Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Watch a glimpse of It's Showtime on ABS-CBN

May ganito na rin? I give this an A for effort. Parang stage play sa school namin. Dahil mababaw ang kaligayahan ko, natuwa po ako sa inyo. This is so Pinoy television.

Ford Santillan of Ginoong Republika 2012

Ford Santillan

Meet Archie Manalili of Ginoong Republika 2012

Archie Manalili

Is Andrew Tecson a newcomer in the male pageant arena?

Andrew Tecson

Watch this hot video of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Watch this short video of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012, held at The Library in Malate, Manila. I find this hot. Congratulations to the winners.

Ikumi Yoshimatsu is Miss International 2012

Miss International 2012, the 52nd edition of the Miss International pageant was held at Okinawa, Japan on October 21, 2012. Fernanda Cornejo from Ecuador crowned her successor Ikumi Yoshimatsu from Japan at the end of the event. Of all four big beauty pageants, only Miss Earth and Miss Universe have yet to stage their 2012 edition. Miss World 2012 concluded recently in China where Miss China won, and now Miss Japan was crowned as the new Miss International in Japan. Let’s see if Miss USA and Miss Philippines win Miss Universe and Miss Earth, respectively. Congratulations, Miss Japan. The country’s representative, Nicole Schmitz, made it to the Top 15 semi-finalists.

Raise your hand if you miss Tyron Perez

Tyron Perez

Largest cities or towns in Mindanao: Top 10

Mindanao, the country’s southern portion, is probably one place in the country where people can’t truly speak their opinion without the possibility of having their heads cut off. It is home to the notorious Abu Sayyaf group, and other extremist groups, who would rather prefer to have their own governing body and jurisdiction apart from the Philippines. For years, we have seen how many lives have been traumatized by this unending upheaval, but with the signing of the new peace agreement recently (and I say new as I’m pretty sure this process has been done many times before), some are hopeful that it will truly bring peace in Mindanao. I’m doubtful, to be honest. As far as I know, taking lives in this area is as simple as eliminating someone from a Survivor tribe. The terrorists as a whole comprised only one piece of a pie. But I have faith in people, and with this turn of event I give them the benefit of the doubt. So why am I talking about Mindanao and its people? Today, as we continue the Pinoy Records series, we will rank Mindanao’s largest cities/towns based on population.

Davao City
Davao Region | 1,530,365

Zamboanga City
Zamboanga Peninsula | 807,129

Cagayan de Oro
Northern Mindanao | 602,088

General Santos

Northern Mindanao | 322,821

Caraga Region | 309,709

Cotabato City

Davao Region | 242,801

ARMM | 187,106

Zamboanga Peninsula | 186,852

Pageant veteran Denver Flores was Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012's first runner-up

Denver Flores

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012: Meet JM Martinez

JM Martinez

Meet Jaydan Lapira of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Jaydan Lapira

Meet JL Tan of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

JL Tan

Meet Jericho Lee of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Jericho Lee

Paolo Habas of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Paolo Habas

Louie De Guzman of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Louie De Guzman

Raymart Mercado of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Raymart Mercado

Private Nights' James Pinca joins Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012 with a new name

James / Jonas Pinca

Meet Aldrin Lachica of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Aldrin Lachica

Monday, October 29, 2012

Simply Manila got its swag back!

For some reason, I’m stressed out and can hardly sleep these past few days. I’m not sure if it’s my job because I’ve been doing that routine for years now. I’m not sure if it’s these overwhelming events that hit immediate members of my family because I really don’t care that much. But it’s hitting me nonetheless, and I hate this feeling of weariness and frenzy. It’s turning me into this ugly person that I’m not. LOL. Wow, I’m glad I smiled to that. So, after weeks of not posting the popular posts in this blog (it’s supposed to be a weekly thing), here comes the first ‘Thank you’ post in over a month.

