Monday, February 27, 2012

Richard Yap: The hot daddy we never knew!

When did we find a 40-ish guy became hot and popular while at that age in Philippine television history? Normally, they work their way to the top from their teenage days, right? By hook or by crook? Well, here’s one guy who, 10 years ago, probably never knew he would be exposed in this kind of spotlight. Meet My Binondo Girl’s Richard Yap (and his dancing nipples). He’s sexy and all, and he’s 44 as per the last article I bumped into. That’s new. I like it. Click here for more.

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Simply Manila is back!

Blogging is in my blood. No matter what happens after a long break, I would still go back to blogging like an addiction I can’t get easily shake off. So what’s new? And what’s old? As I was living a humble though hectic life away from the internet, I realized one thing: That gay indie films and gay-related advocates live strongly online, and not as much in the real world. Without the internet, gay indie films are never heard of. They don’t exist. Or almost. So I think we owe one to this modernity and high-tech-ness—which has become the primal tool for gay power and awareness. Plus we get to share and save pictures we can’t save in our phones for our daily pleasure. As I start anew with blogging, I ask everyone to be more active in sharing their thoughts and hot collections. You can always reach me through almond0015 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks much. Have a good one.