ng insensitive naibansag na sa ‘kin. Kahit yung term na defeatist, itinawag na rin sa ‘kin minsan ng isa kong professor. Kasi kahit ako ang talo minsan, tinatanggap ko na lang ‘yon na talagang parang walang pakialam. Gusto n’ya yata umiyak ako dahil natalo ako sa presidential election noong college pa ‘ko.

Sinubukan kong alamin kung paano ako naging insensitive. Napasulat pa ‘ko ng isang article tungkol sa childhood ko na na-i-publish ko na dito dati. Kahit bitin ‘yon, marami namang natuwa. Medyo jinustify ko lang ng konti ang pagiging insensitive ko at binigyan ng konting historical background. Pero hanggang ngayon, napapaisip pa rin ako at nangangarap na sana hindi ako naging ganito katigas. Pwede pa siguro kung sa ibang aspeto na lang ako tigasin. Pero buong pagkatao ko medyo matigas talaga.

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On MMFF: The big winner is 'Manila Kingpin'

Taking home the huge awards was the movie Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story in the awards night of the 37th Metro Manila Film Festival. The event was held at Resorts World Manila Performing Arts Theater in Pasay. A total of 11 trophies were bagged by Manila Kingpin which includes Best Picture, Best Screenplay for Roy Iglesias and Ray Venura, Gatpuno Villegas Cultural Award, Best Supporting Actor for John Regala, and Best Director. Meanwhile, actress Maricel Soriano was the Best Actress for their movie Yesterday Today Tomorrow. Earlier, it was reported that the actress will not attend the awards night along with the other actors after the controversial disqualification of their movie by the festival committee. The disqualification came about after knowing that the movie violated the rules of MMFF. In the Best Actor category, Dingdong Dantes was the winner, however the actor was not present. He starred in the suspense-thriller movie Segunda Mano with Kris Aquino. Eugene Domingo won Best Supporting Actress for My Househusband.

Where Is Orange And Lemons?

It’s one boring day in the office so I roamed around the expanse of the almost vacated stations of our building when I saw C.M., an agent of the company I am working for who was a former member of the now disbanded Orange and Lemons—the band who popularized the controversial song Pinoy Ako. He shared how the band succumbed to an end and narrated the bittersweet challenges the upcoming members faced when they tried to continue the legacy of the original members. There’s the member who strongly disapproved the continuation of the name Orange and Lemons, the members who denied the alleged copying of the song Pinoy Ako from The Care’s Chandeliers, the kuripot (thrifty) manager, among others. It sounded to me that no one benefited from this hullaballoo. The Journey has journeyed through years and decades even when some of their original members have left the group, and so are local bands like Rivermaya and Eraserheads. So, what’s wrong with these emerging bands? Mabilis kasi lumaki ulo ng mga bagong bandang sumisikat pa lang, said CM.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Is Mo Twister A Psycho?

Is Mo Twister a psycho? After taking a video of himself sharing one of the darkest secrets a girl could have, in this case, Rhian Ramos’ abortion scandal, here’s yet another disturbing visual that could really hurt a girl’s reputation. When I got the chance to watch Mo Twister one time on TV during an interview, I initially thought that he’s such an ambitious little freak who runs after a beautiful girl’s love and attention, hoping that the girl would give in to his fantasies and eagerness. When he said there was something special between him and Rhian during the same interview, he did not say that they are actually together. I think it’s safe to assume that Rhian doesn’t really want him to be a partner and she was just trapped into this tight friendship circle. His fascination was reciprocated because of utang na loob (debt of gratitude) and nothing more. She doesn’t really like you, Mo. Get over it. Don’t waste your time destroying this young girl’s reputation. You got her fooled once. Now, move on.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet The Nvoyz

When we were scouting for performers for our company’s annual Christmas event, we have seen several young talents who have been entertaining bar-goers and party people for several years now. There were great performers with voices that could imitate a variety of musicians from local divas like Jaya and Regine Velasquez to international superstars like Beyoncé and Mariah Carey. While most of these performers are people like us (PLUs), there are also those who are just cute and charming like this music act called Nvoyz. They were at the Polari Comedy Club last week in Tomas Morato not to perform but to celebrate a successful performance from an event hosted by Coca-Cola, but nevertheless, they wowed the audience (most especially the boyband fanatics) with a few impromptu performances. I can post the videos soon. Nvoyz members are Jay, Kevin, Rhyle, Bryan, Lester and Harry.

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Do you also have a bulge fixation?