Bernald Gutierrez of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Bernald Gutierrez

Rex Teodoro of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Rex Teodoro

Kenji David of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Kenji David

Sherwyl Bautista of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Sherwyl Bautista

Nathan Ignacio of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Nathan Ignacio

Meet Jan Niccolo of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Jan Niccolo / Niccolo Aguilar / Jan Niccolo Mejia

Bryan Manuel joins Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Bryan Manuel

Watch Allen Molina as he walks the stage for Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Allen Molina endures the straightforward comments of the gay hosts during the Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012 pageant night

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pageant veteran Aron Gueco joins Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012 with a new name

Aron / Aaron Gueco

Pageant veteran Arbie Silva was Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012's second runner-up

Meet Mike Sanchez of Manila's Ultimate Hunks 2012

Mike Sanchez

Vin Abrenica wins TV5's Artista Academy

What can you say about comments that you'll always only come in second to your brother's fame? "Hindi pa dumarating sa isip ko 'yun. Basta sa akin, gawin ko lang 'yung best ko talaga. Sa lahat ng gagawin ko, i-e-enjoy ko 'yung moment, gagawin ko 'yung best ko. Kahit ano pa ang sabihin sa akin 'pag ini-interview ako, para sa akin ang laki ng respeto ko sa kapatid ko. Hindi ko siya tinatrato na kalaban, ka-kumpetisyon. Mahal ko po siya. Kung nasaan siya ngayon, I’m proud of him. "I’m competing with everyone else, but not my brother. Ganun naman talaga ang laban sa show. Basta lahat makakalaban ko lang, pero ang kuya ko hindi ko siya itatrato na makakalaban."

Raise your hand if you miss Jiro Shirakawa

I recovered photos from my old drive, including this of Jiro Shirakawa.

I miss Siquijor of all other places I visited this year

Erik the Viking Meat and Eat

I’m one regular Filipino gay guy who loves to see new places, and since I can only afford to explore the country at the moment, I see to it that at least once a month, I pack my things up to visit popular Philippine cities, towns and places of interest. This year, one of the coolest places I’ve visited is the island of Siquijor. I went there during the holy week, and despite rumors that this island is home to mystical creatures, I didn’t bring any anti-aswang ammunitions or gone through good luck rituals as I really don’t believe that they exist. To make it a thrilling experience though, I convinced myself that wicked things could exist anywhere in the island, so I must keep my eyes open.

Hambilica Seaview
We stayed at this humble place called Hambilica, a beachfront sanctuary where fireflies visit at night, where the birds sing their melodies in their newly-planted trees, where the sea-wind moans in your ears all day long and where the silent of the night can relieve every fiber of your body. Ms Fides, probably the owner, welcomed us with utmost hospitality like we were long-lost relatives of hers. She was once a lawyer in Manila, but eventually chose to live a simpler and quieter life in Siquijor. It worries her that the serenity she found in this island might end soon with the impending establishment of an airport and the looming commercialization of the entire island province.

Cambugahay Falls
During the daytime, however, we spent most of our energies away from Hambilica. The centuries-old Balete tree referred to as the Enchanted Balete Tree, which is one of our stops when we hit the 7-kilometer circular highway all over Siquijor, offered nothing but a plain view of a humongous banyan tree. There were local children swimming in the fresh water at its bottom when we arrived there, and aside from taking a few shots, we left the place in an instant. Maybe a little read on its history will bring significance to our visit. There were other beautiful spots which made the long road trip worth the effort: there’s this public beachside park where we stopped for lunch (Salagdoong Beach); the Capilay Spring Park; the beautiful Cambugahay Falls; the really old religious sights like the St Isidore Church and Convent; among others.

Coco Grove Beach Resort
The Coco Grove Beach Resort, which was fully-booked on the days we stayed in Siquijor, is probably the most expensive private resort in the island. We were not allowed to enter their vicinity as we’re not their guests, but with our PR skills and ManileƱo charms, the security officers (or guards) let us in. We had breakfast and beers, and when it’s time for the bill, a little fuss in the bar happened. It turned out that the whole resort strictly accommodates only checked-in guests during the holidays. We exited gracefully by walking home to Hambilica through the water-filled shores. On our way there, which took a very long time (it’s hard to walk in the water), we discovered an interesting place where we spent our night drinking, dining, laughing and playing Pinoy Henyo (Party Flippo on your iPhone).

