Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sexy Talk with Erik Santos

From The Philippine Star: While his contemporaries (Mark Bautista, Christian Bautista, et al) have loosened up and thrown clothes and caution to the wind, Erik Santos insists that he’s not ready to pursue that “daring” direction yet, even if he’s marking his late 20s on 10-10-10. “Is anybody stopping me from going sexy?” Erik asks. “No. Basta wala pa lang ako sa kondisyon.” His advance birthday concert set for Sept. 24 and 25 at the Meralco Theater is titled The Power of One (with Regine Velasquez and the UP Singing Ambassadors as guests on both shows; and Martin Nievera and Rachelle Ann Go on the first night, and Piolo Pascual on the second night), so you wonder, where does his power emanate from? “My throat,” says Erik, joking. He means his singing voice, although his fans are convinced that Erik spices that up with his own brand of sex appeal. Will he show a little flesh in his show? “Well, there are ‘surprises’,” Erik promises. “You will be surprised.” Unlike Gary Valenciano who, observed Funfare readers, acted “dainty and demure” in a previous “sexy talk,” Erik is playful in a teasing way, not putting on a “saintly” posture at all.

Funfare's Body Talk with Marlon Stockinger: "It's non-existent (sex life). I'm busy with racing."

From The Philippine Star: He describes himself as a work in progress and he’s literally racing with time. “I still have to do a lot of racing,” said Marlon Stockinger, 20, who is half-Swiss and half-Filipino. “There’s so much to be done.” In 2008, Marlon finished third in Rookie Cup in the Formula BMW Pacific Championships and a year later, placed fifth in the Formula Renault UK Winter Series. Last year, he was first-placer in the Formula Renault in UK and last October, he landed among the Top 5 in the over-all standing in the GP3 series held around the Catalan Circuit in Barcelona, Spain. In fact, Marlon has been bringing home trophies and honors from prestigious championship races since 2006. Asked how many trophies he has bagged so far, Marlon broke into his Albert Martinez smile and said, humbly, “Honestly, I have lost count.” Yes, he could be mistaken for Albert. Why, they could have been separated at birth. They have the same height (“I’m 5’7”,” Marlon claimed, although he looked more petite than that), the same aura and the same boyish appeal that arouses the maternal instinct in women.

Spotted: Zac Efron in the highlands of Bicol, Philippines

Zac Efron tweeted about his trip in Mayon Volcano!

I miss Jay Aquitania: His gazes are just magnetic!

Jay Aquitania

Spotted: Aly Borromeo preps up at the backstage for Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012

Aly Borromeo

I miss Harold Pineda: Where is this telag king now?

Harold Pineda

Meet Aldwin Huvalla: The hottie I never knew about

I honestly didn’t know about this vintage Pinoy ‘bold actor’ until recently. And that’s not surprising, because it wasn’t until the Leonardo Litton days when I started fantasizing on men. Since there’s a YouTube video of him, showing the Mr Pogi 1996 segment of Eat Bulaga, I assume then that he started his career through this male beauty pageant and talent search. Wait, isn’t that the same year as Jericho Rosales’ Mr Pogi days? I have this thing for vintage Pinoy hotties, so I hope there’s anyone here who could refer me to where I could rent or buy movies from the old days. Isn’t he adorable?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Simply Manila's most commented posts

In almost six years of Simply Manila history, this blog has generated almost 5,000 comments from readers who took a little of their time to share their views, opinions, comments, reactions, bashes, among others. While there’s the occasional hater, I would like to thank everyone who sincerely meant no harm in leaving those little footprints behind. And I wonder just recently: Which of these posts have the most comments? In this wee hour of the night, I took a little time to look back and rank Simply Manila’s top ten most commented posts. Here they are:

Check out Charice belting out Celine Dion's To Love You More and All By Myself

I miss her. Where is she? LOL.

Next Attraction: Suddenly It's Magic (2012)

Mario Maurer stars in his first Philippine-made movie!

