Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can MMK pull off this gay relationship drama?

Learning two days ago that Joem Bascon and Carlo Aquino will play as gay lovers for the drama anthology MMK didn’t come as a surprise to me. In the past few years, Philippine television has shown grace consistently to the gay community through their dramas and shows. And from time to time, we see bolder moves like this, which goes to show how this country has embraced the idea of gay relationships, but beneath this social graciousness lays mockery from people who held more traditional values and backward attitudes. This makes coming out for some gay people like me so hardly rational. It’s appreciated to see these kinds of shows in television, but it’s hard to trust that these writers and directors can pull off a supposedly sensitive issue without unconsciously sending off the wrong message again. For all we know, this could just be a ploy to help the careers of the two straight actors. For the rest of you who would be watching the show, keep your eyes open and your mind wide open.