Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Papa's sexy backward bend

Big Papa performer bending backward for the world to see!

Rumor has it: Martin del Rosario's rumored boyfriend

Before anything else, I heard that Martin Del Rosario and Zuher Bautista are lovers. Is that TRUE? Is Martin even gay? Who is Zuher Bautista? From Mykiru Isyusero: After I brought to you Michael Sanjay Chandumal last month, here's another new discovery from your favorite TV commercials. You might have hardly recognized him on commercials like Sky Flakes Onion & Garlic, Sun Cellular, Kotex, Bingo, Rexona and Jollibee Cheezy Nachos with Fries, but for sure, you have been totally caught by him on the Globe commercial with mega daughter KC Concepcion. Zuher Bautista's latest commercial is the one with KC inside a bus, wherein a group of girls and the boys were debating as to which gender is superior than the other, until KC uttered the now famous line, "women outlived men." The advertisement is actually for Globe's partnership with Yahoo! Other than being a model, Zuher also joined Star Circle Quest Season 1 and was one of the Top 20.

Now Watching: Election (1999)

Election is a 1999 American comedy film adapted from a 1998 novel of the same title by Tom Perrotta. The plot revolves around a three-way election race in high school, and satirizes both suburban high school life and politics. The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, a Golden Globe nomination for Witherspoon in the Best Actress category, and the Independent Spirit Award for Best Film in 1999. It stars Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon, and Chris Klein and tells the story of Jim McAllister (Broderick), a popular high school history and civics teacher in suburban Omaha, Nebraska, and one of his students, Tracy Flick (Witherspoon), around the time of the school's student body elections. McAllister's involvement with various school-related functions masks his frustration with other aspects of his life; Tracy is an overachiever whose obsession with getting into a good college masks a vindictive and manipulative personality. When Tracy obtains a nomination for class president in the school election, McAllister believes she does not deserve the title, and tries his best to stop her from winning.

Meet The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln

From Wikipedia: Andrew Lincoln (born Andrew James Clutterbuck; 14 September 1973) is an English actor, known for his television and film roles. He currently stars as Rick Grimes in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. Lincoln made his first on-screen appearance in "Births and Deaths", a 1994 episode of Channel 4 sitcom Drop the Dead Donkey. His first major role was Edgar "Egg" Cook, one of the lead characters in the highly successful BBC drama This Life (1996–1997). He went on to star as probationary teacher Simon Casey in the Channel 4 sitcom Teachers (2001–2003), and had a lead role as university lecturer and psychologist Robert Bridge in Afterlife (2005). Lincoln appeared in several films, including Human Traffic (1999) and Love Actually (2003). In 2009 he appeared in the stage production of Parlour Song. He went back to England after filming the Sky One TV series Strike Back in South Africa with Richard Armitage. He starred alongside Vanessa Paradis in Pascal Chaumeil's Heartbreaker. In April 2010 Lincoln was cast as Rick Grimes, affecting a southern-US accent in the live-action adaption of the comic The Walking Dead, and narrated the project at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International.

Did You Miss Aljur Abrenica?

Watch out for Bench Universe to see Aljur Abrenica in the flesh!

Meet The Sexy Ry Fariñas

Ry Fariñas, 5’10” | Star Sign: Pisces | Cutesy claims: “I’ve been told that I’m ‘inevitably’ funny and that I cook fairly well.” (His pasta marinara will make you want to take him home.) Brash confession: “Yes, I was once somewhat interrupted while doing the deed. So we had to go somewhere else to finish what we had started.” X factor: “Confidence with humility.”

Enjoy your Friday, folks!

Enjoy your Friday, folks. Love, Marx Topacio.

On Artista Academy: Meet Mark Neumann

This Filipino-Croatian Justin Bieber look-alike was born and raised in Germany, came to the Philippines when he was 12 years old, finished high school in Batangas, moved to England where he worked in a shampoo factory, returned to the Philippines and ended up pursuing a showbiz career via Artista Academy. He now lives in Quezon City with his uncle, who was the one who urged him to try getting into show business. In order for Mark to be fluent and comfortable with Tagalog, his uncle prohibits him from talking in English at home – a method that apparently works because Mark can speak Tagalog confidently with just a hint of accent which constant practice can eventually correct.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Next Attraction: I Do Bidoo Bidoo (2012)

What do you think?

Big Papa's southern touch

Take it off! Take it off!

The sexiness that is Marx Topacio

Marx Topacio, 6’1” | Star Sign: Virgo | His love lowdown: “I believe love entails some sacrifice. I’m definitely willing to make sacrifices for my loved one. That’s why I’ll go for a girl who’s going to do the same for me. She also has to accept my negative traits, just as I’ll love her despite her shortcomings.” Prelude to a liplock: “I want to be hugged first before I’m kissed.” Salt of the earth: “I’m a simple, hardworking guy. I learn from the hardships and trials that come my way.”

Is This Hot Enough For You?