Spotted: Alex Castro at the opening of the Bench-affiliated Cotton On in SM Megamall

Alex Castro with Bernard Cloma

Victor Basa at the Cotton On opening in SM Megamall

Victor Basa

Spotted: Joseph Marco at the opening of Bench-affiliated Cotton On in SM Megamall

Joseph Marco

Spotted: Sam Concepcion at the opening of Bench-affiliated Cotton On in SM Megamall

I love his shirt. Where did he get that?

Enchong Dee at the opening of Cotton On in SM Megamall

The Enchong at the opening of the Bench-affiliated Cotton On in SM Megamall

Is Mark Manicad gay or not?

Here’s an addition to the list of growing numbers of celebs, models, politicians, etc. rumored to be playing on the other side—Mark Manicad. I bumped into this article from The Gay Life of VinVin, and it included a screenshot of his timeline (@GayLifeofVinVin) showing his conversation with @rhed19 who claimed that he was Mark Manicad’s classmate in their 6th grade through 1st year high school. Mark Manicad, a Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 finalist, who confessed through Cosmo that he likes busty women (I like it when they wear tops with plunging necklines) laughed it off and denied the nasty rumors altogether. Anyway, I’m also experimenting on the Twit-world, so follow me @SimplyManila if you have anything to share with me. Thank you.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Spotted: Jose Sarasola walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 shirtless

Jose Sarasola

Baron Geisler walks the runway for Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 with shirts on

Is Baron Geisler lost in the woods?

Yet another daring Mark Manicad stint

Mark Manicad

Eric Tai walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 sweaty and shirtless

Eric Tai

Nate Burkey walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 shirtless

Nate Burkey

Spotted: Jonah Romero walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 shirtless

Jonah Romero

Simon Greatwich walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 shirtless

Simon Greatwich

Harry Morris walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 shirtless

Harry Morris

The Wolff at the Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012

Andrew Wolff

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kenneth Stern walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 shirtless

Kenneth Stern

Spotted: Aly Borromeo walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 shirtless

Aly Borromeo

Benedict Campos walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 in his green short shorts

Benedict Campos

Pancho Magno and his butt cheeks

Pancho Magno

Carlo Gonzales walks the runway of Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012 shirtless

Carlo Gonzales

Hideo Muraoka heats up Cosmo's Bachelor Bash 2012

Hideo Muraoka

Hear the same-sex experiences of Carlos Agassi, DJ Durano, Eddie Garcia, etc.

From Boy Abunda: Carlos Agassi, DJ Durano and Eddie Garcia all revealed that they already have same-sex or gay experiences. These they declared during the presscon for their movie, “Praybeyt Benjamin.” The movie stars openly gay Vice Ganda and the press present had asked them naughty questions. Veteran award-winning actor Eddie Garcia shared: “In my younger years, siguro I was 15 years old. Kailangan lahat ng bagay sa mundo, kailangan mo subukan.” This emboldened actors Carlos Agassi and DJ Durano. DJ Durano even said that it is pleasurable!: “Kailangan may experience dahil masarap.” Carlos Agassi did not actually and categorically confirmed it, but you can read it between the lines. When Kean Cipriano was asked if he had experienced gay love too, he denied it, to which Carlos Agassi said: “Sasabihin ko, kawawa ka naman, Bro, ikaw lang ang hindi.” Derek Ramsey who is one of the lead male star of the movie was absent. Is he avoiding the question?! It would have been exciting to hear his take on this. Vice Ganda said he is glad with the honesty of the three and that everyone should respect what they have revealed: “Masaya, liberating ‘yon para sa kanila. Positibo talaga ‘yun kasi we should accept diversity, ‘di ba? Kailangan natin tanggapin ang pagkakaiba ng bawat isa at respetuhin natin ‘yon.”

It's Markki Stroem with the G-Force hotties

Check out Markki Stroem only in his skimpy swimwear!

Check out Johnron Tañada's bulge under his black jersey shorts: "My sexual fetish!"