Men, whether straight or gay, will always find themselves fixating on the other person’s assets—the straight guy instantly checking on women’s breasts and whatnot, and the gay guy instantly checking on men’s bulges. That explains why some men doesn’t want their girlfriends or wives wear slutty dresses in public because they know how a man’s brain works. Every gay guy knows, too, that most of us, if not all, will immediately fantasize on the package of a man once they see it’s bulging from the outside. Or maybe it depends on what one prefers from a guy. Maybe some gay guys would check on one’s biceps and triceps first. Or sexy butts—one thing that I would check along with the bulge. LOL. What would you check from a guy? While you do that, let me know if you find Ahron Villena hot.

Next Attraction: Bagito

John Paul Gonzales

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Re-Entering Alcoholandia

My friends and I are going to a comedy bar tonight. This is somehow a long day and this is just what I needed to re-enter alcoholandia. I am not really the type of person who makes drinking a habit in contrary to what one of my exes said before. I am just occasionally friends to people who loves to drink regularly, and now that I don’t see them so often again, they made me a vice-less person. Not that it’s bad, it’s just corny at times. Don’t you think? I think this friend of ours who, by the way, just took advantage of that free HIV testing offered by the Love Yourself project (I think that’s how it’s called!) and was happy with the negative results, will take us to this comedy bar called Polari Comedy Club. I heard about it only today. And since I always have a sexy picture for each blog entry, let me post Marc Gueco’s current Twitter primary photo. Just because. Enjoy your week, Simply Manila readers. Ciao for now.

Sexiest Lips 2011

Borgy Manotoc

Sexiest Female Musician 2011

Anne Curtis

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Polygamous By Nature

Men are polygamous by nature. Gay guys are men. Therefore, gay guys are polygamous. If the first statement is an absolute phrase, then by logic the following statements are correct. Sometimes I wonder if addiction to sex is a habit that should be mitigated. And how do we measure sex addiction? If we always fantasize about men but rarely engage in actual sex, will you be considered a sex addict? Or you just have the symptoms? I was with a gay guy friend at the Sky Garden in SM City North EDSA a while back, and it has become a habit of ours to comment on every good-looking guy we see around. And on rare occasions, I find myself reciprocating eye contacts and smiles with another gay guy. If one of us could take the risk of asking one’s phone number, the higher the chance that we will end up in bed any time soon. Yet another meaningless sex will transpire, and it’s only after (sex) that I will realize how intriguing our libido can make us do un-smart decisions sometimes. Maybe I am addicted to sex. But if I will run a list in my head (of people that I had sex with)… Damn!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sexy Enrique Gil

Enrique Gil

Is HIV Common In Manila?

Is AIDS a common disease in Australia? There are rumors that RJ Rosales died of AIDS in Sydney, Australia, and after Google-ing that entire first sentence, the first article that showed up confirmed that “HIV and AIDS are most common in the eastern states, particularly in Sydney”. Some of the gay guys I knew personally are addicted to sex, whether they admit it or not. I think I am, too. LOL. But let’s take time to evaluate our habits. I heard from Migs the Manila Gay Guy that during their campaign for free HIV testing, a handful of the results turned out positive. Sydney’s greater metropolitan area is the most populous in Australia with approximately 4.6 million people, and Metro Manila alone is the world’s 11th most populous metropolitan area with over 11 million people. Is AIDS common in Manila? Accordingly, “the number of Filipinos infected with HIV/AIDS has been on the rise since 2007” but the real answer can be scary. When I was a teenager, I was raging with hormones, and if the teenagers today are just about the same, then they need guidance from the ones who should know better—the smart ones, the pros, the elders, among others. Let’s practice safe sex all the time. That masseur you hire could be a carrier. That gay guy you pick up in cinema houses or bars could be a carrier.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Xian Lim

With over 5k tweets to date and 421,778 followers, Mint’s Xian Lim is one of the celebrities whose presence in Twitter can really be felt. Is he and Kim Chiu an item? I know he’s one of the lead actors of the ABS-CBN primetime soup My Binondo Girl where Kim Chiu stars, but I’m not really updated about his personal life. His tweets, however, are overflowing with love and appreciation. Here’s more on Xian Lim from Wikipedia: Xian Lim is a Filipino-Chinese model and actor. He landed his first major acting role when he was cast in the TV adaptation of the 2009 film Katorse. He is studying Management at the University of the East where he was also a member of the university's men's basketball varsity team. Lim is a contract artist of Star Magic. He starred in a few minor roles before landing a lead role in Katorse. He was one of the leading men of Erich Gonzales. In 2010, he got a supporting role in Rubi as Luis Navarro. He became a special judge in Showtime during its summer special. Then, he guest starred in 100 Days to Heaven as Jojo Villanueva. In 2011, he landed another lead role in My Binondo Girl top-billed by Kim Chiu.