Neilvin Dela Peña

Isaac's rising water forces more evacuees

LAPLACE, La. (AP) — The state sent scores of buses and dozens of high-water vehicles to help evacuate about 3,000 people from St. John the Baptist Parish after Tropical Storm Isaac pushed water from lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas into parts of LaPlace. Rising water closed off all main thoroughfares into the parish, which is about 30 miles west of New Orleans. In many areas, water lapped up against houses and left cars stranded. The water was being driven higher by south winds as Isaac passed to the west and was expected to continue rising through the night. Floodwaters rose waist-high in some neighborhoods, and the Louisiana National Guard was working with sheriff's deputies to rescue people stranded in their homes and surprised by the flooding. The floodwaters "were shockingly fast-rising, from what I understand from talking to people. It caught everybody by surprise," Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne said. More here!

Miss Earth 2012: Meet Miss South Africa

Miss South Africa Kim Rivalland

Manhunt Int'l-Nueva Ecija 2012's Mr. Photogenic

I guess a caption is not needed for this picture.

Men's Health features Jericho Rosales on their cover

Jericho Rosales on the cover of Men'a Health

On Artista Academy: Meet Jon Orlando

Calling himself a “half-Italian, half-Filipino from Canada,” Jon easily adjusted to living in the rough district of Lerma where his mother grew up, though people often tell him that his good looks make him stand out in the “squatter” community. “I truly love the people in Lerma because that’s where my mom is from. For me, it has always been about getting to know my mom’s past here in the Philippines. The more I looked, the more I fell in love with being here,” he shares. Jon arrived last February, and although he has been to the country many times before, he has never actually decided to stay for long – that is, until he made it to Artista Academy’s Top 16. With his looks, talent and intelligence, he is definitely one of the strongest contenders in the competition.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Papa's sexy Machete-like statue

Big Papa's dancers sometimes imitate the naked Greek statues!

On Glee: Is Quinn Fabray out of the Glee-verse?

Oh my, Quinn Fabray out?

Meet Big Bang's Taeyang

On the April 20th broadcast of SBS’s ‘Go Show’, Big Bang’s Taeyang showed off his witty variety show skills when he responded to a question by actress and show host Go Hyun Jung. Taeyang revealed that he has earned the nickname “Blood Type Oracle” for his accurate guesses on people’s blood types. To prove this, Taeyang correctly guessed the blood types of hosts, Yoon Jong Shin, Jung Hyung Dong, and Kim Young Chul. Amazed by Taeyang’s accuracy, Go Hyun Jung also requested him to guess her “blood type”. With a little hesitation, Taeyang answered, “My Ideal Type?” Go Hyun Jung immediately blushed at his response, giving a light smile as the other Big Bang members and co-hosts tried their hand at their own puns ending in the word “type”. More here!

Mega Man's Jericho Rosales: Man On A Mission

Jericho Rosales on the cover of Mega Man

On TV: Chris Cayzer Sings 'A Thousand Miles'

Boy band hopeful Chris Cayzer sings "A Thousand Miles" on The X Factor Australia 2011 (Week 2 Audition)

On Artista Academy: Meet Chris Leonardo

Chris admits that he wants to pursue a career in show business in order to build a better life for himself and his grandparents, who raised him after his mother left and had her own family in Japan. Chris has no idea of his biological father’s identity because his mother never wanted to talk about him and even kept all his dad’s photos from him. All he knows about his father is the surname Petrou. When he asked for his ex-girlfriend’s help in tracing the surname, they found out that the name is of French descent. Chris dreams of meeting his European father someday.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On TV: Gandang Gabi, Vice!

Sana available sa iTunes ang episodes ng GGV. Lalo na 'to.

Did you miss Janvier Daily?

Janvier Daily

Now Watching: Hellcats [Pilot]

Hellcats is an American cheerleading comedy-drama television series that originally aired on The CW in the United States from September 8, 2010 to May 17, 2011. Based on the book Cheer: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders by journalist Kate Torgovnick, the series focuses in the lives of college cheerleaders, mainly Marti Perkins (Aly Michalka), a pre-law college student who has to join the cheerleading team, the Hellcats, in order to get the athletic scholarship she needs. The main cast also includes Ashley Tisdale, Robbie Jones, Heather Hemmens, Matt Barr, Gail O'Grady and Sharon Leal. Hellcats has been described as "Election meets Bring It On" by critics. It received generally mixed reviews during its first season, obtaining a Metacritic weighted average of 51 percent, based on the impression of 22 critics. The series also earned a nomination in the 2011 People's Choice Awards.

Do You Have Christmas Undies Already?

It's starting to get to be that time of year again where all the holidays fall one after another. Month of "ber" is next week, and before you know it, BAM, it will be the end of the year. So why not start getting ready a little early with these Christmas undies from PAUL JONES COLLECTION. They are available exclusively through OVM Entertainment/Production this September.