Salagdoong Beach
Siquijor is one place I’d love to visit again in the future. While I went home in Manila looking fifteen pounds heavier and fifty shades darker, I didn’t regret spending my days under Siquijor’s scorching sunshine. The only scariest thing I experienced there was during this one afternoon, while out to the beach with my two friends with no other gears but our life vests, snorkeling masks and a sagwan-driven canoe, we jumped in the water and discovered that we’re floating atop the deepest part of the ocean I ever saw in real-life. I can almost guarantee there’s a shipwreck ‘round the corner.

Paulo Avelino is on the cover of Men's Health

Paulo Avelino is on the cover of Men's Health (November 2012)

Is it Allen Molino or Allen Molina? I'm confused.

Is it Allen Molina or Molino? Whatever. This guy won a contest recently.

Next Attraction: Boy Onse (2012)

The lack of imaginative juices continue in the Philippine gay indie arena. What do you think of this trailer?

The Semerad twins on the cover of Garage magazine

David & Anthony Semerad on the cover of Garage (November 2012)

11 most active Philippine volcanoes

The series ‘Pinoy Records’ is back, and today, we will feature the most active volcanoes in the Philippines based on their number of eruptions. Active volcanoes in the Philippines, as categorized by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), include volcanoes in the country having erupted within historical times (within the last 600 years), with accounts of these eruptions documented by man; or having erupted within the last 10,000 years (holocene) based on analyses of datable materials. However, there is no consensus among volcanologists on how to define an "active" volcano. As of 2012, PHIVOLCS lists 23 volcanoes as active in the Philippines, 21 of which have historical eruptions and two strongly fumarolic volcanoes - Cabalian and Leonard Kniaseff. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

13.257°N 123.685°E | 2,462 metres (8,077 ft) | Albay
Erupted 50 times | Eruptions were recorded from 1616 to 2010. Permanently monitored.

14.002°N 120.993°E | 400 metres (1,300 ft) | Batangas
Erupted 33 times | Eruption years is from 1572 to 1977. Showing signs of unrest since 1991 and permanently monitored.

10.412°N 123.132°E | 2,435 metres (7,989 ft) | Negros Occidental, Negros Oriental
Erupted 26 times | Eruptions were recorded from 1886 to 2006. Permanently monitored.

12.770°N 124.05°E | 1,565 metres (5,135 ft) | Sorsogon
Erupted 17 times | Eruptions years are from 1886 to 2011. Permanently monitored

7.70°N 124.50°E | 2,815 metres (9,236 ft) | Lanao del Sur, Cotabato
Erupted 7 times | Eruption years are from 1765 to 1873. Eruptions were uncertain in 1915 and 1916.

19.077°N 122.202°E | 244 metres (801 ft) | Cagayan
Erupted 6 times | Eruptions in 1773, 1856, 1900, 1952, 1969 and 1978. A submarine volcano till 1952 when a permanent island was formed.

19.534°N 121.917°E | 688 metres (2,257 ft) | Cagayan
Erupted 6 times | Eruption years are from 1652 to 1924. Combined with Babuyan Claro on the GVP list.

9.203°N 124.673°E | 1,552 metres (5,092 ft) | Camiguin
Erupted 5 times | Eruption in years 1827, 1862, 1871 and 1948–1952. Activity from 1897-1902 was only solfataric. Permanently monitored.

15.13°N 120.35°E | 1,486 metres (4,875 ft) | Zambales, Tarlac, Pampanga
Erupted 3 times | Reawakened in 1991 producing the 2nd largest eruption in the 20th century. Followed by milder eruptions in 1992 and 1993.

Babuyan Claro
9.523°N 121.940°E | 1,080 metres (3,540 ft) | Cagayan
Erupted 3 times | Eruptions were recorded in 1831, 1860 and 1913. Askedna Hot Springs is located in the southern base of the volcano.

Unnamed volcano (Ibugos)
20.33°N 121.75°E | −24 metres (−78.7 ft) | Batanes
Erupted 3 times | Submarine eruptions in 1773, 1850 and 1854.