Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life Thru Insta: Under My Umbrella

Earlier this year, I’ve travelled to Boracay in time for the Valentine’s Day. For someone who gets tired of the usual sights and sounds of Manila once in a while, Boracay makes an excellent breather. It was too bad I have to travel with people who have been there for the first time. I really never wanted to be an accidental guide, but had fun, nonetheless. While walking through the busy alleyway on the beachside, I found these inverted umbrellas. I know it’s nothing new, but I found them picture-worthy, anyway. (The title comes from the lyrics of the 2007 Rihanna song Umbrella.)


Wizzdumb said...

where to you think the water goes when it rains?

RentVilleWorld said...

Sa gitna siguro. LOL