Johnron Tañada

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Carlos Agassi on his girlfriend Margo Midwinter

MANILA, Philippines – Former actor and Kapamilya hunk Carlos Agassi is now happily in a relationship with a Filipina-British law student, with whom he is ready to settle down with. "I guess, yes, kasi I met finally the right one. We’re 10 years apart so we don’t look it, but when she feels like settling down I’m cool with that," Agassi told entertainment website Push, when asked if he is ready to settle down with his current girlfriend, Margo Midwinter. Before she became a model in the Philippines, Midwinter was a student of law in the United Kingdom. "We just clicked. We just got along and parang everything fell in place," Agassi said, relating how their relationship started in December last year. "By accident, people thought she was my girlfriend on the first date and then in parties we were together and then we found out we had common friends because I didn’t know her friends were my friends and we both loved the same things so we just clicked," he added. During the recently held Star Magic Ball, the Fil-Brit beauty was Agassi's date -- the first he had ever brought to the annual all-star gathering. Introducing her to entertainment press at the time, Agassi said: "This is Margo Midwinter. She's my date... for life, hopefully." (From ABS-CBN)

Watch the full trailer of This Guy's In Love With U, Mare

Here's the full trailer of the reunion project of the Star Cinema and Viva Films. The film stars Vice Ganda, Luis Manzano and Toni Gonzaga. Box-office director, Wenn Deramas directs. This Guy's in Love with You Mare is set to be released in theaters nationwide on October 10, 2012. Tell us what you think, guys, or forever hold your piece. LOL. When I saw Luis Manzano for the first time on Cosmopolitan, I was like, "Wow!" When he started opening his mouth, I started to dislike him.

Watch the opening theme of 'Eat Bulaga Indonesia'

Wow, I love Indonesians!

Johnron Tañada: Wet 'n wild in white Dickies boxers

Johnron Tañada

Simply Manila's 2,000th post. Wow, it's been that long!

Thanks for patronizing Simply Manila!

Nico Cordova: The gorgeous Masculados Dos member

From Mykiru Isyusero (January 21, 2012): During the press conference for the Masculados Dos yesterday at the Dulcinea, Nico Cordova was the press favorite and stood out among the 7 members. Not surprising though because Nico, who just turned 21 last November, is the youngest and freshest of them all. Nico is currently not in a "serious" relationship right now. Apply kayo?

Now Showing: Yakman (D' Gigil King)

What do you think?

The sexy Markki Stroem

Markki Stroem

Dart Kamboozia: Where is this Masculado now?

Dart Kamboozia

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Men in bikini at the backstage of Bachelor Bash 2012

Who are these sexy models?

Spotted: John James Uy preps up at the backstage for Cosmopolitan's Bachelor Bash 2012

John James Uy

Meet Mr Pogi's Ezra Ballonado, 17, Single, Cavite

Did Ezra make it to the finale? Who won in this episode of Eat Bulaga's Mr. Pogi?

Now Watching: Kill Bill (2003) / (2004)

Kill Bill is a two-part 2003–2004 action/thriller film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Kill Bill was originally scheduled for a single theatrical release, but with a running time of over four hours, it was separated into two volumes: Kill Bill Volume 1, released in late 2003, and Kill Bill Volume 2, released in early 2004. On October 2, 2009, during an interview in the Italian television broadcast "Parla con me" (speak with me), Tarantino announced his plans to release Kill Bill 3 in the year 2014.

On Survivor: Philippines: Zane Knight is first man out

From Digital Spy: As Zane Knight himself would say, don't judge a book by its cover. While on the surface, the heavily tattooed tyre repairman may not have seemed like your standard Survivor contestant, he headed out to the Philippines with one thing in mind: winning. While initially successful in securing alliances with basically every member of his tribe, his fatal flaw lay in sharing that fact with the men on his team and it ultimately backfired, getting him evicted at the first Tribal Council. The show premiered on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 8pm with a special 90-minute premiere.