Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mr. Globe Philippines 2012: Mark Arvin Bautista

Mr. Globe Philippines 2012 was held recently, April 28th to be exact, at the Girl Scout of the Philippines Auditorium in Manila. At the end of the event, John Joshua Aquino was crowned as the winner. Mr. Globe Philippines is held annually, and the 2012 event is the pageant's 9th edition. Some alumni include Gino Quintana (Mr. Globe Philippines 2010 winner) and Jomel Morgadiz (Mr. Globe Philippines 2011 winner). The guy in the picture above is Mark Arvin Bautista, one of the 27 finalists this year. He landed in the Top 15, and also won the Best in Barong award. Tell us if you think he is hot.


Paolo said...

Sobrang payat! Pero sabi nga nila kapag payat.....yun na!

RentVilleWorld said...

I had the same thought