On Artista Academy: Meet Brent Manzano

Turbulent is a word that can best describe Brent’s childhood. An emotionally battered child who was also physically abused by his mother and step father, the self-confessed Lonely Boy has moved from one place to another – from an island in Bulacan where he grew up and attended elementary school, to Cavite where he stayed until he was 17 years old, and to Manila where he decided to stay and take control of his life. He has joined many pageants and talent searches in the past, but it is with Artista Academy that he comes closest to realizing his potentials and fulfilling his dream of being the best person he can ever be.

Big Papa's shy dancer? Nah.

Big Papa performer. Where is he now?

When will terrorism in the Philippines totally end?

From Yahoo!: The suspect, Abdul Jandul, an alleged member of the Abu Sayyaf extremist group, was arrested by police and military agents on the troubled southern island of Basilan, a police statement said. Jandul, who also worked as an Arabic teacher in an Islamic school, had a bounty of 350,000 pesos ($8,400) on his head for his alleged role in the kidnapping of 29 teachers and students that resulted in three deaths. The Abu Sayyaf Islamic militants seized the teachers and students including a Claretian priest, Father Rhoel Gallardo, in Basilan in March 2000. Most of those captured were freed but Gallardo and three teachers were killed by the Abu Sayyaf. The priest was reportedly tortured before he died. Police have not said whether Jandul had allegedly taken part in the killings. The Abu Sayyaf has been blamed for the worst terror attacks in Philippine history, including bombings and mass kidnappings of foreigners and Christians. The group set up in the 1990s with seed money from Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network is based on remote southern islands, including Basilan. The number of Abu Sayyaf fighters has dropped from roughly 2,000 a decade ago to a few hundred today, according to security analysts. However they remain a threat in the south, capable of kidnapping locals and foreigners, as well as bomb attacks, partly due to support from members of local Muslim communities.

Hari Ng Luzon: Congratulations, Jaydan!

The winner of the first ever Hari ng Luzon is Jaydan of Pangasinan.

Enrico Mofar and his white wings

Enrico Mofar of Masculados Dos

Monday, August 27, 2012

It's getting hot in herrre!

Hello again! I had one hell of a weekend full of stuff I normally do when I’m broke or saving: movie/TV series marathon at the comfort of my home. It wasn’t really comfortable with my AC broke (the best it can do is breathe some fan air); well, you know the temperature in Manila: HOT like Zac Efron’s body. This time, I’ve introduced myself into some new TV shows I heard through the grapevine: The Walking Dead, Hellcats, and a few movies (the first three Mission: Impossible movies and Reese Witherspoon’s Election). So, since I had the weekend all to myself, I was able to line up a few updates for the rest of the month. Can you believe that? It’s almost ‘ber’ months. Let me say that my virtual presence this year will not be even possible without the chronic support of my fellow bloggers and avid readers. I am forever grateful. Enjoy the rest of your week. Love, Simply Manila.

Meet The 'Mr. Bachelor 2012' Candidates

The official candidates of Mr. Bachelor 2012 from Miong21.

Next Attraction: The Mistress

Welcome back, Team JLC-Bea. But I like 'Chloe' better.

Meet The Sexy 'Kumpare' Cast

From the movie’s FB page: The story of a married man’s forbidden love affair with his mysterious handsome neighbor and his discreet sexual desires over a group of male buddies (“kumpares”). With its insurmountable atmosphere of fatalistic and lustful danger, Kumpare invites you for a nighttime voyeurism encounter. Be prepared for a sweaty-and-kinky erotic experience.

Who's excited for this Bench event?

It will rain sexy men and women!

On TV: Geoff Eigenmann's bulge on display

OMFG! That's Geoff Eigenmann?

If Mahal Is A Furniture, She's A Chupa!

This happened in an actual interview?

Next Attraction: Pridyider (2012)

Starring Andi Eigenmann, JM De Guzman, Janice De Belen, Joel Torre, Ronnie Lazaro, Baron Geisler, Bekimon and introducing Venus Raj. This movie is directed by Rico Maria Ilarde under Regal Films.

On Broadway: First look at Bona

Manila, Philippines, August 25, 2012 — Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA) stage adaptation of the late Filipino film auteur Lino Brocka’s “Bona,” starring award-winning film actors Eugene Domingo and Edgar Allan Guzman, written by Palanca winner Layeta Bucoy, and directed by theater stalwart Soxie Topacio, opened last Thursday, August 23 at the PETA Theater Center. photographer Jory Rivera shares his photos of the production. See his pictures below! “Bona (Domingo) is a call center agent and an avid fan of Gino Sanchez (Guzman), a contestant in the talent search ‘Star of Tomorrow.’ Blinded by her obsession on Gino, Bona turns her back on everything she values and gives up nearly everything she has. Caught in a quicksand of worship, passion, and pity, Bona proves how obsession may overpower love, and may even lead to a person's demise,” says the production notes. Also in the cast are Phil Noble, Joey Paras, Jeff Henson-Dee, She Maala, Olive Nieto, Dudz Teraña, Junevir Tabor, Juliene Mendoza, Raffy Tejada, Jason Barcial, BJ Forbes, Anna Luna, and Gabs Santos. The play runs until Sunday, September 23. More here!