Now Showing: The Road

Here’s one rare good Pinoy movie occurrence! The latest work of Yam Laranas is a must-see horror flick, starring TJ Trinidad, Carmina Villaroel, Rhian Ramos, among others. The Road, not related to the phenomenal novel by Cormac McCarthy, is the best Pinoy horror movie I’ve seen in years, and even without genre discrimination, it is one of the most well-crafted Pinoy movies in the past five years. When I watch a movie, I look forward not only to see a substantial storyline, I also pay close attention to how it is delivered in film, so dynamics like casting, cinematography, editing, sound and musical scoring, among other technicalities, matter to me big time. With his Hollywood exposure (through The Echo), Yam Laranas effectively factored in that Hollywood touch and feel in the movie. In this film, Yam Laranas also featured both old and new faces in the industry, and personally, I am pleased with the performances. Even without deploying massive marketing techniques to attract viewers, the film could easily sell through word-of-mouth. Did it hit? That I don’t know.

Meet Jake Galeon

Jake Galeon

Farewell, RJ Rosales!

Filipino-Australian RJ Rosales passed away last Sunday, December 4, in Sydney, Australia. He was 37. Roseo José “RJ” Rosales (March 24, 1974 – December 4, 2011) was a singer, actor, musical theatre performer and TV presenter. Born in Manila, his family migrated to Sydney, Australia when he was thirteen. He spent his early adult years in Sydney, where his family still resides, while he constantly moved to Singapore and Manila for work. Rosales finished a BS Mathematics degree from the University of Western Sydney and worked as a banker before entering show business.

Excerpt from Discreet Magazine, 12/6/2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meet Mark Luz

In the latest Pinoy Big Brother edition, I have watched only two episodes so far—both because I visited a friend who lives somewhere in Project 8 and who seems to be a Kapamilya fanatic. We were there one time to edit some photos and videos for the launching of our company’s own version of the Idol series, but we ended up playing Pinoy Henyo, a phenomenal game in the country where one guesses the word written in a paper and displayed on his or her forehead by asking questions that are answerable by yes, no or possible. But before that, we were chit-chatting over Jack Daniel’s while the latest Pinoy Big Brother was on TV. While there were a handful of good men, only one caught my hormone, the guy named Mark, who has the looks I dig. Not just for a night stand! LOL. I hope that that look comes with talent, otherwise he’s just another pretty face that we see on TV.

The sexiness that is Matteo Guidicelli

Matteo Guidicelli

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Longest Tongue In Showbiz

For some reason, I wanted to post this picture of Topher Barreto than to write on Mo Twister’s twisted video on his revelation about his girlfriend Rhian Ramos’ abortion issue. (She doesn’t want a child from you, that’s it. Plus her morals are really questionable that she could used a psychiatrist’s help.) I know that Topher Barreto is not that popular but that’s one thing I like about Simply Manila, I could write about anything I would like to write, and still get people to read it. This indie film actor, who I assumed starred in forgettable gay indie films in the past few years, probably validated a record for the Longest Tongue in Philippine Showbiz. I suddenly remembered Sex and the City’s Mister Pussy who just loved to put his tongue down there to pleasure women. I wonder if he’s about the same. Rim, anyone?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Piolo, stay closeted!

While at Somethin’ Fishy a while back, our Finance Specialist diverted the conversation to the Piolo Pascual-KC Concepcion break-up when we started asking about retirement fee, and she was successful. We talked about the hot issue to give ourselves a break from the corporate crap, and the table turned into a gossip haven. Everyone must have concluded the Piolo Pascual gay issue by assuming that he is indeed gay after watching the interview of KC Concepcion last Sunday and by dissecting the meanings behind her statements. Piolo Pascual must be under great pressure right now to break his silence, to apologize, to come out, or whatever it is that he needs to do to mitigate the damage. I think that coming out will not do good in his career or his relationship with KC. I think there’s no straight-acting gay ever survived Philippine showbiz which has totally embraced the backwards mentality of most of us Filipinos. Unlike in Hollywood where the likes of Cheyenne Jackson (Glee’s Dustin Goolsby) can play straight roles in mainstream television, if you are a gay actor in the Philippines, unless you are willing to be used occasionally to play straight characters for everyone’s amusement, you can only play gay roles. So, Piolo, if you’re not yet ready to leave the limelight, stay closeted.