Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On last week’s stats: It’s inspiring to see these numbers

Last week is probably one of Simply Manila’s most successful weeks in terms of number of visits and page views. For Saturday alone, the total page views of this blog is over 7,500—probably setting a new record this year. It’s inspiring to see these numbers; it motivates me to keep going, and, at the same time, I am excited to see where this blog is going. I’m not positive that my aptitude in writing developed in the past years spent on blogging (and I honestly think it even diminished), so what I have in mind at the moment is to explore more on creative writing as I enter my seventh year as a blogger. If you share the same passion as mine, I am still on the hunt for interested contributors. Do you know anyone who wants to blog, too? Or do you have anything you wanted to share? I am interested to publish anyone’s input on anything under the sun, and even more interested for a long-term partnership. If you want to be a temporary or permanent Simply Manila blogger, please email me at simplymanila (at) hotmail (dot) com to discuss anything. In the meantime, see the top posts, search keywords and visiting countries from last week after the jump.

Popular Posts
Nov 20th to 27th

Search Keywords
simply manila, 109
rigodon movie, 84
andrew wolff philippines, 20
piolo pascual, 18
andrew wolff, 16
manila gay guy, 16
filipino gay blogspot, 13
alexandre kristoffer lee, 12
gilles marini, 12
beautiful.pinoy.men, 10

Pageviews by Countries
Philippines, 29731
United States, 5021
United Arab Emirates, 807
Canada, 770
Indonesia, 759
Singapore, 698
Malaysia, 536
Thailand, 486
Japan, 457
Germany, 268


JayR said...

Hi Lexie. I wanna be a part-time contributor..my email is at jr_intrepido@yahoo.com

Pls email me the details :)

SimplyManilaAdmin said...

Will send you an email. hey, who's Lexie?