Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Brent: The return of Brent Javier

MANILA, Philippines - I’m gonna do this. The time is now.”

This is what top model Brent Javier had to say about his “comeback,” joining Mercator Artist and Model Management Inc. with Jonas Gaffud. “It just feels like the right one for me. The right ideas, the right people, and they’re doing very well,” Brent says. “They believed in me, and that convinced me that I made the right decision.”

With Mercator, the agency that has brought us the likes of Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio Ide and Venus Raj, Brent will be doing a little bit of everything, from acting to hosting, and of course modeling.  And who exactly is this new person he’s coming back as? “Someone who’s a little bit more mature, a little bit hungrier, and out to prove that he’s still here for a reason.”

Grand intentions aside, we at Supreme wanted to get a good sense of how a typical day for Brent Javier went, so not only did we invite him to the studio to give us a full reenactment, we asked him to bring the actual things he uses: from his pillows, comforter, and PJs to his plate and drinking glass. Here are the things we found.

While those muscles certainly don’t look lazy, Brent admits that it takes a while for him to get out of bed even after he’s hit the alarm. He likes to lie down figuring out what to do for the day. If we were in this photo, we’d have a pretty hard time getting up, too

It takes Brent 10 minutes to shower, and the longest he’s gone without one is three days, whether due to the bitter cold of Canada or a string of hectic days when he simply does not have the time. Not that it matters much. He says he doesn’t really have body odor. Now, how is that fair?

On a regular day, Brent just throws on a simple T-shirt and jeans/joggers before heading out the door. And he never leaves the house without a lighter in his pocket.

Brent likes to eat out and try different restaurants. We also asked him what dish he’d like if a woman were to cook for him. His answer: “As long as it’s made with love. Even if it doesn’t taste good, as long as I know she tried and made the effort.” We honestly don’t know how to cook, but last we checked even Lucky Me pancit canton can be made with love.

Brent hits the gym three to foure times a week and likes to especially focus on his abs. His advice for those who’ve been trying and failing to get their six packs to the surface? Consistency. “No matter how awesome your workout is, it won’t matter if you only do it once a week.”

Shoots involve a lot of waiting time, which Brent spends on his phone Instagraming, tweeting, and

checking Facebook. But on the upside he gets to travel a lot, meet new people, and enjoys portraying new roles that aren’t like him at all.

Just like the rest of us, Brent likes to go out with friends and grab a few drinks at the end of a busy day. There are also nights when he chooses to stay in and just surf the Internet, watch TV, or read a book.

Unknown to many, Brent downloads hypnosis tracks on his phone and listens to the calm, soothing voices to help him relax and fall asleep. Fifteen to 20 minutes into the track and he’s knocked out. He also confides that he’s been having nightmares lately. We’d hold him in his sleep if he’d let us.

From The Philippine Star


Lyka Bergen said...

I saw Brent in Boracay one time. He has the sexiest feet ever. promise!

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i really love brent. hahaha

SimplyManilaAdmin said...

Me too

Jayr said...

I'm an avid fan of ur Blog :)

can i have pictures of Brent without the censura? :)

xavier randol said...

hubad talaga si papa brent sa pic na ito? grabeh! tsalap siguro ng nota niya... ;-]

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Bat ganoon? Kunware walang saplot pero di naman kita yung gusto natin makita, sana pakita na lahat. Ultimate crush ko pa naman siya

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sexy~~~ ^__^

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Ay buhay! Pag pa laos ka na, kailangan mo na maghubad! sige lang brent, hubad ka lang ng hubad kasi wala ka namang talent sa pag arte, pag sayaw at pagkanta. Hanggang dyan ka na lang, hubadero.