Monday, November 26, 2012

Watched Twilight's final movie: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

We, the love of my life and I, went to TriNoma last night to watch the screening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part Two. I’ve read the entire book series years ago, so even with slight deviations, I kind of know how the story goes. I felt like I was there just because. I’m not here to talk about the movie, though. To be honest, in the past few months or probably years, I lost interest in going to malls to simply watch a movie. I hate long queues (though it wasn’t that crowded last night), the loud ambience or maybe just the mere sight of too many people—it’s just too much for me. But I wasn’t there for me; I was there to save my tainted 15-month relationship from completely falling apart. So even when I have this terrible cough that just won’t get away, I stormed the fucked up streets of Manila and wielded enormous hard work to look a bit optimistic.

I was off to a bad timing when we drove through Quirino Highway (in the Sauyo area) where Maynilad (yet again) occupied two lanes to fix their pipes during rush hours. I wonder if they’re deliberately taking their time because it obviously seemed to me that they’re not bothered about interrupting the daily lives of thousands, if not millions, of people every day. It’s not rocket science they’re doing out there. If these private companies or even government agencies are digging up to build tunnels or railways, I would understand the delay. They’re just laying pipes (“Dadaloy ang ginhawa” your face!) and it’s taking forever. Have they weighted the cost-benefit ratio or even considered buying newer equipment to make their jobs easier and faster?


boi said...

In other countries they do the work at night when there is no traffic. Kaya lang sa Pinas pag gabi, lasing na sila kaya ayaw mag trabaho...hehehe.

SimplyManilaAdmin said...

Well I hope they're working on deadline and finish it as scheduled