Saturday, December 15, 2012

From Multiply: Random Pinoy Hotties (Part 3)

I have started migrating the pictures from my Multiply site to this blog after hearing about its closure about two weeks ago. I don’t have the exact date at the moment, but hey, might as well start early and close my account before the said social networking site shuts its services down. If you have a Multiply account, better transfer all your pictures and videos someplace else to save ‘em from annihilation. For me, this is already the second part of this migration, and hopefully I would be able to finish lining up all these pictures here today before it’s too late. From here on out, you will see ten random photos for each part. I was careless for not knowing the names of the other Pinoy hotties in these pictures when I saved ‘em over five years ago, but jump in and enjoy this new Random Pinoy Hotties series.

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